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Metformin is the least expensive, most effective and most common medication that is prescribed by doctors.
Not only for this type 2 diabetics condition, doctors also prescribe this medication for people who experience fasting blood sugars that are more than normal but are not in the range of diabetic. Metformin is available in the form of tablet, as a liquid form and extended release tablet. Metformin is safe for majority of people who have normal liver, kidney and lung function, but all medicines have side effects.
It is a member of the category of diabetes medications called biguanides, medicines that reduce the blood sugar level by lowering the glucose produced by the liver. It also has been proposed for women who experience gestational diabetes, a condition where level of blood sugar are more than normal at the time of pregnancy. Nightscout is an open source platform developed and run entirely by a global community of type 1 diabetics. Either body doesn’t generate plenty of insulin or the cells just ignore insulin in type 2 diabetes.

It is also prescribed often for treating a condition associated with insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome. The extra insulin allows the glucose to be taken up by the liver and other tissues, so cells get the glucose they need and blood-sugar levels stay normal. There are many treatments you can select that depend on your requirements and the level of your disease.
Unlike many diabetes medications, it doesn’t cause weight gain, but it can cause weight loss in patients of type 2 diabetes who are obese or overweight. This has been the trend with the diabetics patients for years now, and increasingly we hear about their frustration over the conventional methods and their drawbacks. Allergies with this medicine are also possible, so if you observe any type of reaction, you should call your doctor immediately. This includes a loosely regulated method of the intake of insulin, a potentially harmful substance if taken in large quantities.
Throat swelling, lip swelling, tongue swelling, face swelling are some of the other serious side effects that should be informed to your doctor.

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