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VANCOUVER — A Vancouver study suggests severely addicted heroin users could be treated with an injectable pain medication.
The Study to Assess Longed-Term Opioid Medication Effectiveness, or SALOME, found hydromorphone is as effective as a pharmaceutical-grade heroine for people who do not respond to methadone or suboxone. Health Minister Terry Lake says the findings shine a new light on how people with heroin addictions can be supported and could help those who have not responded to treatment.
The four-year trial began in 2011 with 202 participants and the latest results were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Psychiatry. The study follows an earlier trial that took place in Vancouver and Montreal between 2005 and 2008. The North American Opiate Mediation Initiative, or NAOMI, suggested supervised prescribed heroin is an effective treatment for severely addicted heroin users who had not benefited from conventional drugs such as methadone.

A statement from police in the beach town of Sosua says Leo Frank Boulanger was killed in an apartment he had rented for three month with his Dominican girlfriend. Ethoxzolamide, a sulfa-based compound found in many prescription glaucoma drugs, actually turns off the bacterium's ability to invade the immune system, the findings showed. One of these cues includes the infection's ability to detect pH - or acidity levels - which tells the disease it is being attacked by a host immune cell. The costs for alcohol dependence in Sweden are estimated to be around SEK 45 billion per year. Paul's Hospital and the University of British Columbia say the results underscore the urgent need for more treatment options for chronic addicts. Nearly 5 percent of the adult population in Sweden have been diagnosed with alcohol dependence, which corresponds to approximately 300 000 people.Harmful consumptionEven more Swedes have harmful alcohol consumption.

The GLP-1-like substance prevents the ability of alcohol to increase dopamine in reward areas in the mice, suggesting that they no longer experience a reward from alcohol.Decreased intakeIn addition the diabetes medication caused the rats to decreases their alcohol intake, as well as reduced the motivation to drink alcohol in rats that were bred to drink a lot of alcohol.
In addition we suggest that medications that resemble GLP-1 could be used to treat alcohol dependence in humans.

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