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It occurred to us as we were laying out the contents of this article that we should probably not assume certain things. The Bank of Japan is unlikely to wind back its record monetary stimulus after completing a review of its policy, Governor Haruhiko Kuroda said.
Silver kangaroo coins have seen sales surge to over 10 million coins which is double the expected demand for the year. Pokemon Go, an extremely popular mobile game released last month, uses the GPS and camera on players’ phones to turn the real world into an adventure land filled with cartoon creatures, called Pokemon, which can be found and caught by exploring real-world places and throwing Pokeballs at them before other players do the same. The most common varieties of Pokemon (Rattatas, Pidgeys, Jigglypuffs, etc.) turn up everywhere and in great abundance, and so seldom lead to dust-ups between ambitious Pokemon trainers.
Results from the “review”, which are set to be announced at the September 20-21 meeting, will be interesting because it brings the BOJ closer to either abandoning its failed policy or having to double down and go the helicopter money route.
I continue to believe before the BOJ and other central banks admit failure, they will first double down and ease further.
The Gallup Poll has released an Economic Confidence Index which reflects the sentiment of Americans, as it pertains to the economy. As the stock market makes new record highs and the housing “bubble” market soars, one would expect that the “average” American would be smiling from ear to ear. That quote captures the spirit of “carpe diem”, seize the day – except the idea is to seize every day, every experience, every awakening, and every awareness. Devil or deliverer, the candidate who wins the White House has already made a Faustian bargain to keep the police state in power.
Sure we’re being given choices, but the differences between the candidates are purely cosmetic ones, lacking any real nutritional value for the nation.
But for financial companies like insurers, pension funds, and money market funds, today’s world is not just unprecedented, it’s existentially threatening.

The government earlier on Tuesday approved a 28 trillion yen fiscal package, which includes about 4.6 trillion yen of new spending for the current fiscal year. 20-21, is aimed at helping it find ways to reach its 2 percent inflation goal as soon as possible.
Anyone who downloads the app is likely to find these so-called normal-type Pokemon inside their own homes, ready to be caught from the comfort of the couch.
The real world has been divided up into biomes by the game’s creators, meaning different types of Pokemon tend to stay in specific areas. The Bank of Japan once again decided against aggressive monetary policy and instead decided to stick to more of the same.
I’m back in the saddle again… Our where a friend is a friend, where the longhorn cattle feed on the lowly gypsum weed, Back in the saddle again… Well, at least for a couple of days, and then it’s back to the every two weeks procedure, but for now l prefer not to think of that! It’s following the human impulse to explore the unexplored, question what doesn’t ring true, dig beneath the surface of what you think you know to formulate your own reality, and embrace the inherent ‘now’ of life. And not in that ‘why did you leave banking to become a writer’ sort of way, deeper than that. It’s no longer a question of which party will usher in totalitarianism but when the final hammer will fall. We’re being served a poisoned feast whose aftereffects will leave us in turmoil for years to come. For example, grass-type Pokemon are usually found in verdant places, like parks, farms, and forests. The Gallup Polls results are dumbfounding the American public as to why this divergence has occurred.
I had a visitor while I was gone, JMR Doug, was here with his daughter, for a visit, and brought me a bumper sticker with a saying on it by the great Mogambo Guru, who also autographed it!

The topic we are going to tackle in this second installment is a complex one, so some introduction is in order.
That may be positive for the company but that does not necessarily translate into a better financial position for mainstream Americans.
With $11 trillion of government bonds already trading with negative yields, that’s an historically unprecedented prospect. ACTIONS YOU UNDERTAKE AS A CONSEQUENCE OF ANY ANALYSIS, OPINION OR ADVERTISEMENT ON THIS SITE ARE YOUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY. Therefore, this piece will consist of two parts: an opening introduction, a primer if you will, then the analysis will follow.
If you are well-versed in interest rates, bonds, bond yields, and debt, you can probably skip the primer, although we’ve been surprised at the number of people who have subscribed to the misconceptions stated therein. Al Green greets me this morning with his ultra-cool song: Love and Happiness… School is just about to start, for some reason, I have no idea why they start so early, but Alex is moving into his new apartment, there’s no stopping the process now!

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