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From George Washington’s death in 1799 to 1868, his home in Mount Vernon, Virginia stood in progressive decline.
Having been in the Washington family since 1674 when Washington’s great-grandfather acquired the land, by the mid-18th century it was no longer maintained as it had been. Vernon, visitors see the main house, George Washington’s farm, and the old slave quarters, among other highlights. The family attempted to sell the property in 1858 to the Commonwealth of Virginia and to the U.S. He embraced the newest science in agriculture and experimented with crops and fertilization techniques.
Inside the house, visitors are taken into George Washington’s study, one rare area that the forefather kept private.

George Washington put his marks on the property between 1757-1778 when he constructed large portions of the mansion itself.
Vernon Ladies Association re-opened the doors to the public in 1960 with this in mind: the estate is open 365 days a year with varying times, determined by the season. His innovation led him to open the world’s largest distillery at that time on the land.
Vernon will take you from Old Town Alexandria, Virginia along the famous trail with views of the Potomac River. The non-profit group renovated the 500 acre property, restoring the interior and exterior to how it looked in George Washington’s day. Vernon Ladies Association created an exact replica of the original distillery, which sits three miles away from the main property.

When a foreign dignitary gifted him an expensive, decorative chimney piece, he believed it to be frivolous, but he installed it anyway.
Today, the estate produces up to 5,000 gallons of whiskey annually, which can only be purchased at the Mt. Vernon is on the National Register of historical Places and had attracted over 80 million tourists as of 2012.

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