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Print Email Diabetes can cause complications that affect your feet, especially if your blood sugar is not under control.
Secondly, diabetes, especially poorly controlled diabetes, can cause damage to the nerves in your feet. Special foam inserts are easily available without the prescription of a trained medical professional. One can develop a diabetic neuropathic condition where the person becomes unaware of the feelings in his legs and feet. As a normal person would have become aware of the bruises or cuts on the legs, a diabetic person cannot sense the same.
The condition of gangrene is a serious one, primarily marked by loss of adequate supply of blood to the tissues of the body, ultimately resulting in its necrosis or death. Injury to the tissues, infection (mostly of bacterial origin) and presence of any underlying health ailment that inflicts damage to the blood carrying vessel structure form the three key underlying mechanisms that are responsible for initiation and development of irreversible tissue damage and life threatening condition of gangrene. As already explained, one of the causes of gangrene in the toes and fingers is linked with damaged blood vessels. High level of blood glucose associated with diabetes mellitus also damages the nerves (known as peripheral neuropathy), especially the nerves in the lower extremities. The dullness or lack of sensation puts diabetic individuals at an increased risk of injuring the skin of their fingers or feet without having any realization (it mostly goes unnoticed in the feet region). The sore or foot ulcer formed takes an extended time to heal because of both, poor circulation of blood through the injured area as well as lesser number of defence cells. Bacterial infection also forms another causative factor that makes the diabetic individual more prone to developing gangrene.
Such type of infection is marked by noticeable skin discolouration and dryness along with the formation of skin blisters. The weakened immune system (seen in diabetes) further raises the risk of incurring serious infection, which later develops, into gangrene. L’experience de douleur chronique domine la vie des personnes qui en souffrent et les modifie en profondeur. Le chercheur Maral Tajerian et son collegue Sebastian Alvarado ont voulu savoir si la douleur chronique changeait la facon dont le cerveau fonctionne sur le plan genetique.
Le travail de Tajerian et Alvarado s’est centre sur des souris ayant subi une lesion nerveuse entrainant une douleur chronique. Si la douleur peut modifier l’activite cerebrale, y a t’il des activite qui permettent de revenir a un etat normal ? Ils ont travaille avec des collegues de l’Universite McGill (Quebec) pour concevoir une experience simple qui pourrait repondre a cette question.
En termes humains, cela signifie que certaines personnes eprouvent une douleur chronique, car elles ont litteralement refait les connexions dans leur cerveau pour etre plus sensibles a la douleur.
Le cerveau est un organe beaucoup plus plastique que les scientifiques l’estimaient il y a encore10 ans, et les mesures que nous prenons aujourd’hui peuvent reellement changer la facon dont notre cerveau fonctionnera demain.
Tajerian et Alvarado precisent que ce qui s’est passe pour les souris “enrichis” n’etait pas une fin a la douleur de leurs blessures. Il y a un commutateur chimique particulier qui est enclenche dans le cortex prefrontal au cours de la douleur chronique. Cela signifie egalement que la mise en place, a l’echelle humaine, d’un environnement “enrichi” peut pousser votre cerveau a reinterpreter votre douleur. L’etude publiee sur Plos One : Peripheral Nerve Injury Is Associated with Chronic, Reversible Changes in Global DNA Methylation in the Mouse Prefrontal Cortex. Faire souffrir de pauvres souris innocentes, tout ca pour prouver que la douleur nous modifie mais que l’on peut agir malgre tout dessus, merci la science!
Due to the rising rate of obesity, -related diseases are becoming common among children and adolescents.  There are many health risks of childhood obesity, including the following. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in three children in the United States will develop diabetes in their lifetime. High Blood Pressure – Children who are obese or over are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure, which can lead to other health risks such as heart disease. Breathing Problems – Other health risks associated with child obesity are asthma and sleep apnea. A large number of over children suffer from asthma.  Obese children can also have trouble sleeping as a result of obstructive sleep apnea. Obesity in adults has a direct negative impact on their health and well-being.  In addition to increased cardiovascular risk, adults who are obese are more likely to suffer from diabetes and to develop certain forms of cancer. Childhood obesity is a serious health problem that should be dealt with as early as possible.  There are treatment options for obese children, such as diet and gastric bypass, but health professional believe that prevention is the best way to combat childhood obesity. Parents should provide a balanced and healthy diet for their children.  They should also set a good example by leading a healthy lifestyle, eating nutritious foods, and encouraging their children to participate in regular physical activities. Free Fit In 30 Days Email Course Change your life in only three weeks with free and simple lifestyle changes that will dramatically change your quality of life.What will you get?

Health Risks of Obesity One of the issues I deal with every day on this blog are the effects of obesity and I tried to help everyone by giving the fixes.
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Wouldn’t Life Just Be A Lot Better If You Had More Energy?Serious – low energy is probably responsible for a huge proportion of our problems! If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, it is a good idea to check your feet every day and tell your doctor if you have any problems with foot pain or unusual symptoms in your feet. First, diabetes can cause circulation problems to the extremities, and the feet are most affected by this poor blood flow. You can get them over the counter and are specially designed for people suffering from diabetes. As you do not get any sensation of the hurt, it is possible that there could be redness or pain. In time, hyperglycemia ( the elevated sugar level in the blood of patients with diabetes) can affect the nerves of the entire body. Death of cell and tissue may target any part of the body, however, it has been typically observed in the extremities, such as the toes, fingers and hands. In both, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, the raised level of sugar is capable of causing damage to the blood vessels and reducing blood supply. Owing to the nerve damage, the transmission of sensation, particularly those of pain to the brain gets impaired. A notorious bacterial organism, Clostridium perfringes is often linked with gas gangrene; after it attacks the site of injury or sometimes, surgical wound.
Aujourd’hui, un groupe de chercheurs specialise dans la douleur et des geneticiens ont decouvert que ce sentiment n’est pas loin d’une verite scientifique.
Sur une periode de plusieurs mois, ils ont decouvert que la douleur touchait les regions du cerveau des souris qui n’avaient rien a voir avec le traitement de la douleur. Ils ont cree des groupes de souris qui avaient tous subi des blessures qui engendrent une douleur a long terme.
Selon les chercheurs, un environnement different vous donnera une experience differente de la douleur.
Mais cette personne peut encore changer, en quelqu’un qui “se soucie moins de la douleur”.
Dans un prochain article, Alvarado presentera des recherches qu’il a effectuees sur des genes qui sont methyles pendant la douleur chronique et beaucoup de ces genes ont a voir avec la croissance neuronale et la neurotransmission. Not only does this result in your feet feeling numb or cold most of the time, but if you get any cuts or blisters on your feet, it will take much longer for them to heal. Diabetic neuropathy can be felt as shooting or burning pain, pins and needles tingling or numbness in the toes and feet. Managing your diabetes and taking your medication as directed is important to prevent your foot pain from getting worse. With a professional advice behind you, you may most probably need to make your next visit to the podiatrist. This means, the footwear you use should be wide enough so that the tips of the toe do have enough space to move in its vicinity. A podiatrist can make such footwear available that are specially designed for the diabetics. In the absence of a continuous supply of nutrient and oxygen rich blood, the cells within the body begin to fail in carrying out their normal function and finally give up.
As a result of restricted blood circulation to the extremities, such as the feet, the area becomes deprived of those cells (white blood cells) which aid in fighting off any infection. Etre afflige d’une douleur chronique modifie la facon dont votre cerveau fonctionne sur le plan physique.
Ils ont rapidement decouvert que la douleur chronique avait des repercussions epigenetiques, une experience qui a change la fonction des genes du cerveau.
Un groupe a ete soumis a une “pauperisation”, ce qui signifiait dans ce cas une toute petite cage ou elles vivaient seules.
Pendant ce temps, celles soumises a la pauperisation presentaient une reduction de leur activite cerebrale entrainant des troubles cognitifs. En d’autres termes, leur plaisir, leur milieu social a pris l’aspect chronique de leur douleur.
Chez deux personnes avec la meme blessure, l’un pourra developper une douleur chronique alors que l’autre non. Leurs decouvertes permettent aussi d’eclairer pourquoi la meditation et la pleine conscience peuvent aider dans la douleur.

Les molecules d’un groupe methyle se fixent a des genes et inhibent leur expression ou leur activite. Cela pourrait signifier que la douleur chronique empeche le cerveau de changer et de traiter de nouvelles informations. If circulation is really poor in a person with diabetes, there is a danger of infection of small sores or cuts that can lead to gangrene.
A person with neuropathy in their feet may feel pain when they are walking or when even the lightest pressure is applied to their feet.
Other lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking and exercising regularly, can help improve your circulation.
Swelling and inflammation resulting from the infection causes the local temperature of the area involved to be slightly elevated, and also leads to pain. Le document de recherche (lien plus bas) fournit des preuves solides que la douleur chronique est un phenomene epigenetique, une experience de vie qui change reellement l’expression des genes dans le cerveau.
Avoir du plaisir et des amis est vraiment bon pour vous (Comment l’isolement social peut-il vous tuer ?).
Ces activites sont autant de facons de modifier notre environnement et nos cerveaux, en nous rendant plus calmes ou en nous permettant d’exprimer des sentiments. If you are diabetic, it is recommended to wear diabetic socks that are better for your circulation in your feet and never walk around barefoot, even inside your house. This leads to decreased pain, tactile, thermal and vibration sensitivity in certain parts of the body and can sometimes affect the ability of motion and muscle strength.
In diabetics, nerve damage typically occurs first in the feet, but other parts of the body can be affected over time, especially if a person is having a hard time controlling their blood sugar levels.
Always wear athletic shoes that fit your feet properly and will not cause friction blisters. It affects most commonly the feet (feet and legs) and may contribute to the appearance of serious problems such as ulcers, infections or bone and joint deformities. Mais, comme les souris enrichies le demontrent, c’est aussi un etat qui peut etre modifie pour revenir au precedent. Les souris qui ont vecu dans un environnement enrichi reussissent a rallumer ces zones moleculaires desactivees, en deux mois. These nerves are involved in the control of involuntary body functions such as heartbeat, blood pressure, sweating, digestion, kidney function and some aspects related to the sexual function.
It often occurs in compressible conditions or conditions of crushing the nerves, such as the carpal tunnel syndrome (a consequence of the compression of the median nerve in the wrists). However, the carpal tunnel syndrome commonly occurs in people with diabetes but no focal neuropathy. Focal neuropathy usually appears all of a sudden and it is the rarest form of diabetic neuropathy. Patients with diabetes should undergo regular health checkups in time to diagnose neuropathy and treat this problem before serious complications develop.
If the nerve is already damaged and efforts are done in order to establish the level of glucose at a target value (hemoglobin A1c [HbA1c] below 7% for a period of 2 to 3 months), the initial symptoms will increase during the decrease of blood glucose .
However, symptoms will improve when glycemia levels will stabilize at a lower value (minimum). The electromyogram (EMG) and Nerve conduction studies can be done in order to confirm the diagnosis. These tests measure as well and as fast as possible the electrical impulse is conducted to the nerves and muscles. When symptoms develop, further investigations are needed in order to determine the etiology and guide the patient to a certain treatment. For example, a test that measures how quickly the stomach empties may be done in the presence of symptoms such as flatulence, indigestion or vomiting that suggest gastroparesis, a situation in which the stomach empties in a long time. Nerve disorders and other diseases such as kidney disease, chronic consumption of alcoholism or vitamin B12 deficiency can occur in people with diabetes. Early diagnosisThere is no recommended screening protocol for autonomic or focal neuropathy, but during regular medical checkups all these aspects are tracked.
Any pain, weakness or motor disorder, changes in digestion, kidney or sexual function, sweating or dizziness must be declared. American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends that people with diabetes should be consulted by a specialist in foot examination for cracks or peeling skin, excessive or reduced sweating, blisters, corns, ulcers or signs of infection, bone deformities or joint changes, gait and balance during each consultation.

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