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Although a lot of people with type 2 diabetes may eventually need to take insulin, that’s not always the case. Some people believe that once they start taking insulin that they can no longer be independent, live alone or travel. The practice of blood transfusion, that is the transference of blood from the circulation of one individual to that of another for practical therapeutic purposes, is of relatively recent origin. There are many early documented references to the use of blood, for what can be at best described as a€?medicinala€™ purposes.
This older history is based on the traditional idea of blood as being the a€?living-forcea€™ of the body. Since most of the ancient and medieval references probably refer to the ingestion of blood, rather than to its infusion, it is in fact difficult to determine when the first authentic attempt at transfusion was actually performed. One of the most important discoveries permitting the transfusion of blood was then made, that of the formulation of the theory of the circulation of blood, discovered by William Harvey in 1613. The credit for placing transfusion on a scientific basis and re-awakening interest in its use must be given to James BlundellA  (1790-1877).
During the final quarter of the 19th Century, frustration and discouragement with blood as a transfusion product resulted in a brief period of enthusiasm for the transfusion of milk, which was thought of as a a€?blood substitutea€™. During the latter part of the 19th Century, the Franco-Prussian war was raging in Europe and the possibility of using blood transfusions on the battlefield naturally came to the fore.
The discovery (in 1900) of the human ABO blood groups by Dr Karl Landsteiner in Vienna was the major step in understanding that these wrongA  reactions were in fact due to what is now known to be blood group incompatibility.
FACT: Donors who have recently received a tattoo may be accepted, provided the procedure was done at a licensed facility in Texas. FACT: Allergies, even those that need to be controlled by medication, will not prevent you from donating blood.
FACT: As long as your blood pressure is below 180 systolic (first number) and 100 diastolic (second number) at the time of your donation, you may give blood. FACT: A high cholesterol level does not disqualify you from donatinga€“even if medication is used to control it.
FACT: While some types of cancer may disqualify you from donating, there are many circumstances under which you may donate blood after an appropriate waiting period.
FACT: Epilepsy or seizures do not disqualify you from donating as long as you have had no seizures for one year. MYTH: Being a vegetarian, means that the blood does not have enough iron and cannot be donated. SUBSCRIBE to Fun Guerilla's News Feed to receive our fun articles as soon as we publish them.
Artist and freelance graphic designer Pez created this remarkable series, called Distroy, in which the many cute cartoon characters whom we have grown to know and love are transformed into unexpectedly gruesome illustrations.
Photography project a€?Genetic Portraitsa€? takes “You look just like your mother” to a new level! In her amazing works, Poland-based watercolor artist Maja Wronska has captured some lovely scenes from Paris, Venice, Prague, and elsewhere.
It seems improbable, but these photographs by Anatoly Beloshchin tell the story of a hidden underwater river in in Mexicoa€™s Yucatan Peninsula called Cenote Angelita or a€?Little Angela€?. If you ever worry about what other people may be thinking or expecting of you, you’re in good company: human beings generally care what other human beings think of them. The need for approval and acceptance begins early, and cultural and social norms encourage it. Understanding why you care so much about how others see you is the crucial first step to breaking the pattern, and freeing up your psyche for more important things. Before humans were sitting pretty at the top of the food chain, there was safety in numbers: a group could defend against the looming threat of big, nasty predators better than a single person.
While there are no longer clear and present threats from other species, there’s still physical, social, and psychological competition with other people. Author and life coach Tom Ferry believes the need for approval is so strong, people tend to value the thoughts of those around them more than they value their own ideas. Nobody likes rejection — it’s a terrible feeling, because it denies something you’re proud of, happy about, or confident in. However, acting and reacting out of a fear of rejection will eventually diminish your own ideas, and by extension, your confidence and independence. Receiving a kind response or congratulatory word from someone is pleasant, and like other things that bring on good feelings, that gesture of approval can breed a desire for more. You may not even realize just how far that desire has taken you until you step back and honestly evaluate your life choices. Although your mind can get carried away when it comes to seeking approval, there are some clear advantages to caring about what other people think of you. There are times when tailoring your approach can help you connect with people in healthy and healing ways. In other situations, it simply isn’t appropriate to completely be yourself regardless of how others would react — even naturally funny people wouldn’t crack jokes at a funeral, after all.

Walking into a job interview in an outfit better suited to a beach party would work against your best interests, so you opt for the suit and take extra care to groom well (even if that isn’t quite in line with your everyday personality). Unfortunately, there are a lot of opinions very cleverly disguised as facts, and that can muddle your perception. In turn, it never makes sense to elevate one opinion as truth — rather, take it as advice or commentary to add to your understanding, not as a replacement for your own opinion.
Learning to accept yourself as you are — without anyone else’s input — can be difficult to do.
But it’s well worth the effort: when you don’t have to look outside of yourself for approval, you become more powerful, comfortable, and fearless, which can expand your life and happiness enormously. If you feel shaky after a shot, consuming a piece of hard candy or drinking a little juice can raise your sugar to safe levels. Often, however, as insulin treatment continues, this tends to even out and slow weight gain. To have all those amazing abilities: to fly, see through walls, hear everything and a lot of more, just to be able to help someone. Although it only became a practical possibility during and shortly after the Second World War the concept of a€?transfusiona€™ has a longer history.The idea though of the theoretical beneficial effects of blood transfusion has been recognised for over three centuries. One of the first of these relating to a a€?transfusiona€™ is contained in the seventh book of the Metamorphoses, by Ovid, who wrote in 43BC, describing how (the witch) Medea rejuvenated Jason’s aged father Aeson.
Man must have recognised that loss of blood was frequently associated with weakness and death. One of the most frequently quoted candidates for this noteworthy honour is Pope Innocent VIII, Giovanni Cibo, who was reputedly a€?transfuseda€™ some time between 1490 and 1492.On one occasion, after all means to revive the Pope had failed, it is reported that a physician (or mystic) of dubious reputation, named Abraham Meyre, appeared in the court and promised to save the Popea€™s life by transfusing him with the blood of young a€?donorsa€™.
William Harvey was a doctor who identified that that blood flowed through blood vessels in one direction. Dr Jean Denys, a young physician on the large staff attached to King Louis XIV, performedA  numerous dog-to-dog transfusions.On the 15th June 1667, Denys was asked to treat a 15-year-old boy, who had suffered from a fever or many months.
This had repercussions in London where the Royal Society rapidly washed its hands of transfusion as well.
James Blundell was a noted physician, physiologist and one of the outstanding obstetricians of his day.
This form of treatment achieved its greatest popularity in the United States between 1873 and 1880,with the milk of cows, goats and humans being used and they thought about this first because there haven’t jet found way to stop blood coagulation.
In 1882, in Paris,Dr J.Roussel, the chief authority at the time reported on a total of sixty successful transfusions performed since 1865. As a result, the sterilisation of instruments and antiseptic methods began to be introduced.
However, most of the important developments in transfusion medicine have only been achieved in last sixty years. The majority of that time is spent filling out a medical questionnaire and checking vital signs. Donors must provide the name of the licensed business and the city in Texas where the business is located. Advice to avoid heavy lifting or strenuous workouts for the rest of the day is given after the donation. Furthermore, medications that you may be taking for high blood pressure do not disqualify you from donating. Diabetics taking injectable insulin may donate blood if they are stabilized and have not changed their insulin dosage within 2 weeks of donating. The iron needed is taken from body stores and once a balanced diet is maintained is replaced after donation.
There are many more of them, people are very creative when they need to find a reason not to give blood.
French-Canadian photographer Ulric Collette created mash-ups in which he takes photographs of two family members, edits half of each face and creates one seamless portrait. It’s a self-conscious reflex that is so universal, it can’t be a cultural or biological defect. However, the roots of this mindset can stretch further back, and if you’re not careful, damage your personal growth in the years to come. The need for social approval can be traced to your early ancestors and their survival instinct. To be accepted means more than just the comfort of community — it can shape the way in which you view yourself and interact with the world around you.
Since your earliest years, you are granted praise or dealt criticism based on your actions, and that judgment begins to take a very central role in how you view and value your personality, skill set, and all aspects of your individual life. This is certainly problematic, but there are reasons to explain that approval-seeking urge. When you find yourself asking lots of questions to get someone’s approval before proceeding to do anything, you’re probably trying to sidestep rejection, and that’s perfectly natural. If you let it take priority, you might find that you’re making major life decisions, big purchases, or stylistic changes for the invisible — but oh so tempting — approval of others, instead of following your own values or passions.

In fact, following expectations and anticipating reactions can put you one step ahead in many social situations. For instance, holding back your opinion or easing your reaction can spare feelings, and that’s generally as helpful for everyone as it is compassionate.
In order to put yourself at an advantage in important social situations, you’ll want to adhere to expectations. Sure, there are occasions that call for a second thought about what others may think or expect, but there are some major problems that come with relying too much on outside opinions. It’s embedded in human nature: we want to know more about everything around us, and it’s easy to take any and all information as hard facts to add to your understanding of life. Rarely will you find another person that feels precisely the same way, because everyone sees things differently.
When you start to favor other people’s opinions of you, you foster self-criticism, negative self-talk, and a feeling of incompleteness. In addition to these early mythical writing, there are several noted citations in the Old Testament indirectly bearing on (blood) transfusion. This was manifested by Greeks and Romans committing suicide by a€?opening a veina€™ (involving cutting their wrists).
Up until then, blood was assumed to wash forwards and backwards in the vessels, like the tides of the sea. Accordingly he was bled to the extent of about three ounces and received in exchange nine ounces of blood from the carotid artery of a lamb.
Finally, in 1679 the Pope joined the general outcry and also announced a ban on the procedure. He is credited not only with rekindling interests in blood transfusion in the second decade of the 19th century and providing it with a semblance of a national approach, but was the first to transfuse human blood. By 1878, J.H.Britton, also wrote in the New York Medical Record,A  that transfusion using milk would entirely supersede transfusions of blood!
Roussel’s a€?transfuseura€™ apparatus was subsequently officially adopted for use by the French Army and apparently used in time of war. Since there are many different medications, the easiest thing to do is call the Center to ask. But, there is at least One Man who doesn’t care about those myths and here is a few lines about him.
It stems from one having Rh-positive blood and the other Rh-negative.After his blood type was discovered, Mr Harrison volunteered to undergo a series of tests to help develop the Anti-D vaccine. The rare crossbreed, known as a zonkey, is the offspring of a male zebra and female donkey.
And it gets worse: disapproving of yourself breeds more fear, worry, and dependence, a damaging cycle that gets more and more difficult to break.
Well, there is one way we could all be superheroes, way we could all save someones lifeA  just in a few minutes and all of that without using any superpowers we mentioned till now.
Blood was recognised as having numerous mysterious properties, including initially that of carrying both the mental and physical characters of its owner. However, by 1880 increasing numbers of adverse reactions associated with the administration of milk led to its general abandonment.
Anyone who is currently taking antibiotics for an infection will be deferred until 24 hours after the last dose. I pledge that, if I would ever have enough money to make a movie, I’ll make it about this man. Photo by: Mohammadreza Momeni Riomaggiore is a village and comune in the province of La Spezia, situated in a small valley in the Liguria region of Italy. Orphaned at birth, the dynamica€“and devastatingly adorablea€“duo first met at an animal rescue center in Victoria, Australia. All three boys apparently died shortly after the procedure, possibly as a result of air embolism, but there was no change to the Pope’s condition. Denysa€™ second transfusion was performed on a 45-year-old man using a reported 20 ounces of lambs’ blood and described the man as feeling stronger than before the transfusion.
This case was published in journal a€?The Lanceta€™ in 1829.James Blundell established, during his interest in transfusion, so many fundamental points that it is difficult to exaggerate the importance of his work in the history of transfusion medicine. In classical times the Romans and Greeks, as well as bathing in blood, have reportedly drank it. These people did this because they felt that such blood was especially beneficial since the athletes were strong and brave.The legend of the vampire originates from this concept. This somewhat mystical fascination with the properties of blood is to some degree still with us today.

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