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There are high rates of diabetes in First Nation people compared to the general Canadian population. Contributing factors to the high prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes between First Nation and the general population include a combination of environmental (lifestyle, diet, poverty), and genetic and biological factors (e.g. Diabetes in first nations has increasingly become a disease of the younger population, who thus experience a high burden of disease, diabetes-related complications and co-morbidity. This earlier onset of disease in First Nation population has serious health implications for the women, especially during her reproductive life-years: it increases the chance of her children to develop diabetes, contributing to diabetes prevalence and incidence in the future generations. The Review of Guidelines for Screening and Treatment affirms the use of fasting plasma glucose test (FPG) or a 2-hour plasma glucose (2hPG) as a screening tool.[8] Due to the higher incidence of diabetes in Aboriginals, more frequent screening is recommended to improve diabetes management and prevention strategies. The Government of Canada has policies and programs in place aimed at improving the health of Aboriginal people. The goal of ADI is to reduce the prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes through health promotion campaigns and initiatives implemented by trained community diabetes workers and health professionals.
World Diabetes Day is the primary global awareness campaign of the diabetes world and is held on November 14 each year. United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations, the Asian Development Bank and the Pacific Islands Forum. Yellowquill College is Manitoba's first First Nations-controlled post-secondary institution. Roman withdrawal from Britain in the 5th century, and Wales is regarded as one of the modern Celtic nations.
5 years are anaemic, and up to 20% of children are underweight, while more than 2% of women and 3% of men suffer from diabetes.
World Malaria Day, World No Tobacco Day, World Diabetes Day, World Blood Donor Day, World Hepatitis Day, and World AIDS Day. Science, Technology and Medicine open access publisher.Publish, read and share novel research.
For all of the nine years that I have been at my school, the ESL Department has published a collection of our students’ writing, K-12.
After several discussions with colleagues far more knowledgeable about such matters than I am, it was suggested that a platform worth considering for this year’s publication could be iBooks, using the iAuthor app. As ESL teachers, we were very much aware that while we were transforming the magazine into this new and exciting digital form, we had to ensure that the further development of our students’ English language skills was not, in any way, compromised. Production has begun, and although we are still in the middle of creating this magazine I am already able to reflect on the strengths of the process thus far, as well as the areas that we need to improve in the future.
I’ve known this for some time (especially since joining COETAIL) but it really hit home the other day when I introduced my Grade 11 ESL class to their next unit: the production of our K-12 ESL magazine, “In Other Words”. Immediately, three of my students volunteered to head the publishing committee (also a new idea this year) that I had proposed and so I gave them a list of questions that I had about the app (namely what did it do, would it do what I wanted it to do, and how easy would it be for all of us to use?).
On paper this all sounds relatively straightforward and it certainly doesn’t read like an “aha!” moment, but for me it really was. The end of the academic year will also herald the end of my school’s first full year of one-to-one implementation for Grades 11 and 12, and the first full semester for Grades 6 -10. Certainly not rocket science by any means, but what I found interesting about the discussion was the use of Google docs.
Again, it doesn’t sound particularly breath-taking but what struck me was the immediacy of the written word, formed from the spoken word.
Again, the immediacy with which those changes could be made, appeared to fuel the desire in the students to constantly analyse their writing. Not that kind of model (or even the more familiar runway type of model); when I say model, I am referring to models in an educational context. Interestingly though, none of the talks that the YIS Cohort 2 viewed made it onto the list of the Top Ten TED Talks that was compiled in December of last year and, even more fascinating, is that none (as far as I can see, and I confess to mostly only reading the titles) focus on technology. If we look at the keywords used in the top 20 titles above, many appear to describe the qualities that we, as a an immense group of viewers, seem to aspire to.
We seem to have little interest in our bodies unless they are involved in communicating with others and projecting our identities (5. Since beginning my COETAIL journey I’ve learnt to overcome several of the rather stereotypical views that I previously held about technology. I freely admit to being fascinated by the psychology of gaming and the resilience to failure that gamers inherently display.
However my interest in this level of intrinsic motivation has not been enough to get me beyond the notion of the amount of TIME that people spend pursuing flappy birds and zealous zombies.
I have to admit to feeling very skeptical at that point in the talk, and I’m still not convinced by some of McGonigal’s arguments, but I did become very interested in the question of why so much time is spent gaming.
A very big question, I know, and one which I cannot possibly answer in this blog, but perhaps there is another approach to participation in gaming that gives a more positive perspective. As I was writing this post I was reminded of a comment that one of my colleagues, a former guidance counselor, made a few years ago when discussing universities of the future.
In one of our final F2F sessions for Course 4, I took part in a jigsaw activity that required me to quickly research MOOCs. When I consider my own university education, I have several experiences from which to draw.
Of course one of the key components of the MOOC method of education is the fact that you don’t have to pay for your learning.
Massive open online courses (MOOCs) have relatively few active users, that user “engagement” falls off dramatically—especially after the first 1-2 weeks of a course—and that few users persist to the course end. Course completion rates are very low, averaging 4% across all courses and ranging from 2% to 14% depending on the course and measurement of completion.
Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that you don’t benefit from the course in the more traditional sense of being given a certificate at the end of it (unless you pay for it) or perhaps it is because the important component of establishing meaningful F2F relationships is missing. Many moons ago in the dark days of my pre-COETAIL existence, I confess to being slightly skeptical of setting an iMovie as a form of summative assessment. As mentioned in a previous blog, my Grade 11 ESL class are currently working on Balzac and the Chinese Seamstress by Dai Sijie, a novel about the re-education of two teenage boys during the Cultural Revolution. After some discussion, the students decided that they wanted to present their teachings (essentially a plot summary) in iMovie form and they began experimenting with preferred styles.
Before being able to focus on their own chapter, they answer two essential questions per chapter that they share with me on a Google doc. 2. If you are writing a script, make sure that you set it out appropriately, but don’t assume that the script exists of dialogue alone. As I write, the students are finalizing their films and we will end the year with a special viewing, complete with dimmed lights, hushed tones and popcorn. In fact, when writing the final blog post for Course 4 (actually I wrote my final project fourth and still have three more blogs to post, but who’s counting?), I realized that I can do a lot more in the digital world than I ever dreamed possible in the dark days of the pre-COETAIL world. As I was writing the post, I kept a mental note of some of the things that I can now do (although I hasten to add not always quickly or even regularly).
I know that there are many teachers who are already doing a lot more than that and who have a wider range of skills than I have managed to acquire thus far. As well as learning to do what I have listed above, one of the most important things that I will take out of this COETAIL experience is that I believe I am now more receptive to (although will hopefully still question and evaluate the need for) change.
It increases the likelihood of the infant developing T2D, and giving birth to high body-weight baby. One such measure was the implementation of the Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (ADI) in 1999. In Canadian Diabetes Association Clinical Practice Guidelines Expert Committee (ed.) 2008 Clinical Practice Guidelines.
The center is also home to the Western Diabetes Institute, an accredited diabetes education center. Entitled In Other Words, this collection of personal narratives has always been published in a traditional booklet format. Confessing to know very little about this, I discussed the proposed changes with my Grade 11 ESL class with the suggestion that they become my publishing committee and would therefore be responsible for the production of this year’s magazine. In previous years, most students have produced a personal narrative, many of which describe their experiences as ESL students and their moves from one country to another. We wanted to give them the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings about any manner of subjects, to tell us what angered them, what excited them, what they believed in and what they didn’t, and to show us all their individual qualities and characteristics.

Personal narratives, no longer had to be written in the traditional sense; they could now become digital narratives. For this reason, girls who are producing covers, for example, still need to provide a written explanation as to how their covers were created and why they chose to include the images and symbols that they did. Allowing students (and teachers) to choose genres that they feel comfortable with, has allowed for flexibility and choice. I think I’ve made it clear to the department and to our administration team, that this is a learning process for us all. We always know what’s going on, who is doing what and with whom, and we feel secure in the knowledge that we understand our subject area better than our students do. As part of my final COETAIL project, I’ve been working on transforming the very traditional, printed publication of this magazine into a more up-to-date, digital version.
As a team, they set about educating themselves (and me) about the pros and cons of iAuthor. I know there’ll be several hiccups along the way because that’s what happens in life, but I think they (and I) are up for the challenge. The last nine frantic weeks of school with classes to finish, exams to grade, reports to write and my last COETAIL course to complete.
I was teaching my Grade 6 ESL class and we were discussing the student-led conference that they will be involved in on Friday. I wanted the students to be more involved in choosing the pieces that they selected for their meeting with their parents, and I wanted them to decide the kind of discussions that should take place.
We’re all pretty fast typists now, so as soon as a word or two was uttered it appeared on the screen in front of us. The metalanguage used by this group has expanded over the year and I honestly wonder how much using Google docs has influenced this part of their language development. Choose your topic carefully. Ensure that it has mass appeal, is current and is simply stated.
Show some humility. There is a complete lack of arrogance in the way in which Robinson presents himself on stage.
She was six and she was at the back, drawing, and the teacher said this little girl hardly ever paid attention, and in this drawing lesson she did. What could be better than eating a hot meal (with dessert) that I neither had to prepare nor clean up after, while being mostly entertained and sometimes intrigued by the wide variety of TED talks that we as a group viewed. I have, over the course of time, come to realize that bloggers (and I don’t count myself here) can be articulate and intelligent and have thoughts worth publicizing, making movies can be a legitimate and productive part of a language and literacy program, and people like me who still believe in the worth of pen and paper, can learn to embrace, and even be empowered by all things digital. A recent conversation with one of my Flappy Bird-playing students, gave me some insight into this when she explained her constant return to the game, even though she acknowledged that she did indeed find the game incredibly annoying.
This notion was immediately confirmed when I recently watched Jane McGonigal’s TED Talk, Gaming Can Make a Better World.
If an individual already feels that they are not achieving in the real world, or not making valuable and engaging connections, then operating in a virtual world is better than not operating at all. But one thing that does spring to mind when I think about this is a conversation I had with one of my children when I spotted her, day after day, reading a book in the playground. In the not-too-distant future, he hypothesized, university students will spend most of their time in their pajamas on the couch, laptop in hand, learning online.
Otherwise known as Massive Open Online Courses, several prestigious universities around the world have recently developed such courses and the publicity surrounding their launch has been significant.
I completed the major part of my degree and teaching qualification in the traditional manner, and I have to say, some (perhaps not all) of the time that I spent in the tavern (or in various other social situations) was extremely beneficial. There are various well-written and articulate articles (Is College Moving Online? Learners Are People, Not Isolated Test-Taking Brains: Why MOOCs Both Work and Fail) that discuss this option in way more detail than I have done here, but I found the following brief report by the University of Pennsylvannia Graduate School Of Education interesting. I’m not sure which of these aspects of MOOCs is responsible for the low completion rates. I was particularly concerned about the language requirements of such tasks, as some examples that I had viewed seemed to be less than demanding linguistically, so it was with some interest that I set an iMovie assignment for my Grade 11 ESL class last week. We have already spent a number of lessons closely working together on the first section of the novel, but believing that the students had already developed an understanding of the historical context in which the novel exists, as well as a general comprehension of the overall plot, it was time for some of the scaffolding to come down, so to speak. Some chose to model their films on the crash course style, some are using a format reminiscent of common craft and another has chosen to produce her own individual skit. Confident that I have provided a strong foundation for the first part of the novel, I have had to slowly let them go and explore the second part by themselves.
I’m not fussy about the format but I need some evidence about what is going to be depicted on screen as well as the way in which it is to be described. If you are writing a traditional plot summary or a storyboard, keep your tenses consistent. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the end result and I’m already pleasantly surprised by the amount of communication and collaboration that the assignment has prompted. I can write a blog post. While they may not always be engaging, intelligent, witty or articulate (and certainly never brief!), I am slowly getting used to the idea of making what few ideas I have, public. I am more comfortable with how students use technology in the classroom and am incorporating it more often into my assessments (see iMovie assignment in another blog), as well as my lessons.
In non-diabetic individuals (left), activation of the insulin receptor can result in activation of both vasodilatation and vasoconstriction. Upon binding of insulin, insulin receptors are autophophorylated and subsequently bind IRS proteins. Last year, however, the department branched out, and in an effort to conserve resources and move into the digital age, we published the collection online, linking it to our school website.
They accepted the opportunity with far more alacrity than I could have imagined, and immediately began to educate themselves on all matters iAuthor. Some of our newer ESL students are sometimes reticent about communicating publicly within their mainstream classrooms, so In Other Words presents them with a valuable opportunity to express their own ideas.
Thoughts and opinions could be presented in short film clips, newsreader style, or interviews could be conducted and videos shot.
Traditionally, we have controlled the information that students have had access to, and we have asked them to do things with that information that we already know how to do ourselves. The main problem was, however, that I wasn’t entirely sure (or entirely confident) about exactly how to do that. By the end of the lesson, Google had provided them with enough information (and video tutorials) for them to be able to provide me with the answers that I (and they) needed. I find myself thinking on a fairly regular basis how often my students are using their laptops, how much this has changed my teaching, and how (and if) this technology has enhanced student learning. The students are given a forty-minute period at the end of the day to sit with their parent(s) and discuss their achievements in five academic subjects: English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Language. Armed with their ESL portfolios, the group began to discuss the following: why these conferences were being held, what their role was, what they should show to their parents, what skills they had learnt through completing this work, as well as the kinds of skills they still needed to learn. In the case of Sir Ken’s speech, what could have more mass appeal than the topic of education?
Ensure that it is simple and clearly reflects your topic in an interesting and engaging manner. As he walks on, his shoulders are somewhat rounded and there is a distinct lack of swagger. Do you remember the story? What these things have in common is that kids will take a chance. This will help your audience to remember what you’re talking about and reinforce your main points. Despite such personal revelations, however, my attitude towards gaming has been one of the most resistant to change.
In her opening statement, she calculated that, “Right now, we spend 3 billion hours a week playing online games” but she then went on to further claim that, in order to save the world, we need to increase that number to 21 billion hours a week. Why, as Edward Castronova claims, is there a “mass exodus to virtual worlds and online game environments”? I’m concerned by the fact that some people feel that they are more valued in a virtual community than they are in real society. If finding someone who shares your interests, welcomes your input and values your achievements happens to occur online rather than offline, is that such a bad thing? It sounded a whole lot different to my university experiences (a few hours of which I spent at the university tavern) and at the time, I wasn’t sure whether I was horrified or intrigued by the idea.

I spent a lot of time discussing various academic issues with fellow students and I believe I learnt a lot from their opinions and their advice. While being required to read the rest of Part Two relatively independently, each student selected one chapter on which to focus. If you start in present tense, finish in it and watch out for those subject-verb agreement issues that inevitably appear in just about everyone’s writing.
Use adverbs to indicate the way in which the line should be spoken and vary the range of verbs that indicate voice (declared angrily, spat out viciously, whispered delicately etc) as well as the usual focus on subject-verb agreement and articles. The linguistic demands of the movie-making enterprise have been far greater than I had expected; a comforting result. I still have my moments when it comes to always attributing correctly (more of a technical issue than a moral or philosophical one) but I’m better at it than I used to be. It may have been short and it may have been a little clunky (with ending credits that raced across the screen in an Olympic-style dash) but it taught me a lot about how much time and patience (and skill) is needed to produce 42 seconds of film. Not only am I filing resources and materials online for students (and me) to access, I am using technology to enhance (I hope) my classroom teaching.
When the Famous Five or the Secret Seven went on one of their adventures, I too would pack my bags. Under normative conditions, there is a balance of both processes to regulate the immediate metabolic requirements of various tissues.
IRS proteins are then phsophorylated by activated insulin receptors and complex with PI3K resulting in PI3K activation. Vascular dysfunction resulting from type 2 diabetes results in a state of cerebral hypoperfusion, leading to significant energy depletion in the brain. After twenty minutes of research, and a couple of tutorial-viewing sessions later, they presented me with a list of all that iAuthor could do and all that it could not. It also allows students (and teachers) who still want to produce written personal narratives to do so, but it encourages others to extend themselves and explore new avenues.
Then as the discussion progressed, other students took over the recording duty and wrote additional information on the document. It would be quite hard to find someone who hasn’t experienced or been influenced in some way by teachers and schools. His answer to this question is that “gamers can achieve more in online worlds than they can in real life. That the relationships gamers develop online are stronger than the ones they develop offline. Perhaps multi-player games such as World of Warcraft, are providing valuable opportunities for people to connect, in a way that they previously couldn’t.
Cut to the Masters degree that I completed a couple of years ago, most of which was completed online.
I just hope that as teachers, university or otherwise, we never lose sight of the fact that our interactions with our students are of primary importance. Incorporate sentence beginnings that indicate the specific progression of events in the plot (After the boys arrive at Thousand-Metre-Cliff, they…, As soon as the seamstress decides that she wants to watch a movie, the boys…, When the buffalo has been slaughtered, the villagers…etc) and watch out for those pesky articles. I recently made an online Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story for A Christmas Carol and I developed my first ever online multiple-choice quiz that was assessed for me (percentages given, wrong answers for each student highlighted) online through our MOODLE system.
In type 2 diabetic patients (right), factors such as an increase in free fatty acids and hyperglycemia have been shown to specifically inhibit the Akt pathway while the MAPK pathway remains unaffected. Activated PI3K produces phospholipid secondary messengers by catalyzing the conversion of phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate (PIP2) to phosphatidylinositol 3,4,5-trisphosphate (PIP3). Boniface Hospital Research Centre, Winnipeg, MB, Canada[2] Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada1. In further consultation with my committee, we tweaked a couple of our previous ideas and came up with a plan. I don’t believe at this stage that the students’ language development has been compromised, and when talking to students, they do not feel that it has either. I feel like a bit of a stalker sometimes as I travel two steps behind them, checking that they are actually right about what they tell me. Students could immediately interact and intervene with the creation of each sentence, changing spelling and tenses, adding information that was needed, or taking away any that didn’t make sense. However, even when discussing this extremely important organ, we appear to be more preoccupied with its psychological aspects rather than its physiological functions.
That they don’t feel rewarded enough, or receive sufficient positive feedback in their everyday lives.
They read at home and, armed with a pad of Post-its, they highlight the areas they think they don’t understand and ask me the following day. I can’t say that the process has prompted me to rush out and establish my own blog site on which I can daily post droll asides, but I feel slightly more comfortable with it now than I did when I first greeted it in week one of course one with a feeling akin to horror. This leads to an imbalance in homeostatic regulation of vascular function and hemodynamics (1). T2DM also causes (7) hyperinsulinemia which exacerbates IDE deficiencies because (8) excess insulin occupies IDE binding sites rendering them unavailable for A?. Those with particular artistic talents would be encouraged to help the publishing committee with the formatting of the magazine, and they could also help to create a dynamic new cover for the final publication.
It was a constantly evolving piece of work on which everyone could focus and have a hand in creating.
One of the reasons why Sir Ken’s talk has had as many views, I believe, is because everyone has an interest in his topic and everyone can relate to it. I had two young children (then suddenly three) and a full time position that I needed to fit my studies around. Questions answered and chapter complete, I ask them to give me a quick verbal overview to clarify their own understanding. We haven’t even got to the making of the movie yet there has already been a wealth of diverse language practice. The resultant decrease in nutrient availability to affected tissues results in an increase in oxidative stress and ROS production and an increased inflammatory response (2). Akt is further activated by phosphorylation at Ser 473 by mammalian target of rapamyicin 2 (mTORC2). The increased amyloidogenic processing that occurs in insulin resistance combined with decreased A? clearance by IDE results in a deleterious positive-feedback cycle as (9) A? oligomers contribute to insulin resistance in the brain. And what better way to engage your audience than to indicate that your speech will criticize schools? What is happening in our real worlds if sections of the community are making people feel this way? Studying online gave me a suitable amount of flexibility, although I did not benefit from the chat rooms to the degree in which I had previously benefitted from the more traditional F2F interactions of my youth. Released pro-inflammatory cytokines and macrophage recruitment instigates the onset of atherosclerosis, ultimately leading to macrovascular complications (3).3. Targets of activated Akt include pro-apoptotic mediators (in red) as well as pro-survival machinery (in green). As A? levels continue to rise, insulin resistance worsens leading to further production of the toxic peptide.6. As I’ve already stated, everyone has had a school experience, everyone’s an expert and everyone has at least one (if only!) criticism that they would like to see validated. In the opening thirty seconds of his presentation, he has asked three questions (How are you? Loss of insulin signaling (at sites labeled with numbers 1-6 in purple) allows FoxO and p53 transcription factors to remain active and (1) transcribe genes for pro-apoptotic proteins such as BIM, BAX and FasL. Akt inhibits the activity of GSK-3? that, when active, (2) causes increased amyloidogenic processing and hyperphosphorylation of tau.
There have been three themes, haven’t there?) which work to engage his audience and establish a connection between him and them. Other pro-apoptotic proteins inhibited by Akt include (3) caspase-9, which forms an apoptotic structure known as the apoptosome, and (6) Bad, which blocks activity of the ant-apoptotic protein Bcl-xL.

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