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If you are interested in shaking up your fitness program by taking on an obstacle race, you’ve landed on the right site! Aerobic endurance is not only a must for obstacle racing, but also an essential for general fitness, overall health and many other sports.
Aerobic endurance is good for your heart, adds years to your life, burns calories and helps you build up a feel-good therapeutic sweat. Aerobic endurance is the ability of your system to sustain cardiovascular activity over time. Having a sound foundation of aerobic endurance will help you finish a race and get you through longer training sessions.
Training for aerobic endurance has many benefits good for general fitness and sports-specific conditioning.
In addition to strengthening your heart, aerobic exercise can lower your cholesterol and blood pressure as well as reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes. When you are fighting off a cold, just 20 minutes of low to moderately intense aerobic exercise can help you release toxins associated with minor infections.
Thanks to a improved cardiovascular health and immune response, aerobic activity has an indirect impact on life span.

4.Weight-bearing aerobic activities like walking and running strengthen the skeletal system. These and similar aerobic activities can prove instrumental in delaying osteoporosis and maintaining bone health. Working up a good sweat associated with vigorous aerobic exercise is a great stress-reliever for some. Although they may wear you out, aerobic activity on a regular basis has a long-term impact of improved energy throughout the day. Longer aerobic sessions have been shown to increase endorphin levels in the blood, which positively impacts your mood. Probably the most well-known benefit, aerobic activity burns calories and can help with weight loss and management goals.
Many sports require some aerobic conditioning as a foundation for participating on a competitive level, including obstacle racing.
This entry was posted in Endurance & Cardiovascular Fitness, Obstacle Course Race Training, Obstacle Course Races by Melissa. Sport is not only stabilizing sugar level for people with diabetes but also cure the disease.

Weight training is appropriate sport for people with diabetes, because it can improve muscle mass of the body. Sri SaharaI am a mother with two children who loves write some articles on vacation, health and beauty topics in my spare time. Just be sure you’re getting enough sleep to recover after you more challenging bouts of exercise! But, they should take other exercises using body weight such as sit ups and push ups.Grace said, weight training should be done after 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. In fact, glucose is the main energy source for tissue and muscle.Sports play an important role for people with diabetes, because it can stabilize blood sugar while improving insulin resistance is considered as the cause of diabetes type 2. If pancreas produces insulin normally, then ability of sugar to enter the cells of the body will be good.Sport for people with diabetes and when they can do it?

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