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Diabetes is a lifelong chronic disease that is caused by high levels of sugar in the blood.
When it comes to your feet, there are several risk factors that can increase your chances of developing foot problems and diabetic infections in the legs and feet.
People who have long-standing or poorly controlled diabetes are also at risk for having damage to the nerves in their feet, which is known in the medical community as peripheral neuropathy. Normal nerves allow people to sense if their shoes are too tight or if their shoes are rubbing on the feet too much.
Diabetes can trigger eye, brain, heart and arterial problems and the life-expectancy of people with diabetes is therefore considerably below what it should be. The main symptoms of diabetes are fatigue, increased appetite, weight loss, excessive thirst and frequent urination. Some risk factors associated with type II diabetes are out of your control while others are such as being overweight. Eating sweets and sugar does not instantly cause diabetes, but eating a lot of sugary foods can lead to insulin resistance which can then develop into Type 2 diabetes. Stress does not cause diabetes, although it may make the symptoms worse in people who already have the condition. An accident or an illness will not cause diabetes but may reveal diabetes if it is already there.
Avoiding sugar and foods that contain sugar such as fizzy drinks, chocolate, sweets and desserts is recommended.
However, in Naturopathy rather than a low carbohydrate diet being the best approach, a diet high in unrefined carbohydrates is the most beneficial. High fiber foods are brown rice, whole grain bread, wholemeal pasta, quinoa, pearl barley, cous cous and pulses, just to name a few.
All fruit and fruit juices should be strictly avoided initially and all sweet fruits and dried fruits are forbidden.
Exercise is frequently recommended in type 2 diabetes as studies have shown that glucose intake is reduced by increasing insulin sensitivity and lowering body fat. Hydrotherapy such as cold and hot showers, improve blood circulation allowing the cells to rejuvenate and improve cell function.
Physicians are prescribing insulin to control sugar levels, however, there are certainly no question that diet and exercise are beneficial in controlling sugar levels far more desirable than insulin.
If you are suffering from Type 2 diabetes or you have been told you are on the path to it, then act on it today! If you know someone who this article may be of interest to then make sure you help them out by sending this to them using the buttons below.
Maria is the naturopath at Ashley James Health and has been working throughout North London for several years, she has great experience working with children naturopathically as well as people suffering with depression and gynaecological issues. The joints of the foot are seriously damaged and in medical terms this disorder is called neurogenic arthropathy. The main cause for getting Charcot foot is diabetic neuropathy which reduces the sensation in the nerves. Charcot foot can be caused by peripheral neuropathy, spinal cord injury, neurosyphillis and Hansen’s disease. Normally such neuropathic disorders may take several years to develop, but Charcot foot can progress rapidly within a week or two.
An individual with neuropathic problems like Achilles tendon is likely to develop Charcot foot.
It is necessary to diagnose the problem in initial stages to prevent more damage to the joints and bones. If the surgeon insists on using wheelchair or casting for a while, you should follow his instructions.
Lastly one has to make necessary changes in lifestyle to prevent further damage to the affected feet. In case of severe deformity surgery is done for repairing the joints and bones which have lost shape due to neuropathy.

Avoid injury or trauma to your feet while walking or running and do not overdo any type of exercises if you are diabetic.
Lastly you should follow the advice of your doctor in wearing castles or braces until the foot are completely healed. It can also decrease your body’s ability to fight off infections, which is especially harmful in your feet. Normal sweat secretion and oil production that lubricates the skin of the foot is impaired, which can lead to an abnormal pressure on the skin, bones, and joints of the foot during walking and other activities. First of all, poorly fitting shoes are one of the biggest culprits of diabetic foot complications. If you have nerve damage, you may not be able to feel your feet normally and you may also be unable to sense the position of your feet and toes while walking and balancing, which can cause even more harm to your feet. With diabetes, you may not be able to properly sense minor injuries, such as cuts, scrapes and blisters-all signs of abnormal wear, tear, and foot strain. You can avoid serious problems such as losing a toe, foot, or leg by following proper prevention techniques offered by your podiatrist. Most of these cases will be Type 2 diabetes, because of our aging population and rapidly rising numbers of overweight and obese people.
People with diabetes have a 3 times greater chance of getting heart disease than those without the condition. Other less common symptoms are, blurred vision, itchy skin, muscle cramps and poor wound healing.
Treating type 2 diabetes with naturopathy aims to keep blood glucose levels at normal levels as possible and control symptoms to prevent health problems developing later on in life. Evidence shows that a low carbohydrate diet can lead to lowering blood glucose (HbA1c) and reductions in body weight.
In one study 70% of the diet was composed if high-fiber unrefined carbohydrates and the average insulin requirement fell drastically during the regime. The key is to supply the body with slow-burning fuel that will not cause a sudden increase in sugar in the blood and therefore excess insulin. A combination of diet and exercise has been shown to improve and manage sugar levels in diabetes. As a naturopath, Diabetes is one of the most common conditions Maria sees in practice and one that she has great success with. The nerves of the foot get damaged due to loss of blood flow and subsequently the bones are also weakened. Since the nerve begins to lose sensation the affected person will not feel any pain on his foot even when it is hurt or damaged.
The nerves will not send signals to the brain when there is any injury or pain in the foot. If left untreated, the affected feet may gradually change its shape getting badly deformed.
If diagnosed with the problem of Charcot foot, it is necessary for you to follow the instructions of your doctor. When diabetes is not properly controlled, damage can occur to the organs and impairment of the immune system is also likely to occur.
This can even lead to the breakdown of the skin of the foot, which often causes sores to develop. If you have red spots, sore spots, blisters, corns, calluses, or consistent pain associated with wearing shoes, new proper fitted shoes must be obtained immediately. Most health experts agree that the UK is facing a huge increase in the number of people with diabetes.
It is estimated that more than one in 20 people in the UK has diabetes (diagnosed or undiagnosed). Type II diabetes develops when your body cannot produce enough insulin or the insulin that is produced by the body doesn’t work properly. Diabetes can have a hereditary link, therefore genes play a role, however interacting with the environment can either improve or worsen your health.

There was also evidence of weight loss and many of the patients were able to discontinue insulin therapy altogether.
Animal fats should be reduced to a minimum and no red meats should be allowed due to the high content of saturated fats. 30 min of aerobic exercise 5 days per week is a good recommended time to lower blood sugar and body fat.
If you have or maybe you have some questions then give us a call because maybe we can help you! If a person continues to walk with Charcot foot without taking treatment, it can cause change in shape of his foot.
This condition gives rise to serious deformity and change in shape of the foot and hence diabetic patients should regularly check their foot to ensure that there is no nerve damage. Diabetes is the main cause for getting peripheral neuropathy and the patient will continue walking since there is no pain making the disease to worsen.
Due to repeated carelessness the position of the foot becomes worse which may again cause more injury to the jonts while walking. Very often the pain may not be felt by the person and if at all they feel it only as bearable pain. The affected feet should be totally immobilized until the inflammation is healed completely. Some patients will have to use crutches for balancing the weight and to prevent further damage to the affected feet. By wearing braces one can prevent the formation of ulcers in the feet which may lead to the amputation of the feet.
Check both the feet each day to notice any swelling or tenderness which is indicative of Charcot foot.
If you have diabetes, it is important to prevent foot problems before they occur, recognize problems early, and seek the right treatment when a problem does happen. Additionally, if you have common foot abnormalities such as flat feet, bunions, or hammertoes, prescription shoes or orthotics from your podiatrist may be necessary to further protect your feet from other damage. The figures are alarming and confirm that diabetes is one of the biggest health challenges faced in the UK today. Therefore, despite the high levels of insulin, glucose (sugar) is not properly transported into the cells to use as energy and it increases to very high levels in the blood. The best proteins are vegetarian such as pulses and a high emphasis on soya protein due to the high concentration of lecithin which is a fat emulsifier and contains choline which is known to prevent and treat neurological complication in diabetes.
There is every chance for the person to get his feet hurt without his knowledge and they will feel very minimal pain. The body tries to get rid of the excess sugar through the urine, hence why doctors test for diabetes through urine, although a blood test is more accurate.
It can also be beneficial to supplement the diet with some good quality fish oils (or flax seed oil if you are vegan).
Subsequently the bones begin to regenerate in shape giving rock like appearance on the foot.
One should be very cautious in not damaging the feet in order to prevent further damage or deformity to the foot.
Charcot foot affects the metatarsal bones of the feet and very often this affects both the feet. This is why the condition is sometimes called a€?juvenile diabetes.a€? The most common age of diagnosis is between 11 and 14 years old. People with type 1 diabetes regularly measure their blood sugar to figure out how much insulin they need. Diet and Exercise People with type 1 diabetes should eat regular meals and snacks to keep blood sugar stable.

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