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Not too long ago, Switchback Bikes posted an excellent gear ratio comparison chart that was put together by Daryl Smith. While the chart doesn’t include all of the options for the XTR double or triple, most people concerned will likely want to compare the XX1 to XTR numbers.
I suppose it’s nice that someone did this, but is it really that hard to divide two numbers? SRAM thinks that 1x drivetrains are suitable for all but the most specialized MTB disciplines, and the groundswell of frame designers who are taking advantage of the freedom to design their suspension without having to make allowances for FD mounting agree. I am running a RF Next SL crank with 1×10 using a 26T front ring and Wolf Tooth 42T on the rear. My XTR front shifter now is a remote for my ’14 Fox 36 Talas to toggle between 160 and 120mm of travel. For this reason XX1 suits my needs much better, that way I have a much bigger ratio top and bottom for descents and climbing, without having weight, clutter and frustration of a FD. All this and you do not need to shell out the money to buy the SRAM non-standard hub that has no resale value! I would seriously doubt that anyone will be able to successfully mix Shimano and SRAM’s 11 speed chains and cassettes. Therefore XX1 and XTR9000 cross compatiblity is a very real possibility, and I really hope it works. The problem on the 10-42 cassette is the small amount of thread holding the cassette on the freewheel body, it needs copper slip and regular maintenance otherwise it squeaks and binds up. Le diverse case produttrici sfornano nuovi standard a raffica, variare una lettera o un numero significa spesso cambiare gruppo o addirittura telaio. BB30: Introdotto per prima da Cannondale, significa scatola movimento larga solitamente 73mm, cuscinetti con foro per perno O30mm inseriti direttamente nella scatola. BB PF92: Standard Shimano, calotte simili al PF30 inserite a pressione ma stavolta con cuscinetti per perni guarnitura standard da O24,  scatola movimento del telaio larga 89,5 o 92mm con foro per le calotte da O41 (a differenza del O46 PF30). Heck even if you give AMD’s FX primo chip a 50% clock speed boost it still struggles to keep up with core i7 whatever-stupid-number-system. Do you think if intel was to build the bulldozer chips with their own technology the AMD chip would be faster than they are at present. But have Intel Medfield Atom SoC similar power efficiency controllers like ARM BIG.Little-concept? The Barfly TT is designed to mount on the aerobar extensions and hold the computer between or outside them. I was kind of hoping the price on these mounts would have come down now that there are multiple companies manufacturing them.
I have done a couple of rides on the BarFly TT, and it is a big upgrade from the plastic knob with a standard Garmin mount I was using before. Now all we need is for someone to come up with a mount that will work even if you have a torpedo mount or aero drink bottle mounted between your bars. AJB- just flip this one around to mount outside the aero extensions and your problem is solved.
Want to Contribute?We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and talented writers that know their way around both a bicycle and sentence structure. Aerodynamische Veränderungen gab es vor allem am vorderen Teil des Canyon Ultimate CF SLX.

Die meisten Ultimate-Modelle erhalten dasselbe Aero-Cockpit von Canyon, das am Canyon Aeroad eingesetzt wird. Die neu entwickelte Sattelklemmung soll für mehr Komfort am Canyon Ultimate CF SLX sorgen. Vom Ultimate CF SLX wird es auch ein Superleicht-Version geben: das Canyon Ultimate CF SLX Evo. Auch zu den Ausstattungsdetails und Preisen ist zu diesem Zeitpunkt noch nicht viel bekannt.
Obviously, when Daryl put the chart together the new option packed XTR M9000 group was still under wraps, so the comparison to its 11-40 wide range cassette couldn’t be made.
Thanks to Daryl for putting this new chart together, you can check out his thoughts on the chart design here.
I have been running XX1 (I love it) but on some faster rides it is fairly easy to spin out. It does demonstrate how stupid the SRAM 1042 looks now that 1140 (and 1142) cassettes are on the market. Those of us with short attention spans and questionable literacy really appreciate well designed charts.
I have an Enduro 29 and am currently running a 30t narrow-wide ring up front and a 10spd cassette with a 42t cog.
The catch is that if I want to run a 28t ring up front I’ll need to buy cranks that support direct-mount like RaceFace Next SLs. This is because of instead of squeezing 11 cogs into the regular HG10 freehub, the 40T cog is actually cantilevered to the left of the freehub, above the spokes.
They would need at least a 44 to offset the larger front chainring needed for higher speeds. La guarnitura con perno maggiorato (O30 appunto) assicura maggior rigidita e prontezza nella pedalata. In pratica Shimano ricerca la rigidita non tanto nel diametro del perno ma nella larghezza della scatola. Una volta che un telaio in carbonio ha preso gioco in quella zona ha inizio un calvario che ci portera alla sostituzione precoce dello stesso.
As process nodes shrink and more components move on-die, the characteristics of each new node have become particularly important. At the moment the answer is that intel’s lead is mainly based on design superiority and only slightly due to process lead. No change in process node is going to give them the 50%+ boost they would need simply to catch up with intel. As I read piledriver has small improvements in the manufacturing quality and small adjustments in the design and you get a chip 10-15% faster on average.
I hesitated on the original Barfly and was rewarded when K-Edge came out with their much nicer mount for only $10 more.
Der Fokus lag beim neuen Ultimate CF SLX auf einem erhöhtem Komfort und niedrigerem Luftwiderstand.
Lenker und Vorbau sind aus einem Carbon-Teil geformt und sollen dem Wind möglichst wenig entgegensetzen.
Die Sattelklemmung ist in den Rahmen integriert, jedoch nicht wie bei anderen Canyon-Modellen ins Oberrohr.

Ausgestattet mit THM Fibula Bremsen, THM Clavicula SE Kurbel, Lightweight Obermayer Laufrädern und Sram Red Schaltung soll das Canyon Ultimate CF SLX Evo nur ca.
Das Ultimate CF SLX soll laut Canyon ab der Eurobike, also Ende August 2015, bestellbar sein. To keep with the times Daryl has updated his chart to include the 1x options for an XTR group. I know if I wanted to go XTR, I would need a 2×10 setup to descend as fast as I wanted and to still be able to climb at a fast pace.
For the rest of the world who pays for their components, you can install a xx1 rear cassette and rear wheel in a xtr 2015 bike.
Bene, e proprio cio che le case vogliono, senza tralasciare il fatto che con tutti questi standard siamo sempre piu costretti a legarci in toto ad un marchio o distributore. TSMC and GlobalFoundries both have excellent engineers, but FinFET is a difficult technology to deploy. Stattdessen ist die Klemmschraube zwischen den Sattelstreben auf der Rückseite des Sattelrohrs angebracht. Außerdem unterscheidet sich das Layup der Carbon-Matten von dem des normalen Ultimate CF SLX.
Einstiegsmodelle mit Shimano Ultegra Austattung werden voraussichtlich zwischen 3200 und 3300 Euro kosten. Im Frühjahr sollen die Teams dann schon mit der Serienversion eines Canyon Ultimate Disc unterwegs sein. As for the 40t, I could probably manage, but the 42t has been wonderful for my riding style and has been plenty manageable for even the steepest climbs . If you don’t wanna upgrade your freewheel, go for shimano xtr 2015 cassette, in a shimano bike or in a sram bike.
According to Intel engineer Mark Bohr, the 3D transistor structure is the principle reason why the company’s 22nm technology is as strong as it is. Ramping it up more quickly than expected while simultaneously bringing up a new process may be more difficult than either company anticipates. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC. They love the no front der which has always been a bad gear change due to the trouble shifting under load for beginners.
Earlier this year, we brought you news that Nvidia was deeply concerned about manufacturing economics and the relative strength of TSMC’s sub-28nm planar roadmap. Morris Chang, TSMC’s CEO, has since admitted that such concerns are valid, given that performance and power are only expected to increase by 20-25% as compared to 28nm. At 32nm (Medfield, Clover Trail), the company’s processors have considerable more latitude.
What’s clear is that both GF and TSMC are going to try to accelerate FinFET development. GF’s tech papers imply that the company will deploy a hybrid 22nm-14nm process to make the jump more quickly.

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