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But for me films create a complex world of stories and memories and like my goji berries, I couldn’t live without them. I get laughs, I get scared, I get thoughtful, I get all the things I expect to get from a great film, I even get tears…ah, well I mean, from all those fresh onions Jen cuts up. Process all ingredients in a food processor and process to desired consistency.  Eat with cup up veggies or some raw crackers. Also if making this dip for a lot of people puree up some celery and add it to the avocado to increase the amount of dip without using more avocado, plus it is a good way to get some of that celery goodness without the celery taste, for all those who dislike celery!!! If making the dip ahead of time, put the pits back in, as it helps keep the guacamole  green. Michael currently works in an advertising company, but with tasty food, proper nutrition and amazing health constantly on his mind his goal has him in enrolling in the Natural Nutrition program at the Canadian College for Natural Nutrition next fall. His wife Jennifer works at Organic Abundance, an organic grocery store in Toronto and is lucky enough to spend all day talking about organic food, looking at organic  food and eating organic food!! Jennifer October 6th, 2009 at 7:37 pm I hated Tahini the first time I used it in hummus, now I love it!!!! Now the next time I make that yummy Hummus I am going to make my very own, very fresh Tahini!! Opt in to naturopathy healing or the art of using natural medicine to cure or heal health problems with Healing Galing's Dra. There are basically 3 major effects and they are namely fatigue, dehydration and vital organs damage. To explain furthermore, we have researched what insulin does to the human blood to quickly lower blood glucose (sugar) with the use of insulin compared to only nourishing your body with the right vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and more with the use of raw vegetables, green juices and detoxification. At the end of this article, we will be featuring some popular useful raw food recipes as well as green juice recipes that you can use to fill your body with all the nutrients it needs to boost the immune system and detoxify it. Human body produces enough insulin through the function of the pancreas all the time to act as a transporter or carrier of blood glucose (sugar) to energize the trillion cells we have.
Below is another documentary video for you to further understand why or how doctors should actually approach to treat high levels of blood sugar using natural ways and eating nutritious food from diverse kinds of vegetables and possibly some fruits. This entry was posted in How To and tagged blood sugar, diabetes made simple, glucose, green juice recipes, how blood sugar works, how to cure diabetes, how to detoxify, insulin, insulin iv, raw food, raw food diet, raw food recipes, reverse diabetes, superfood recipes. In fact, Food Matters was a film that changed our paths even before the end credits rolled.

Continue on a you’ll find a few delicious raw recipes from Jennifer that you can munch on while you view your film. Most of us are dead set on science and conventional medicine to make us better but this movie is an inspiring look at 6 diabetic individuals and the journey they make towards a cure through raw foods. This is another uplifting film that documents survivor Kris Carr’s journey into experimental healing as she stumbles upon raw food. This is a unique film that uses powerful imagery to reveal just what process our food is subjected to. That is the great thing about becoming a raw foodest, getting to eat everything as it is naturally suppose to taste!!
Dr cousins is the MD in this film, I bought his book it’s a 21 day step program with the same recipes here. There’s definitely a lot of cures and remedies and how to administer stuff there that you might not know of yet can cure your chronic disease. It is the simplest explanation of how diabetes occurs in people how high blood sugar develops in the system so you can also comprehend why we recommend also the simplest cure to diabetes in just 30 days simply going raw food.
If in case you didn’t know, most of our health problems is an indication that there is too much toxin getting in our body and the lack of proper nutrition further compromises our health, thereby our body giving us signs that there is something wrong.
We’ll be featuring here an hour and a half exclusive video documentary that entails how people with whatever type of diabetes can be cured simply by nutrition using raw food in 30 days.
The lack of production may be attributed to having health problems and in many cases, due to toxicity of the body.
Detoxification is another way and yet, our doctors continue to bombard our bodies with prescription drugs instead or turning to the right diet. San makakabili ng mga gamot ng healing galing o pwede po ipadala na lang po gaya sa online shopping. We knew we had to change our lives immediately, and in the four months that have passed since we watched the film we have become a 100 percent raw foodists. In some cases all it takes is a great movie to  just wake you up and send you off as a new student just about to enter the doors of a new school of thought. Without narration the film provides the viewer with the information to create an opinion without corporate name dropping and biases. A detailed look at how a company like Monsanto is working towards a global seed stranglehold and the dangers we all face with GMO foods.

And eventually if we continue down the path of environmental destruction and excessive waste we might all see the effects of water deprivation and privatization.
As promised, here is our segment article that gives you tips on how to reverse and cure diabetes in 30 days. There are also basically 5 ways – diet, exercise, hydration, nutrition and detoxification.
Diabetes is nothing different, it is an adaptation by the body to show us that we have so much toxin inside and that the blood is no longer able to cope up with it. You can watch in advance below to have you informed and realize early but please don’t skip the recipes below and read more information to equip you with the right knowledge based from our own research here at the Healing Galing website. If we don’t produce enough insulin to carry the blood sugar for our cells to energize and use, it results to high blood sugar content and eventually, diabetes.
We all know that most medications might further compromise our liver, kidney and other internal vital organs yet our doctors still try to prescribe us western medicine. The other five films can be just as life changing and I hope they can affect you in the positive ways they have for us. From raw food to superfoods, organics to vitamin supplementation, this movie covers it all. Thanks to the World Bank and IMF, poor economic countries are already witnessing the misuse of their water. Every day my team and I consult people about a raw food diet, which helps with weight loss and cure. With little to no knowledge in nutrition, here is where you will learn what raw foods and superfood supplements can do to your health, much more, cure you from whatever type of diabetes you have, Type 1, 2, 3, or whatever else you’ve gotten wrong in your blood, by all means, we strongly suggest that you stay away as much as possible from altering the human physiology through intake and intravenous injection of insulin. Below is a short video describing how insulin is produced, used and abused as well as how the human body works to consume it for energy. You can read all about their journey toward the raw vegan lifestyle in their adorable, inspiring bio (and great read) HERE. Of course that also includes taking out any form of sugar in his daily diet including high intake of carbohydrates which we all know turns to sugar when metabolized by the body.

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