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The idea for Frank’s Daughter was born in a Brooklyn bar over several bottles of red wine and many, many whiskies. Meanwhile, you can get along to see them at dates in Glasgow and Edinburgh over the next month or so; check their bandcamp.
Your Move, Raincloud is by and large the solo work of one Samuel Francis Cain, a 28 year-old songwriter. Another example of a tune I have picked up on as a result of that very old-fashioned method of finding out about new music, otherwise known as hearing about it on the radio.
Following on from their self-titled debut, released back in 2009, ver three-piece Shark prepare to issue their sophomore album, having prefaced it with the Body Mass Index EP towards the end last year.
Several listens in, I have to say that I would be lying if I said that I was in love with the whole album.
Widely recognised by many as her greatest album -including the lady herself -this deluxe edition of Broken English reaffirms why it’s such a highly regarded album, as well as having a second disc of original mixes which actually genuinely illuminate the final album, rather than just feeling that they are tacked on. The title track oozes with cold war paranoia -and the second CD shows that it is scaled down from the original mix that was planned. A quick background to Les Revenants: adapted from the eponymous Robin Campillo-directed 2004 film, the series unfolds in an isolated French mountain town, where the locals are troubled after children who were tragically killed in a bus crash appear to come back to life, unaware that they’d died. I love their Zidane soundtrack, and I also love the Sonic Youth soundtrack so am thrilled to bits about this. What I am slightly puzzled by is the fact that it is being advertised as being out on February 25 -but you can pay for a download of it off eMusic or iTunes (remember to support your local independent record shop though, eh?) and apparently came out in December? Want to get in touch?Please note: I receive a lot of emails every day encouraging me to check out new bands, but it does take a while to get through them all.
I'm based in Scotland so the likelihood of me coming to your showcase in New York (unless you are going to provide travel, board and lodging is slim).

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She had spent time homeless, lost custody of her son and was still battling heroin addiction.
Dedicated to Ulrike Meinhof, the co-founder of the Red Army Faction who’d died three years previously, the song was not an exoneration of Meinhof but a realisation, that there but for the grace of God went she. A wonderfully captured perennial sense of unease and limbo sustains throughout each episode, with dully lit scenes and a sparsely-set location adding to the atmosphere.
Much like on that Zidane soundtrack, the group have turned away again from their recognised path towards the fascinating new; their familiar layers on layers of textural guitar have been stripped away, allowing isolated piano and keys to wander with grip-like tension through the fourteen tracks. Michael Been of The Call, who was also BRMC’s guitarist and vocalist Robert Been’s father and was viewed as an honorary ‘fourth member’ of the band died in August 2012.

Riiight.) The duo returned to London, but finding the urban environment uninspiring, they relocated to an out of season alpine hotel, taking a van full of recording equipment. I saw them many times over the last decade, marvelling at their incendiary live performances at many of Edinburgh and (mostly) Glasgow’s top venues. I have to confess to not really being that familiar with The Call, but BRMC make this song their own. I've had my own show on Fresh Air radio, DJed in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and in 2008 set up 17 Seconds Records. There, they spent two months in total isolation, returning with a stack of songs that were finished in their Deptford studio.
The band consists of siblings Fiona Jane (vocals) and William (guitar), along with Nick (bass) and Josh (keyboards).
Faithfull is a woman who has seen a lot, but even when she’s bitter and angry, as she is for much of this album, in keeping with the punk and reggae influences of era that seep onto the record. Their first album remains my favourite, though, and their forthcoming seventh album, Specter At The Feast, reprotedly uses this as a reference point for the new album.
From right to left, the first position is the column of 'one' second and also the total number of seconds since January 1, 2001.
These desolately exquisite songs form ‘The Sound Of A Heart Unravelling’, Frank’s Daughter’s debut album [The Sound Of A Heart Unravelling] to be released in May.

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