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We weren’t yet on the plane but deep inside I hoped there was a slide I could inflate and push her down and feed her to the sharks. I have been harassed for months, when I reported it to management my life turned into hell. If taking 10 trays off the floor is hard, wait ‘till a full grown adult hands you what he puked in a glass after he brushed his teeth.

I’m a very nice cabin crew but if you act like a little brat be ready for some sarcasm. What was nice in meeting a complete stranger with whom you’ll be confined at 14 000 feet, for the next eight hours, serving people who’ll be treating you like shit? If only someone had been harsh on me the first days, I wouldn’t have been naive about that job for so long.
Over excited, so eager to be in customer service, meet people, hold interesting conversations, see new places, make friends.
And you think, if it’s the price to pay, you don’t need an AMEX, just a smile and take up the tray.

We’re not going to meet again after this flight, there’s no point in me being friendly with you empty head. Believe me, after so many years if you don’t, you need some valium before you take a flight. If they could they’d send some hunters to get your heart and lather themselves in the blood of virgins who haven’t been through puberty yet.

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