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With just a few weeks to go before the start of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge release, there are still a ton of mysteries frustrating prospective buyers. In the days since launch, the company has continued to tout the benefits of its new flagship smartphones though the company has failed to confirm some of the most important Galaxy S6 features and release details. Many Galaxy S6 release mysteries remain for buyers in the United States and for consumers all over the world. While many of these details remain under lock and key, we’ve slowly started to get a read on some of the glaring absences, things like the Galaxy S6 release date, Galaxy S6 price, and more. Samsung announced that both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will arrive for 20 countries starting on April 10th.
Samsung Netherlands says that it expects to start shipping both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge by April 10th. This hints at a Dutch Galaxy S6 release on April 10th though the exact date remains unconfirmed. We’ve also seen a number of devices for key markets start to get approval behind the scenes. What we do know though is that a number of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge models have passed necessary certifications in the days after these initial announcements.
At this point, it’s looking like we should see the US Galaxy S6 release for most carriers land in April. Thanks to Samsung Netherlands, we think we know how much the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will cost in Europe. In the US, the Galaxy S6 price is still unknown. Samsung and its carrier partners have failed to confirm any price points leaving prospective buyers scratching their heads. As for the Galaxy S6 Edge price, it’s unsurprisingly going to be more expensive than the regular Galaxy S6 model.
If the regular model has an ARV of $699, then you have to think that the curved Galaxy S6 Edge will be even higher, perhaps as steep as $799 ARV.
Samsung Netherlands is currently taking pre-orders for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge ahead of their release dates though pre-orders in other parts of the world remain scarce. If the past is any indication, we could see US carriers put the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge up for pre-order closer to their actual release dates. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are two of the biggest smartphone launches of the year and we almost always see carriers and retailers take early orders for those that decide early. Now if this is true, and it could be, it could mean that the base Galaxy S6 Edge model will be far more expensive than the base Galaxy S6 model in the United Kingdom.
It’s not clear how this might affect the US Galaxy S6 release where all five major carriers are confirmed to have the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge on tap for later this year. Samsung’s announced a number of different colors including White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum, Blue Topaz and Green Emerald. Earlier today, we noted that Samsung Canada’s website shows only two colors for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Best Buy is offering a sign up page and some placeholders in store but it hasn’t announce any pre-order details or pricing.
US carriers are still selling the Galaxy S5 for $199.99 on-contract and more than that off-contract.
Finally, while we have some idea about some key Galaxy S6 accessories, we’re still in the dark about some of the official Galaxy S6 accessories that Samsung announced alongside the two devices. For instance, price and release date details about the Galaxy S6 battery pack and Clear View Cover remain out of reach for the time being.
Even if the company lags, we should see a healthy dose of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge accessories become available on day one including an intriguing battery case from popular manufacturer Mophie. The Samsung Galaxy S6 release continues to heat up as we approach the month of March and Mobile World Congress 2015. We’ve see an absolute flurry of Galaxy S6 release information arrive this week and today, we want to help outline the most important bits of information to come out of the rumor mill. Let’s start with the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch date, the date on which Samsung will announce the Galaxy S6. At this point, consumers who are interested in the Galaxy S6 should circle March 1st in pen. Unpacked events are always saved for big product launches and the Galaxy S6 is about as big as it gets in the mobile world. In the buildup to the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch date, Galaxy S6 rumors have continued to hint at two different Galaxy S6 models. The report also claims that the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will both sport 5.1-inch displays.
A new leak from PhoneArena, a site with a so-so track record, points to a possible Galaxy S6 release date around March 22nd.
The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge arrived weeks after the regular old Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and we could see Samsung use a staggered approach to the Galaxy S6 as well. While these listings were clearly placeholders, they did utilize the two model numbers that we’ve seen attached to the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge for several months now. Based on these rumors and leaked schematics, we partner with our friend Martin Hajek to deliver a realistic Galaxy S6 concept that ropes in all of these Galaxy S6 design rumors. The report claims that Samsung will strip the Galaxy S6 of pre-installed Samsung applications. The Galaxy S6 will come with apps like Microsoft OneNote, OneDrive, Office Mobile (with a free Office 365 subscription), and Skype. Samsung’s default keyboard app apparently looks like a combination between the keyboards on the Galaxy Tab S and the iPhone.

This report arrived shortly after Samsung itself made some comments about the camera coming inside of its next flagship. Two new benchmarks for known Galaxy S6 model numbers appeared at AnTuTu and Geekbench earlier this week. In all, there are seven key alleged Galaxy S6 specs that have emerged thanks to these benchmarks including details about screen resolution, storage and the processor that’s rumored to be on board. The benchmarks show that the Galaxy S6 could find itself amongst the most powerful devices on the market. Finally, it’s worth knowing that the rumored HTC One M9 release continues to make progress alongside the Samsung Galaxy S6 release. If you’re a Samsung fan, the expected Galaxy S7 release date is probably one of the first piece of information you’ll want to hear about the upcoming device. We’ll first talk about the most likely dates for the release of the Galaxy S7 followed by some other rumors we’re hearing about lately.
Samsung is potentially looking to get ahead of the crowd this year round, so instead of releasing their smartphone later into the first half of 2016, they may release the device in January.
Do we really think the expected Galaxy S7 release date will be in January in markets worldwide including the UK?
If the Samsung Galaxy S7 release date is set for January, then we’ll probably see a Sammy hosted event early that month. Key details like the US Galaxy S6 release date, Galaxy S6 storage, Galaxy S6 price remain missing in action. Many Chinese, Korean and Japanese variants have gained Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and FCC approval behind the scenes, a sign that these three major Asian markets could find themselves among the first Galaxy S6 release dates on April 10th. And given that the two devices have already received clearance from top bodies like Bluetooth SIG and FCC, there’s a very good chance that they are on the fast track to release. This ARV could serve as the off-contract price of the Samsung Galaxy S6 in the United States though our expectation is that the off-contract price for most US carriers will fall somewhere between $600 and $700 with $700 being the ceiling.
The only clue that we currently have is the US price structure for the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge.
Last year, US carriers started taking pre-orders in the middle of March after a February announcement. A recent T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Edge teaser alludes to all three storage sizes though it’s not clear if the company is just parroting Samsung or if it’s planning to offer all three upon release. T-Mobile declined comment. Green Emerald is reserved for the Galaxy S6 Edge while Blue Topaz will be exclusive to the Galaxy S6. Amazon is also offering a sign up page that comes attached to a nice Galaxy S6 accessory detail. Will I receive a price reduction if I am trading up on contract from the S5 to a S6(since I purchased the S5 very soon after its release date)?
In the past week alone, we’ve seen reports hint at a number of new details including possible information about the elusive Galaxy S6 release date. Earlier this month, Samsung sent out invites for an Unpacked event that’s set for March 1st at MWC 2015 in Barcelona, Spain.
Most recently, a report from Bloomberg suggests that Samsung will indeed be announcing the new Galaxy S6 on stage during its Unpacked event. Remember, Samsung will be holding a live stream so that consumers around the world can tune in to catch all of the details. One, a regular flat Galaxy S6 and the other, a Galaxy Note Edge-like Galaxy S6 Edge with a curved display. According to the publication, the Galaxy S6 Edge will feature a display that covers three sides of the phone. Specifically, one that arrives two to three weeks earlier than last year’s Galaxy S5 release.
The concept, which can be seen in the photos below, incorporates metal and several other likely features into its design.
We’ve compared these Galaxy S6 concept renders to the real-life Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6. It’s not clear what will be taken away though the theory is that the company might pull features like S Health and S Voice from the phone and offer them as standalone software on the Play Store.
The report claims that the Galaxy S6 Android 5.0 Lollipop software will be faster than the software found on the Galaxy Note 4. In a blog post on its Samsung Tomorrow website, the company hints at a powerful sensor both in the front and in the back. As we pointed out, these benchmarks are extensive and they reveal a number of potential Galaxy S6 specifications. We do not have a confirmed date from Samsung, but we can make some estimates based on previously released devices and Samsung’s release schedules. With huge expectations already being heard on both the S7 the inevitable announcement on the Galaxy S7 Edge, it’s almost impossible to not speculate about things to come. The idea behind releasing the smartphone in January is to create a gap between the other smartphones that will be releasing shortly after.
As a result, it’s possible that the Galaxy S7 may also be released in one of these two months.

If the Galaxy S7 instead gets a February release date in the US, China, India, UK, and many other markets, MWC could be a good place to announce the device. Here, we take a look at what we know, and what we expect from these remaining Galaxy S6 release mysteries.
Cellular, and Verizon Galaxy S6 models are all inching closer to their release and their official release date announcements. It also confirms pricing for the the larger storage sizes at €949 for a 64GB model and €1049 for a 128GB model. If Samsung does something similar with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, we could see the Galaxy S6 Edge command a price that’s $100 more than the regular model. The Samsung Galaxy S5 arrived in the United States on April 11th after experiencing some of these same release mysteries. The sizes are more important than ever because the Galaxy S6 comes without expandable storage. This doesn’t confirm the lack of a 32GB Galaxy S6 Edge storage option in the United Kingdom but it does leave the door open ahead of its release.
Samsung Netherlands is listing all three storage sizes for both the Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 so we could see most places (if not all) offer all three sizes. Walmart is well known for shaving a few dollars off the on-contract price and we saw Best Buy offer some off-contract deals on the Galaxy Note 4. While we haven’t seen the Galaxy S5 price drop yet at carriers, we expect to see that happen once the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge go up for order. More often than not, we see a bit of a delay with official Galaxy S accessories from Samsung.
I would like to think that would be one of the awesome advantages …my reasoning behind such thinking, being that I would stick with S6 instead of switching to the iPhone world as I have pretty much already decided upon doing unless I am swayed to stick with the Galaxy S6. Today, we take a look at what you need to know, right now, about the upcoming Galaxy S6 release.
This aligns with Galaxy S6 Edge rumors that pointed to two curved edges as opposed to the one found on the Galaxy Note Edge. So unless Samsung drastically changes its Galaxy S6 release plans, we’re probably going to see two models arrive in just a few weeks.
We found Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 TouchWiz software is superb so this could make for some very noticeable improvements on the Galaxy S6. The Galaxy S6 is rumored to have a 5MP camera, a huge upgrade over the front-facing camera found in the Galaxy S5.
While not confirmed, all of these specifications match the Galaxy S6 rumors that have been teasing consumers for several long weeks. It’s unlikely that we will hear an announcement of the S7 any later than March, as that would be pushing it a bit too far, which is contradictory to the rumors suggesting Samsung want to push out their latest flagship as quickly as possible in 2016. In March, Samsung may create their own event that closely follows after Mobile World Congress which is precisely what we expect to see.
The nation’s fifth largest carrier has told us that it plans to release the devices in April, date unknown. FCC approval is needed before they can hit shelves and we typically see devices hit the FCC a few days before their final information is released.
We expect these price points to hold in Europe though they may not line up exactly with other regions including North America and Asia. Consumers who live in the United States must import it if they want something other than white or black.
It would be surprising to see all four colors emerge on every carrier at the start, however. The first takes place from March 22nd to March 30th and the second one from April 19th to April 27th. The Galaxy S6 Edge recently appeared in benchmarks with a 20MP camera, perhaps it will be exclusive to that phone.
You all can relate it to a number of fan concepts we all saw for iPhone 6 but it would seem Samsung has managed to get their first and as per David Park from Samsung, the screen works like a ‘ticker’ where the notifications and news scroll along it.The curved touchscreen works by providing easy and quick access to apps, alerts and other device related functions.
It’s not clear what these mean though the second blackout period could pertain to the Galaxy S6 Edge release.
Since it pops out of the phone, the curved area is still accessible even when the cover is closed while also being able to display the notifications at top and bottom while a video is being played.
The release is expected to take place in October and shall be in competition with iPhone 6. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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