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While we're on the exterior why don't we tell you a bit more about what Jimmy has up his sleeve besides the conversion and instant gentleman kit. Nissan Silvia S13 photos received many good reviews of car owners for their consumer qualities. Yes, this is indeed a '91 240SX and it's rocking a full S13 conversion along with the legendary Supermade Instant Gentleman kit. An Origin roof wing sits just right in the back while smaller touches like Origin crystal corner lights & Origin crystal tail lights set the exterior off. Not that there is anything wrong with some "wear and tear" here and there, seeing an S13 as clean as this definitely put a smile on our face.

On this page we present you the most successful photo gallery of Nissan Silvia S13 photos and wish you a pleasant viewing experience. Jimmy also opted for a set of 18x9 with +9 offset and 18x10 with +7 offset WORK VSKF wheels. Jimmy also added a Megan Turbo manifold, Turbo elbow & Megan Downpipe with a Apexi 3 inch Exhaust and a Greddy Oil catch can while he was down there. Anyway, it belongs to the homie Jimmy Mendoza from the Guam Islands and we've been meaning to feature it here for what seems like months now. We've been shipping quite a few of our stickers and lanyards out there recently and we can't thank you guys enough!

Thankfully our talented photographer Jason was able to find some time and finally get some pretty nice photos for us! It was obvious to us right away that this wasn't what many of you would call "just another" S13. For now it's only rocking a pair of S14 seats and OPM steering wheel with Nismo shift knob.

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