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We received a message in The Droid Guy Mailbag that says, “Since I updated my phone like a couple of weeks ago, the app S Note app has stopped working. If this is the case, the only solution for you is to flash your firmware to an earlier version or wait for your carrier to roll out a more stable version of the update.
Clearing the cache of the app will help remove some bugs that have accumulated from continuously running it. When all else fails or you cannot locate the troublesome app causing the mayhem, the quickest solution would be to perform a Factory Reset. For more questions or if you want to contribute ideas about the subject, email us at [email protected].
S Note is one of the most exciting features of the Samsung Galaxy Note II, fact which is found into the phones name. If you want to create a quick Note, you will need to hold and press the S Pen button and double tap anywhere on your screen. The idea Sketch feature allows you to add illustrations to the S Note using hand written keywords. When you create a S Note, you will have to move the S Pen over the screen and press and hold the S pen button until the Idea Sketch screen appears.
Available in two colors, black and white, the tablet is made of plastic in its entirety and highlighted by a silver rim in which two speakers are inserted in the center left and right objective sounding much better than the rear bearing the IPAD latter two models or lower bearing the first. It behaves very well especially when playing videos and viewing photos is missing although they had tuned a little light sensor that sometimes happens to do directly what he wants and is quite boring to have to play the brightness and again manually.
The Stylus is the holy grail of Galaxy Note 10.1 and really on it fall almost all the extra features that differentiate it, that basically is what really matters, with the rest of the competition. By default, and although we can disable it in settings every time we get the stylus opens a small sidebar with a selection of applications (which can also customize) for use with the stylus. The stylus has a button you can press to perform certain extra features like taking a quick note anywhere with S Note (squeezing and two-touch) or increase or decrease the zoom (press and drag), missing that would have added some more . Note S is the crown jewel of the entire Galaxy Note 10.1, is impeccably paired with some of the other system applications, such as the browser and through the split screen functionality becomes even more interesting. Apart from having several templates you can use for all types of situations the two functions Note Galaxy Star 10.1 are two, which are related to recognition and text that are related to split-screen functions, which we describe in the next section. The text recognition is generally mediocre, works well and well recognized single words but of course can not be used to write long texts or to write a letter in a manuscript, for example, and that the scan.
The last function of recognition, and one of the most impressive, is the mathematical formulas that can record from any degree functions integrated and we can solve arising due to the split screen where Wolfram Alpha opens and shows the graph, the solution to the equation if the extra information there and quite interesting. Another strength is that we can establish that only recognizes touch input from stylus, one of the biggest hassles when we do the same with the iPhone, for example, that will mess between your wrist and stylus input.
S Notes is a good complement and sufficient justification for the fact that it is a tablet bearing a stylus, but their functions are too hidden and use it, or rather squeeze the maximum cost a good bit of trial and error until we we do with all functions. The split screen came at the time as one of the most interesting a priori in the Galaxy Note 10.1. As with other details in the Galaxy Note 10.1 for theory, on paper, sounds pretty good, in practice, the experience loses more integers.
Furthermore, when we are in the window with a button multitasking can reorder them (the left pass right and the left to right) and easily drag content from one to the other, an image S Note the browser, for example.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 also includes some features that we saw in the Galaxy S III for the first time how to make a pop-up video to give you the size you want and leave it in second place on the screen, not working as smooth as S III in the Galaxy but since then thanks and complements more flexible in the sense of multitasking to the split screen. The function of the battery is probably one of the Achilles’ heel of any device but in the case of the Galaxy Note further. I have focused little in the way of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to make a long Review but if we play over issues such as the number of applications for Google tablets Play, performance and usability of touch again put negative points to Samsung . Many developments in the field of the tablets are to come from the hand of Samsung not doubt me, and before that a failure would rather focus on the Galaxy Note 10.1 and a history of many things to come.
Les onglets de S Note permettent de parcourir les notes de maniA?re plus productive et efficace. But I just read that the VR Gear and the edge phone will at least initially only be offered through Sprint.
A more powerful battery with a super fast charging system and the Note 4 Virtual Reality Feature, the new Samsung Gear VR.
For the most part these phone choices usually are a matter of preference unless you are an uberGeek who will fight over this in some dick measuring contest.
Samsung teaming up with Oculus (the company that Facebook Mark Zuckerberg spent $2 billion to buy after experiencing their headset) and being able to turn a Note 4 into a VR gaming device is a game changer.
First completely useless curved phones, not to mention Air Gestures, Dual Camera (the feature where you can see your disembodied head over your photo), Smart Scroll, and not they have edge displays. Its not like Samsung used a deceiving gimmick of adding a 64bit processor with only 1Gb of Ram which in practice cant improve or speed up a device.
It would be interesting to see this with a docking station to turn it into a desktop computer. The Galaxy S III and the Note II are both cut from the same cloth, but one is XL while the other is XXL.
It's hard not to look at the Note II as an oversized Galaxy S III, but a few minutes with the S Pen might convince you otherwise. On the other hand, 4.8" is plenty for a phone and the S III is a root away from the extra clock speed if you're a power-obsessed geek.
We're about to delve into the details, but if we had 10 seconds to summarize the differences between the S III and Note II, here's what we'd tell you.
While mobile devices are typically good at content consumption but not creation, Samsung is trying to break that barrier with the S Pen.
Still, the Galaxy S III is lighter on the pocket (in both the physical and monetary sense) and is pretty much the same device in terms of software and hardware (sans the S Pen). Here's the roadmap for this comparison - we start off with the hardware, including the screen and battery life, then we move on to software and benchmarks, compare the cameras and finish off with the audio quality.
Try also to reset your app preferences if you think that it is caused by faulty configuration.
If the problem does not occur under this mode, then there might be a third-party app causing the trouble.
Crowds the world over flocked to the dance floor to try out their latest moves to the great man’s tumultuous rhythms.
La connexion de votre appareil mobile A  votre ordinateur est on ne peut plus simple et rapideA !

Le nouveau S Note mis A  jour est compatible avec YouTube et Voice Memo, afin de profiter encore plus facilement des contenus interactifs. As expected, Samsung has announced the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, Gear S, and Gear VR. Leaks suggest that the Edge will be like the Note 4, but with a curved display along its left and right bezels (see render below). The design of both Note 4 and Note Edge is amazing and the new features of the S Pen sound promising (enhanced pressure sensibility, the possibility to choose the writing style).
They mentioned the Gear S but I would need to purchase sim service to use the features they explained which mean a different number. It's the Android experience and it must be the perfect fit - so another close-up look at both may be well worth it. The bigger screen (with a new Super AMOLED matrix to boot) and overclocked chipset are pretty sweet too.
Be warned though that the latter will reset all the default actions that you have set for your apps.
You can choose from predefined templates or a simple blank note to share your thoughts with friends and others.
When you launch the application for the first time, you will find Learn about S Note screen and you will tap OK and mark Do not show again. All of which can be heard on their 1967 album Forever Changes, an album provably better than the collected works of Papa Roach, I assure you. They didn’t go into any real features besides the Note 4 and gave no specs at all on the Note Edge. And mind you, this isn't about which one is better - the phone or the phablet - it's about which one looks good on you.
Customers want to know prices and release dates and they gave none (besides the Note 4 in October).
Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC.
Samsung will almost certainly unveil the Galaxy Note 4, which the company hopes will put it in good stead against the upcoming large-screen iPhone 6.
All of its cool features are now easier to use — and there are some new cool features, too! The Unpacked event will probably be used to talk more about the Gear S smartwatch, and potentially two other new exciting products: The Galaxy Note Edge and the Gear VR. Apparently it will hook into your smartphone via USB, allowing you to watch films and TV shows on the (virtual) silver screen. There appears to be a quad-core Snapdragon 805 SoC inside, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Some markets will get an octa-core (Exynos 5?) SoC instead.The Galaxy Note Edge is essentially the same as the Note 4 (same AMOLED screen, same quad-core SoC), but with an additional 160 pixels down the curved right-hand bezel.

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