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What if there’s a simple dietary answer to preventing diabetes—even if you’re already pre-diabetic?
As you’re about to find out, there are indeed simple solutions for managing or even outright preventing diabetes. Although the mechanisms that cause diabetes at the cellular level are complex, the dietary solutions to avoid diabetes are not as complicated as you might think.
Although many people turn to medication and insulin to manage their diabetes, you may not have to resort to these options if you know how to address the fundamental underlying causes of diabetes in the first place.
First, your prevention requires an understanding of the relationship between blood sugar and insulin.
The amount of sugar in your blood needs to be precisely tuned in order to avoid going too high or too low—either situation is dangerous for your body. Glucagon increases blood sugar by helping your body release stored glucose into the bloodstream.
Insulin decreases blood sugar by helping the sugar to be stored as body fat, removing it from the bloodstream.
In healthy people, these two hormones dance a careful waltz to ensure that your blood sugar stays within healthy ranges. For people who are pre-diabetic or suffer from Type-2 diabetes, the insulin gets out of whack. When your blood sugar levels are high on a consistent basis, your body responds by consistently raising insulin. Normally, this would not be a problem—except that the frequent exposure to insulin begins to wear on your cells. This is when your pancreas is forced to create more and more insulin until you’ve got a full-on metabolic disorder: diabetes. If you suffer from diabetes, you’re already intimately familiar with the Glycemic Index and what it means for your blood sugar. Let’s take a look at some strategies for treating diabetes while keeping principles like the Glycemic Index in mind. Insulin injections and medication. Of course, you generally don’t take the medicinal route if you’re only pre-diabetic. Dietary prevention. An emphasis on dietary prevention of high blood sugar is essential for both pre-diabetics and those who already suffer from Type II diabetes.
Whether or not you take medication to help manage your blood sugar, you stand to benefit from understanding the dietary restrictions that can help aid you in your quest to keep your blood sugar in check. Because diabetes is fundamentally a metabolic problem with blood sugar and insulin, the strategies to prevent and reverse it should focus on the causes of these metabolic problems. Reduced carbohydrate. Carbohydrates—whether you’re talking about table sugar or the starch in potatoes—are fundamentally constructed from the building blocks of sugar. Reduce high-glycemic index foods. Not all carbohydrates raise your blood sugar to the same degree, which is why you can switch to high-fiber, low-glycemic index foods if you’re going to eat anything on the Glycemic Index.
Generally, you can do a lot to fight off diabetes simply by focusing on the two strategies listed above.
Eating good fats. Fat has no impact on your blood sugar, which makes it a vitally important source of energy for diabetics.
If you’re proactive enough, there are plenty of natural ways—ways that don’t include medication—that allow you to manage your blood sugar and keep your insulin levels in check. Paula Deen: the celebrity chef famous for using high-calorie ingredients with reckless abandon discovered that she had developed Type 2 Diabetes. Drew Carey: The famous game show host and comedian dropped a lot of weight since his heaviest days, and reports are that he did it with a low-carb diet. Randy Jackson: Although his interventions were drastic—including everything from diet to exercise to gastric bypass surgery—Randy Jackson got serious about his diabetes and even wrote about getting rid of sugar in the diet in order to prevent all sorts of complications from diabetes. Those celebrities were not always “skinny”—they were real people with real problems with their blood sugar. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Diabetes has now become a full-blown epidemic in India with as many as 6.66 crore people suffering from its one or more co-morbid conditions.
Type I DM - diagnosed due to the lack of production of insulin in the bodyType 2 DM – diagnosed due to the resistance of your body cells to respond to insulin.

The treatment approach devised by Dr.G Sharma would wean you off your drug dependency as devised, developed and practiced by him.
After you become successful lowering your sugar levels to a certain extent, it would eventually help you to restrict the dosage of the already prescribed drugs and further tend to stop the dependency of such drugs in the future as well.
Diabetes is a chronic condition that manifests as the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin or the inability of the body to use that insulin. Insulin regulates carbohydrates and fat in the body and helps the body cells absorb glucose.
There are two types of diabetes: Diabetes type I (juvenile diabetes) and diabetes type II (adult onset diabetes).
Type II diabetes also has a hereditary component to it, but if a person leads a normal lifestyle (rather healthy eating habits, enough exercise and no excess weight), there are very slim chances of developing diabetes. Type I diabetes is more common in younger people, while type II usually affects people over 40 years of age. Excess weight, no physical activity, bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle are the main reasons for such a rapid epidemic. Diabetes can be managed with proper diet, exercising, regular monitoring and education and yes you can reverse diabetes.
Exogenous cholesterol - this means eating food that has cholesterol in it such as eating fatty foods, especially animal fats. People who do not suffer from herpes don't realize what a terrible thing this really is. It is full time now for us to know who really changed God's day of worship to Sunday Sacredness . And what if there’s a simple dietary solution to reverse your reliance on diabetes medications if you suffer from Type 2 Diabetes? In fact, throughout this article, you’ll discover that managing diabetes comes down to the management of insulin and, by extension, blood sugar—and you’ll find that these conclusions are backed by modern peer-reviewed science as well.
At the end of the article, we’ll even look at some prominent people who have checked their own diabetes through the methods we’ve discussed here.
To ensure that your blood sugar is in balance no matter what you eat, your body produces two key hormones and substances: insulin and glucagon. To put it simply, your body starts to grow “bored” with the regular amounts of insulin and requires more and more of it to affect the same changes to blood sugar. Now your body is incapable of regulating its own blood sugar and requires medication instead.
You’ll find that simple, sugary foods (and even many starches) tend to raise your blood sugar a lot, and whole, natural, fibrous foods (even when packed with sugar) tend to raise your blood sugar less.
But many people with diabetes have such a problem with regulating their blood sugar that they require additional medicinal assistance. Whether you eat cookies or bread, the carbohydrates in your diet ultimately end up as sugar in the blood. While these foods will still have an impact on your blood sugar, they won’t have nearly the insulin-stimulating effects that high “GI” foods will.
Fat from clean, whole sources like fish and pasture-raised animals can do a lot to keep your blood sugar stable while giving you the nutrition you need. If you do already suffer from Type II Diabetes, you’ll want to monitor your blood sugar throughout. This is not only important for people with Diabetes, but for those who want to ensure that they never develop diabetes, either. There are actually plenty of real-world examples of some pretty prominent people doing exactly that, or at least making a lot of headway by changing their diet. Rather than ditch all of her favorite foods, however, she realized that she only needed to cut her carbs.
What’s more, Drew Carey was also able to get himself off of his diabetes medications in the process, which means that losing weight and managing your blood sugar can (and should) go hand-in-hand.
If they can treat, prevent, and even reverse their diabetes, then that means the same options may be available to you. The disorder was until recently known to be a pancreatic disorder (associated mostly with elderly aged people) but now, has emerged in one of its most devastating forms as type-2 diabetes. This generally happens either due to the lack of production of insulin (DM type I) or inability of body cells to respond to insulin (DM type 2) resulting an abnormally high blood sugar levels.

It plays an active role to regulate both carbohydrate and fat metabolism and thus helps to remove excess glucose from the blood. In the diabetes reversal, you just need to add our supplements (DIABETALL, DAIABETPLUS, SWEET JOY) to your already prescribed dosage of drugs. You would then continue to rely on our supplements that are completely natural and free from any side effects. If the situation improves further, you may even discontinue our supplements and can lead a healthy and normal life. It removes excess glucose from the blood – if there’s too much glucose in the blood, it becomes toxic. The main difference between these two types is the fact that people suffering from type I diabetes, don’t produce insulin at all, while people suffering from type II produce it, but their bodies ignore it.
The immune system, which protects the body from various bacterial and viral infections, starts treating the insulin producing cells as a threat and destroys them, so there is none of them left to produce insulin.
Type II diabetes is most common in people who are overweight, eat way too many carbohydrates and have very little or no exercise at all.
It can  be managed abn controlled with medication either pills or insulin and by changing your lifestyle. Please feel free to CONTACT US 24×7 and do not forget to JOIN OUR COMMUNITY and to get your FREE gifts! In fact, anyone who wants to be sure that their overall health is good will want to understand the Glycemic Index and why it’s so important.
What’s more, a study found that adding fat to some carbohydrates can reduce their blood sugar effect. For those who are pre-diabetic, exercise should be considered a key strategy for reducing blood sugar and therefore insulin. According to Deen, she cut her carbs to about a spoonful per meal—and, as People Magazine reported—she was able to drop 30 pounds even while dealing with diabetes. Talk to your doctor about the strategies you can use to get off of your diabetes medications. Doing this would enable your blood sugar levels go down along with some dietary changes and recommended exercises.
Diabetes may lead to quite a number of complications, even life threatening ones, if left untreated.
On top of that, the cells have no way to acquire energy and as they are starving, they start breaking down fat cells; ketones are released in the process, acidity levels increase and they may quickly become lethal. As their diet is rich in carbohdrates, the body produces insulin constantly, and after a while, the body gets so used to it that it starts ignoring it altogether. People, often times diabetics as well, aren’t aware of all the complications that might affect them should they leave their condition untreated or poorly treated. Our mission is provide easy tools for our vendors and allow customers to discover great new products. Or, if you’re pre-diabetic, take action now to ensure that you never have to worry about developing the disease yourself.
The sad part about the disorder is that it can strike without warning and can give rise to numerous other disorders that may even affect the vital organs of the body. Some of them include heart and blood vessel damage, nerve damage, kidney damage and blindness.
This is exactly why you should check your blood sugar levels regularly, especially if you are overweight.
Worldwide, there are more than 382 million diabetics and estimates say that there will be more than half a billion by 2035!
We are a growing community of individuals who share the same interest: educating about diabetes and making everyone aware that such a condition should never be treated lightly.

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