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Diabetes is a chronic condition that manifests as the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin or the inability of the body to use that insulin. Insulin regulates carbohydrates and fat in the body and helps the body cells absorb glucose. There are two types of diabetes: Diabetes type I (juvenile diabetes) and diabetes type II (adult onset diabetes). Type II diabetes also has a hereditary component to it, but if a person leads a normal lifestyle (rather healthy eating habits, enough exercise and no excess weight), there are very slim chances of developing diabetes.
Type I diabetes is more common in younger people, while type II usually affects people over 40 years of age. Excess weight, no physical activity, bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle are the main reasons for such a rapid epidemic. Diabetes can be managed with proper diet, exercising, regular monitoring and education and yes you can reverse diabetes. Diabetes has traditionally been considered a progressive, incurable condition wherein the best-case scenario after diagnosis is tight blood sugar control in the hopes of decreasing the risk of secondary complications. More recent studies show In the December 19, 2012 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, The Look AHEAD study reported an association of an intensive lifestyle intervention and the potential reversal of type 2 diabetes.
For more information on the healthy for life program and the Optimals, please contact us.  We will be happy to work with you and coach you on the Healthy for Life Program. Early signs serve as warnings and if you can take the correct actions at that point of time, you can prevent yourself from getting diabetes or progressing to a more serious stage of diabetes. Here are some checklists on the possible symptoms where you can identify if you are at risk.
The more you say a€?yesa€? to the above symptoms, the more you are at risk of getting diabetes.
Get instant access to 5 Exclusive Health Reports when you subscribe to our regular Natural Remedies Newsletter. The information in this site is intended for educational purpose and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis or recommended treatments. Type-2 diabetes is usually caused by a few factors such as an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise, which in turn can lead to a slow metabolism and poor sleeping patterns. However, type-2 diabetes does not have to be a life-long ailment; but only if you are willing to put some effort in. The type of diet which ends up giving somebody diabetes is usually jam-packed with things like refined carbohydrates, sugars and unhealthy starches.
The problem with this kind of food is that it causes the blood sugar levels to spike, requiring the pancreases to release more insulin. When your diet consists mainly of these bad food choices, it can also lead to a poor metabolism.

This may in turn lead to you feeling tired and unenergetic during the day, which will cause your body to crave more refined carbohydrates or sugars for a quick pick-me-up. Repeating this vicious cycle can start affecting your sleeping patterns, making you feel groggy and grouchy whilst you should be up and operating. In order to battle the effects of type-2 diabetes and insulin resistance, follow the Manna Diet as given in the free e-book, and start with an exercise program that includes cardio and weight training.
You landed here; which shows your interest in signs of diabetes, symptoms of diabetes and blood sugar.
GOOD NEWS here is that it seems that you are trying to detect the problem at earlier stage. Even if a single person visiting this site is able to detect signs of diabetes and go for the early treatment I will feel the purpose of this site has been fulfilled. It is not uncommon to experience no signs of diabetes mellitus but still suffer from this chronic disease.
Flu like symptoms: Sometimes it feels that diabetes is a viral disease as it causes loss of appetite, fatigue and weakness. Blurriness in Vision: High blood sugar level extracts fluids from the cells of the tissue including the eye lens.
Recurrent Infection and Slow Healing Wounds: Diabetes seriously affects the ability to heal and fight against infection. Swollen, Red and Tender Gums: Diabetes mellitus increase the infection risk in bones and gums of the teeth. It removes excess glucose from the blood – if there’s too much glucose in the blood, it becomes toxic. The main difference between these two types is the fact that people suffering from type I diabetes, don’t produce insulin at all, while people suffering from type II produce it, but their bodies ignore it.
The immune system, which protects the body from various bacterial and viral infections, starts treating the insulin producing cells as a threat and destroys them, so there is none of them left to produce insulin. Type II diabetes is most common in people who are overweight, eat way too many carbohydrates and have very little or no exercise at all. It can  be managed abn controlled with medication either pills or insulin and by changing your lifestyle.
Please feel free to CONTACT US 24×7 and do not forget to JOIN OUR COMMUNITY and to get your FREE gifts! Even individuals who have a strong history in their family of diabetes believe it is inevitable that they are going to become diabetic at some time.
Strand has had great success in helping his patients with pre-Diabetes, or even those who have been diagnosed with Type II diabetes, improve their condition by following his Healthy for Life program. Strand recommends and uses the ARIIX Optimals with his diabetic patients.  He is one of the chief formulators of this product, and has designed them to include the necessary vitamins and minerals that work synergistically with one another, and at the highest potency.

When the pancreas constantly needs to pump out copious amounts of insulin, the insulin becomes ineffective in controlling the blood sugar levels. Since you are not eating the right food, your body is not getting the nutrients it needs to run smoothly. It has been scientifically proven that Manna Blood Sugar Support slows down the absorption of glucose from the food you eat to the blood stream up to 43%. The problem could be either with you or your loved one.  I’m glad that you have tried to listen to your body which is giving earliest diabetic symptoms to inform you that something is going wrong. The early detection and right treatment is the key to delay, prevent or in some cases even reverse the diabetes. Diabetes may lead to quite a number of complications, even life threatening ones, if left untreated. On top of that, the cells have no way to acquire energy and as they are starving, they start breaking down fat cells; ketones are released in the process, acidity levels increase and they may quickly become lethal.
As their diet is rich in carbohdrates, the body produces insulin constantly, and after a while, the body gets so used to it that it starts ignoring it altogether.
People, often times diabetics as well, aren’t aware of all the complications that might affect them should they leave their condition untreated or poorly treated. When you do not exercise, your body cannot burn the excess calories that you ingest through a poor diet, which means that the effect of it on your body will just worsen. Most people have unnoticed signs of diabetes for as long as 7 years but their diabetes goes undetected.
Some of them include heart and blood vessel damage, nerve damage, kidney damage and blindness. This is exactly why you should check your blood sugar levels regularly, especially if you are overweight.
Worldwide, there are more than 382 million diabetics and estimates say that there will be more than half a billion by 2035! This is specifically true if you have ever suffered from gum infection even before the symptoms of diabetes. We are a growing community of individuals who share the same interest: educating about diabetes and making everyone aware that such a condition should never be treated lightly.

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