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As I looked at the shower stall cleaner this morning, still sitting next to the shower, I had a moment of thought about my brain. The other benefit of doing all of the suspension and braking modifications while on your Ps is that most young people with a turbo car only care about power and build a death trap.
Now,  your money situation will determine which model you buy, but obviously the later the better.
So basically, you spend three years modifying the suspension, brakes, drivetrain, wheels and tyres and then when your off you Ps, drop a turbo motor in and have the complete package.
The same theory can be applied to the Subaru Impreza as well, although it gets more complicated. If your an avid Skyline fan, and money isn’t an issue, you could always buy a GT-R and drop in a NA engine for a while. First step would be to buy S14 front lower control arms, knuckles, hubs,brakes, swayabr and struts out of a wreck.
While at the wrecker I would also  grab some S14 or S15 wheels, which are wider and bigger than S13 and will give a factory but more modern look, and I’d also pick up a R200 LSD diff out of a turbo version. Last thing would be spending the money on some decent brake pads such as Nismo or Project Mu. Some other budget mods would be some steering arm spacers for more lock ( $20)  and some castor rods would be a handy upgrade right about now too if you serious about track work.
This combo as a budget build would handle great, stop great and be nice and reliable and a great car to learn how to drive in. Use the form below to delete this Printable Bubble Letters EInquisitive Biblical Studies Blog image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Name Flat550x550075fjpg Resolution 550 X Pixel image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Letter In Superman Style T Shirts & Hoodies By Stock Image Folio image from our index.
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I work from home and it is easy to feel like if you are at your desk, that surely, SOMETHING must be getting accomplished.
Two questions I’ve been getting asked a lot lately are from P-platers wanting to know what car they should buy or how they should modify it.

Well, as with most things, it comes down to money really, but I have a theory that will work on a few different models of car.
Skylines and Silvias are know for the interchangability, but with the Subaru its a bit different. Choose between buying a NA and turbo it later and have 4-stud, small brakes etc or start with a turbo and drop in a NA motor. But before it goes in, I’d open it up and shim it, making it tighter and work more like an aftermarket mechanical LSD for a lot less money. Some days I accomplish quite a bit but other days can easily slip away from me if I’m not careful.
If you spend 3 years upgrading the suspension, drivetrain, wheels and tyres and brakes and attending track days, you will come out the other end much better off.
You could buy a turbo version of any Silvia and put an NA motor in it, or, buy a NA version and turbo it later. There are a few more differences between them such as seats, drivetrain, brakes and in some models the chassis is stiffer. It would have to be SR20 and manual as the gearbox is the same in turbo and non turbo, so wouldn’t need to buy one later, and doing a manual conversion to an auto is a pain. Or just less driven to be the neatnik?  There are more thoughts and competing needs floating around in my brain than there used to be, that’s a fact. There is no easy way, but in my pursuit of pleasure I am usually happiest at the end of day that was balanced and productive ?? Good luck! To avoid the wasted money on a slow car being only marginally less slow and adult thinking. That way you can freshen up the RB25 engine and you already have 5-stud, reasonable brakes, R200 diff, RB25 gearbox in the car.
You can buy aftermarket 5-stud hubs that do, but the added benefit is that S14 lower control arms are 20mm longer, giving better track and more castor  (on the same castor rods). But then I realised that half the fun is the modifying itself and teenagers are going to buy a car and play with it no matter how blue in the face an adult goes trying to tell them otherwise. Good lap times without power require precision lines, later braking and no stuff ups that you can simply power your way back out of. The tiny power increase might make a wannabe drag racer feel better, but at the track, it will mean very little. If your into DIY and having fun, I would either start with the oldest GC Impreza possible( 94 ) and buy a crashed or rally only MY00 STi.

But if you start with an R32, then get an  NA GTS as the RB20 engine and box will get ditched when you go turbo anyway. On the back I would also replace the factory shocks with some new ones when installing lowered springs as the factory ones WILL fail and leak with matched up with lowered springs. With three blogs and a variety of clients on differing time schedules I have more mental juggling to do.
This combined with the fact when i got my WA license in 1998 I was able to buy an MX-6 turbo as my first car, has meant I’ve never given a P-plate modifying solution a thought. If you buy the turbo version you will get 5-stud hubs and larger brakes, but, you will have to buy an NA motor. Stick with the NA RB20 ( less power but oh well ) and do the diff, brakes, suspension and put in an RB25 gearbox. My theory is to buy an NA version of a performance car that is available in turbo form or, buy the turbo version and drop an NA version in the car while you build the turbo motor.
From MY01 onwards, I would buy a WRX and put a NA engine in it as the differences are too great between NA and turbo.
Doing this will enable you to buy all of the suspension, drivetrain, wheel, tyre and braking modifications ( and aero and cosmetic ) for the car that you would buy if it was turbo anyway, and then focus on learning to drive, getting seat time and saving money for you turbo engine.
You could still fit some engine accessories such as oil cooler and radiator, but my advice is dont even bother with power modifactions.
The NA version will be cheaper to begin with and get you started straight away, but cost more later. You can also upgrade the brakes beyond what the turbo version has anyway and nothing wrong with some new hubs on an old car.
You would be better off driving your NA Impreza around with just wheels and coilovers, then selling the car and putting the parts into a WRX.
I have personally watched ( and laughed ) while someone convinced he could make NA power, put together a SR20 with a 2.2-liter stroker, quad throttle bodies, solid lifters and all the fruit and make a measily 175wkW. On the flip side, you can build the turbo engine on the side while you drive you car around and a NA engine is a lot cheaper to buy than the turbo engine you would need to buy later if you went NA. I’d rather a car with 15K spent on the suspension, brakes, drivetrain, wheels and tyres and a 5K turbo engine combo any day of the week over that!

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