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This is a puzzling dermatological condition that have at least two other names beside this common name.
The exact cause for nummular eczema is not known but it seems that there is a link between dry skin and nummular eczema.
Nummular eczema is generally diagnosed by the simple observation of the physical appearance of your skin. There is no set treatment for nummular eczema so any treatments that are used are to treat the symptoms.
Using topical or oral medication may also help to reduce the discomfort caused by nummular eczema.
In some cases patients that are complaining of itchy skin may be given antihistamines that are taken by mouth can give some relief from the itchiness. For acute cases corticosteroids such as prednisone may be given through injection or orally for seven to fourteen days until the symptoms are under control.
It may also be recommended that to help reduce the scales and dryness and help heal the spots you may be given moist bandages, soaps, and skin lotions. It is also recommended that you avoid any irritants that you know cause breakouts of nummular eczema like clothes that are not comfortable against your skin, taking hot showers too often, using soaps that dry out your skin, etc. Please note that we are unable to respond back directly to your questions or provide medical advice. Everything the serious pedicurist needs to increase her pedicure business and improve her techniques. This is where Medi meets Pedi – where science and technology meet healthy, happy, and well-cared for feet. Footlogix Pediceuticals uses a new science called Dermal Integration Technology to improve the effectiveness of its foot care products so they can penetrate quickly into the skin to rejuvenate, repair, and moisturize.

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Men between the ages of fifty-five and sixty-five are more likely to be affected by this condition but anyone can get this medical condition.
In nummular eczema the lesions that are associated with this condition will often involve a ring formation that has a clear center causing it to sometimes being misdiagnosed as ringworm, which is a fungal infection.
One person may suffer from only one or two lesions for just a few weeks but others may have multiple lesions that can last for years. They are observed as itchy patches that are well defined and can be very large or small in diameter with sizes ranging from two to ten centimeters.
There have been also been different suggestions as to what could be causing this medical conditions. Your physician may prescribe penicillin antibiotics as part of the treatment if there are signs of infection in the blisters that are fluid filled. If you are suffering from hypersensitive immunity, using antihistamines can help to control the immune responses. The physician may follow this treatment with topical lotions and creams to keep the condition under control. Footlogix is technical enough to use in a medi-spa, yet gentle enough for even the most sensitive spa client. Use two to three pumps of Footlogix Massage Formula to massage feet and legs for five to seven minutes. Formulated with Aloe and Lanolin, it soaks into your skin and provides a protective barrier against effects of weather and hot and cold.

When a woman has nummular eczema it usually happens between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five.
Nummular eczema will usually affect the lower legs but can also involve your arms, hands, and torso. These suggestions, or causative factors, may singly or in some combination forms cause this medical condition. To rule out the presence of other similar skin disorders the physician may have a skin biopsy taken.
When applying moisturizers make sure that it is a thick kind and apply it over your dry, scaly patches to help moisten the areas along with providing relief from the itchiness. This will tell you if your client has any medical conditions or allergies and will help you understand your client’s foot care needs. Apply polish, and while it is drying go over the recommended foot care products the client should use for home care. Also used by diabetics to provide relief from dry cracked skin on legs feet and heels, it is an excellent moisturizer. It is rare to see this medical condition in children but if it is seen in children it could be that there was a change in lotions, soaps, or detergent or taking a new medication.
The soak hydrates feet and softens calluses, making cuticle work and callus removal easier.
There are times that they ooze and become crusty in appearance and then turn into brown macules.

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