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In contrast to mean values, the variability in SBP and DBP between visits was associated with cognitive and verbal decline. In a systematic review and meta-analysis of 17 studies, the short-term and long-term exposure to air pollutants was significantly associated with increased risk for hypertension.
Morning home BP measurements were strong predictors of both CAD risk and stroke in HONEST study.
ACC 2016 HOPE-3 study shows that statins may significantly reduce adverse cardiovascular events in people with average cholesterol and blood pressure (BP) levels who are considered to be at intermediate risk for cardiovascular disease, while the use of BP-lowering medications may be beneficial only in hypertensive patients.
A large meta-analysis shows that dietary interventions lead to clinically significant net BP reductions, but effects vary between types of diet, and within different patient subgroups. A large systematic review and meta-analysis shows that antihypertensive treatment provides no benefit and increases the risk of CV death in patients with DM and SBP < 140 mm Hg. In patients with a history of stroke or TIA, the SBP target of <130 mmHg rather than 140 mmHg yielded only a small additional reduction in BP. The beneficial effect of BP-lowering on various CV outcomes, also in individuals with lower baseline systolic BP, was broadly similar among populations with different comorbidities.
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The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) said that Forxiga, or dapagliflozin, was a cost-effective option for type 2 diabetes when used in combination with the older medicine metformin, Reuters reported. Written by INPUT, Diabetes UK and JDRF, and checked for accuracy by NICE, these type 1 technology guides provide a summary of NICE’s recommendations on diabetes technology, the strength of the recommendation within the guidance, and how to access different technologies. Pfizer’s Bosulif (bosutinib) has become the first drug to survive a reassessment in England, after NICE said in final draft guidance that it is cost-effective in chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML).
This is the first drug from the old Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF), which closed to new medicines earlier this year, to be reassessed by NICE and accepted for regular funding on the National Health Service. The old CDF paid for some oncology drugs rejected by NICE on cost-effectiveness grounds but was massively overspent.
NICE was swayed by a further confidential discount from Pfizer, in addition to one offered previously. Bosutinib is an oral, once-daily, tyrosine kinase inhibitor, which limits cancer cell growth by inhibiting the Abl and Src signalling pathways. Carole Longson, director of NICE’s Centre for Health Technology Evaluation, praised Pfizer for “positively engaging” with its reconsideration process. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Bryan Williams, an expert in the management of hypertension, discusses the updated NICE guidelines on the management of hypertension. Clinic SBP and evening SBP may underestimate risk, as well as diastolic BP in either setting. Salim Yusuf discusses the results of the HOPE-3 study, which indicates that statins are effective in all patients with intermediate CVD risk, whereas blood pressure lowering is only effective in hypertensive patients. Once guidance is finalised, the NHS should pay for the drug when used in chronic accelerated and blast phase Philadelphia chromosome positive CML in adults, when they have previously had one or more tyrosine kinase inhibitors and for whom other tyrosine kinase inhibitors are not appropriate.
Some 66 per cent of men and 57 per cent of women were overweight or obese.Today's report, called Shedding The Pounds and carried out by the Office of Health Economics, included data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

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