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At the time of this article it is Dystonia Awareness Week (May 3rd through May 11th 2014) and we are trying to spread awareness primarily through the educational and awareness outreach video we created and can be viewed below.
This article is not intended to go into depth but to provide the basics of dystonia and perhaps pave the path for future articles. Dystonia is a neurological disorder or condition where the brain improperly communicates to the muscles of the body.
Use this profile badge on your social media accounts to help spread awareness for dystonia!

In fact, my good friend and sufferer of dystonia Stasha Haynes may be guest blogging here on Doctor Scott in the future. She believes in the power of nutrition, natural healing and spirituality to heal and maintain her body from the ravages of dystonia. Scott McLeod, PharmD is an independent researcher, health advocate and author living in Santa Barbara, CA. Its been a life-long goal of his to reach out and positively impact as many people as possible. For more information about Scott and Doctor Scott Health please visit the 'About' section, here.

A platform where a modern medicine background with a holistic health leaning could provide a balanced source of health education and strategies.

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