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Numbness is one of the early symptoms of diabetic neuropathy and it worsens to weakness when the condition is unchecked.
In worst cases, these complications can worsen to loss of reflex, foot sores and amputation. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is the prerequisite of keeping diabetic neuropathy at bay. Regular physical activity not only maintains your body weight but also improves health of the heart and flow of blood. Diabetics are also highly prone to amputation caused by infection in blisters and sores on feet.
Diabetics should wash their feet daily and pat dry them as rubbing harshly on the skin can leave abrasions and cause infection. Some of the commonly used supplements to reduce symptoms of diabetic neuropathy and pain associated with it are alpha-lipolic acid and acetyl-L-cartinine.
Diabetes is an extremely dangerous health disorder from which many people suffer these days.
Effective Home Remedies For Diabetes Aloe Vera Gel Fresh Aloe Vera gel is considered as a very beneficial home remedy for diabetes.
Bitter Gourd Juice Bitter gourd juice is a very effective natural home remedy for diabetes as it controls and cures diabetes due to its blood glucose lowering effects.
Remove the seeds of about 2 – 3 bitter gourds and extract the fresh juice with the help of a juicer. Have this freshly crushed raw garlic every day for about a month to get the desired results. Fenugreek Fenugreek is a beneficial herb which acts as an excellent home remedy for diabetes. Lady’s Finger Lady’s finger is considered as another excellent home remedy for diabetes. Mango Leaves The fresh and tender mango leaves are considered as an excellent home remedy for diabetes.  It treats the diabetes by regulating insulin levels in the blood. Basil Basil is a medicinal plant which is used since the ancient times to treat various kinds of diseases.

Drink this freshly extracted basil juice at least twice a day regularly to get the best results. If you are suffering from diabetes then do not panic or worry just start following these effective home remedies for diabetes regularly and treat the disease completely so that you can lead a healthy, normal and active life. Aloe Vera provides relief from itching, scars and all.But it also provides immense relief to people affected by Psoriasis and many such skin disorders. Health benefits of Aloe Vera also includes curing any stomach related problems like diarrhea, ulcers, constipation, gastric problems etc.
Aloe Vera has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties which can cure almost all kinds of insect bites, rashes, wounds etc.It also destroys certain kind of unnecessary bacteria and parasites from intestine.
Aloe Vera also strengthens the immune system and keeps most diseases away.It has detoxifying properties which cleans up the blood and overall system leading to a healthy body.
Health benefits of Aloe Vera also includes keeping you safe and away from allergies.It relieves you from almost all sorts of allergic reactions which occurs due to anything ranging from dust, pollen, chemicals, any kind of foods etc.
Few other health benefits of Aloe Vera are halting tumorous growth, lowering blood pressure, preventing infections etc.So let us never forget the magic of this golden herb and put our knowledge to some effective use. Patients with diabetic neuropathy also lose reflexes and hence cannot feel hotness or coldness and even pain.
There are a number of home remedies that help in relieving the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. Diabetes when accompanied with high blood pressure poses greater risk to the person as both the conditions have a damaging effect on the blood vessels and blood flow. Swimming or bicycling is recommended for patients with severe diabetic neuropathy that leads to loss of sensation in their legs. After carefully washing the feet, some moisturizer should be applied on them to prevent further cracks. The disease can affect various organs of the body as well as lead to other serious ailments. Natural home remedies for diabetes are always better and safer in this regard as it treats the disease successfully without causing any damage to the vital organs of the body. This has an amazing effect on diabetic patients as it to controls the blood sugar levels to a considerable extent.

It maintains the glucose metabolism of the body and keeps the blood sugar levels under control. If you follow this home remedy regularly for a couple of months then you would be able to control diabetes to a great extent. This raw garlic acts like a medicine to reduce the high blood sugar levels and treats diabetes completely. Fenugreek improves glucose tolerance, controls diabetes and lowers blood sugar levels to a great extent. Follow this home remedy regularly without fail for about 2 – 3 months to treat diabetes completely.
Regular consumption of basil juice brings about a significant reduction in the blood sugar levels and cures diabetes completely. Results of such nerve damage are numbness, burning sensation, tingling and pain in the feet. Also, it is advised that the shoes should be properly fitting to avoid rubbing on the skin. The main cause of diabetes is usually lack of adequate insulin production in the body.Some common symptoms of diabetes are sudden weight loss, thirst and hunger, lack of vision, excessive urination and cuts or bruises taking long time to heal. Fig leaves have anti-diabetic properties that help to reduce the blood sugar levels to a great extent.
The herb is also high in fibers as a result it slows down the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars.
You can either drink basil juice or chew the fresh leaves as both acts as excellent home remedies for diabetes. This home remedy for diabetes is a very effective ancient remedy that has brought amazing results to most diabetic patients.

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