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Imagine if planetside met mount and blade,with a pvp on a large scale map with many objective and groupfighting.
This mod adds a full retexture of armor and weapons and also some structure I am mainly working on bugs and structures for now. Summary: Today, Perfect World's the third expansion Rising Tide(Tale of Mermaid in China) has unveiled the latest aircrafts for Humans, Winged Elves and Untamed along with a brand new mount for the first time. Though it is in the form of a sword, with a sharp edge, Frost Blade seems to have higher speed in appearance. Black Wings subvert Winged Elves' nature of taking pleasure in helping others and display a kind of rebellious trend.

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In PW, with server populated by hundreds of players, fight for your own life and build your own legacy. Basically my aim is to develop a mod that allow you to roam a map (of dimension comparable to a pw map) trying to get resources preventing enemies to take their. Shortly, players are going to meet and try those aircrafts and mounts in the Global Trial server of Rising Tide. The powerful, high output motor is enclosed in a water resistant housing and treated with a special paint process, including a galvanized undercoat, and has stainless steel hardware.

Heavy duty blade irons are also featured with extra high blade pitch insuring maximum airflow.
The sum of these fine features is a fan which resists rust for longer brought about by salt, dust and moisture.

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