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The new W217 Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG Coupe is a thing of beauty, combining luxury and power right out of the box. The W217 S Class Coupe hasn’t yet arrived in Australia, but the W222 S-Class sedan has and is priced from $384,530.
German tuner MEC Design has come up with a host of aftermarket items that give the two-door a new personality.
To give the wheels a unique look the centres are finished in matt black and the outer lip in gloss black.

Giving the coupe a new voice is a stainless steel MEC Design exhaust system that comes with the added benefit of a flap that can be opened to disturb the neighbourhood. The staggered fitment allows 305-wide rubber to sit proudly under the the rear guards, up from 285-wide on the standard S 63.
Mercedes’s seven-speed dual-clutch 7G-Tronic automatic has been given the task of sending the colossal amount of power to the rear wheels.
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