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The Savvy™ mobile medication workstation from Omnicell should not be confused with ordinary hospital medication carts.
This fully integrated solution features Omnicell's Anywhere RN™ software application and a wireless, medical-grade mobile workstation. The Anywhere RN software allows nurses to order medications in quieter areas away from interruptions, assisting in preventing medication errors. Savvy provides secure transport of medications from the ADC to the point-of-care, creating a critical layer of accountability and addressing ISMP recommendations for safe transport of medications. Nurses can place all needed patient medications for a medication pass into patient-assigned locking drawers and then move from room to room, instead of returning to the ADC between each patient.
Reduces trips back to the cabinet to record medication waste, which can now be done remotely. Savvy seamlessly integrates the Omnicell ADC, mobile workstation, and bedside point-of-care (BPOC) systems during the medication administration process, to enable a closed-loop process for tracking medication accountability. Savvy is part of the Unity platform of solutions that share a single database, helping to eliminate redundant data entry that can lead to errors. Eliminates the manual process of labeling drawers: patient-specific drawers (up to 12) are automatically assigned via the software.
Features independently locking drawers, which minimizes the risk of administering the wrong medication to a patient.

Omnicell’s unique guiding lights technology helps nurses quickly identify the drawer that has been unlocked, adding speed and convenience to the medication administration process.
Lithium-ion hot-swap battery system (2 batteries) provides up to 18 hours of continuous run time. Battery charging station conveniently charges depleted battery without having to plug the Savvy unit into a power outlet. Nurses can focus on patients without worrying about running out of power at a critical time. The Anesthesia Workstation gives anesthesia providers instant access to medications while ensuring pharmacy of tighter control in the operating room. Interoperability between the Anesthesia Workstation and Safe Label System saves steps for anesthesia providers. In addition to being ranked the #1 Overall Pharmacy Automation Equipment Vendor 2015, Omnicell earned the Category Leader Award for Anesthesia Cabinets.
Offers multiple reporting formats to support regulatory inspections; reports can be automated and emailed.
Two form factors available, Anesthesia Workstation and Anesthesia TT Tabletop, both with a 15" color touch screen. Shares database with Omnicell medication dispensing cabinet system – consistent medication formulary.

The Codonics SLS 500i Safe Label System improves the safety and accuracy of medication management. Interoperability between the Anesthesia Workstation and Safe Label System saves steps for anesthesia providers—critical in high pressure OR environments. Savvy streamlines the medication administration process and provides safe and secure transportation of medications from the automated dispensing cabinet (ADC) to the patient's bedside. Because clinicians can remotely select patient medications quickly and securely, from any location at any time, their transaction time at the ADC is reduced, providing more time for direct patient care. Nurses can use the Savvy mobile medication workstation, which integrates Omnicell's Anywhere RN software, to request, retrieve, and deliver all of their patients' medications for a medication pass with a single trip to the cabinet, without compromising on security. It uses bar code technology to provide visual and audible confirmations and helps eliminate mislabeling errors by providing the anesthesiologist with a full-color, Joint Commission-compliant label.

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