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Lips are the most delicate and soft organ in our body and they have very soft surface layers of skin. Lips are exposed to hot rays of the sun as well as cold wind and dry air and hence subject to dehydration.
Exposure to sunlight, cold weather and dry air are the main cause for the formation of chapped lips. Cheilitis is a condition in which there is painful inflammation on the lips which is more common in diabetic patients and autoimmune disorder patients. These are wounds that occur in your legs and are the major reason that chronic wounds, which is a wound that will not heal in a set of stages in an orderly manner and an amount of time that is predictable the way most normal wounds do, happen in seventy to ninety percent of venous stasis ulcers.
Venous stasis ulcer is usually found in the lower leg on the inner part that is just above your ankle but can occur anywhere on the leg below the knee and can affect one or both legs.
Normally a venous stasis ulcer will present itself as an open sore, which will usually be in an area on the leg that is already a red to brown discoloration which may have been there for a long time. Before the formation of the venous stasis ulcer the skin may have been itchy and flaky, which is known as stasis dermatitis.
The skin around the venous stasis ulcer may appear swollen, shiny, and tight with a tinge of reddish-brown and the skin may appear thin. The pain associated with a venous stasis ulcer will vary and can be a burning or aching sensation along with a fullness or heaviness in the leg. The cause of venous stasis ulcer is a poor function of your venous system which simply means that your legs are not pumping blood back to your heart properly.
Having a history of trauma to your lower leg which some physicians consider the number one source of these type of ulcers. Having an inflammatory disease like lupus, sclerodema, or vasculitis or other rheumatological disease. If a person cannot stand compression over the venous stasis ulcer because of the pain physicians have used in recent years a medication called Pentoxifylline (Trental). They will usually remove the dead tissue in order to better treat the venous stasis ulcer because the dead tissue can harbor bacteria and when the dead tissue is removed it will help to clear up the infection. Ask a Doctor Online Now!Skin tags have a fibrovascular core covered by the same squamous epithelium as the skin epidermis. When seen in pregnancy, other similar skin condition like a melanocytic nevi or hemangioma need to be excluded. Skin tags are small and the exact shape and structure is difficult to see with the naked eye. Growths on the genitals, like the labia (women) and penis (men) should always be examined for the possibility of sexually transmitted infections like HPV (human papillomavirus). Please note that any information or feedback on this website is not intended to replace a consultation with a health care professional and will not constitute a medical diagnosis. Also known as the contact dermatitis, it is the inflammation of the skin caused by direct contact of the skin with the sap of the Oak tree. Need to know information on Boils and Carbuncles- they have been around for hundreds of years and yet people are still not sure about many aspects regarding catching and treating them. They are a form of bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) a form of Golden Staph and can start like a small pimple on your skin. Anyone can suffer from these even healthy people, and it is a fallacy that only dirty people get boils.
A boil will normally have one head of pus, which grows more painful as it fills with pus whereas a carbuncle may have four or five heads where pus will form in each. My husband had a painful carbuncle on his arm which we treated not knowing enough about it at the time.
I hope this article has not upset you and trust that you now know how to avoid having these by learning more information on boils and carbuncles. Vic, Thanks yes I know crazy eh, but it is something that everyone should avoid at all costs as these were very painful, and like I said, my doctor told me that boils are a form of golden staff.
My son has one right now on his cheek next to the mouth, I am taking him to the doctor Monday (tomorrow) for him to probably lance it. Thanks Multiman, Yes I had second thoughts about putting them up but seeing is believing and some people take these for granted as harmless. If they lose moisture from their cells, lips become fragile and develop tiny cracks and splits.

Actinic cheilitis also known as “farmer’s lip” causes chapped lips when the skin is exposed to severe sun damage. These types of ulcers are also known as ulcus crusis, stasis ulcers, leg ulcers, or varicose ulcers.
This is eczema of your skin because of blood that is perfusing through and settling into layers of your skin.
This is known as fibrous tissue which is basically scar tissue that did not promote healing. The medication can help to improve the circulation down to your feet and can help improve the wound environment so that it will heal faster.
If the wound is not infected, removing the dead tissue will help reduce the chances of it becoming infected. Since it has its own blood supply, twisting it or tying the base as is done in certain home removal techniques, can cause the tissue to die.
Therefore it cannot be passed from person to person or spread from one area of the body to another.
A rare occurrence is when skin tags occur with small growths of the hair bulb as is seen in Birt-Hogg-Dube syndrome. It may not be as visible to the naked eye and should ideally be examined by a dermatologist.
The main thing you need to know is that they are contagious and can spread if not treated with care. Most people have heard about that occuring in many hospitals and the dangers involved of this infection. Carbuncles are furnuncles and often take longer to heal than other boils as they may become deeper infections. The worst part was that it started to spread underneath the skin and come up further over, as you can see the redness further over.
But they are not so decided to put them up and leave if it helps to make people more aware of the problems of boils.
To keep the catheter from slipping out, it has a balloon on the end that is inflated with sterile water once the end is inside the bladder.An indwelling urinary catheter is a flexible plastic tube that is inserted through the opening that carries urine from the bladder to outside of the body (urethra), into the bladder, to drain urine.
This may occur because of medical conditions, such as prostate enlargement and incontinence, or after surgery for prostate cancer.
It can be precancerous condition and hence you need to check with your doctor if lips do not heal by self care remedies. This type of ulcer affects approximately five hundred thousand to six hundred thousand people in the United States each year along with the lost of two million work days. When this happens it breaks down the skin and deposits melanin and hemosiderin, which is the blood seeping into your skin and staining your skin because the venous system is unable to pump it up to your heart adequately. Usually the standard treatment involves using compression of the leg that is affected to help minimize swelling because if you do not get rid of the constant swelling you are reducing dramatically having the wound close.
A skin tag is a loose, hanging, skin colored protrusion that is attached to the skin by a small stalk (pedunculated). Apart from pain, the area can become infected and medical intervention is needed immediately. These often form on a hairy part of the skin, like in your nose, the armpit, and the groin although they may appear where the sweat builds up on folds or creases of your skin. This infection can be transferred by the person treating the boil if not enough care is taken to avoid the pus from spreading. The tube is kept in place by a small balloon that is inflated once the tube is securely in the bladder. Treatment costs for venous stasis ulcer is approximately three billion dollars each year in the United States. The types of compression that may be used include using ace bandages or other multilayer compression wraps or compression stockings.
Skin tags are benign growths and therefore not associated with cancer, however, many other types of skin lesions including warts can be related to cancer or are precancerous growths. Therefore it is best not to remove a skin tag in the home environment but rather consult with a dermatologist about removal options. It tends to arise more frequently on the face, neck, trunk and folds of the body (intertriginous areas – where two skin surfaces make contact) like the armpits (axillae), under the breast and groin area.

Being the most common type of inflammation it includes inflammation which results from contact with acids, alkaline materials or chemicals. Avoid contact to yourself from the pus spreading to any cuts or scratches on your skin while treating the boil or carbuncle.
It took a month to heal and I still have red round mark the size of a twenty cent piece on my stomach. It is therefore important to have it checked by a medical professional in order to verify that it is a skin tag and not a more serious type of skin growth.
This has given rise to the belief that a skin tag may be an overgrowth from excessive rubbing of the two skin surfaces (chaffing) but this has not been conclusively established. On the other hand the allergic type is caused by exposure to substance or material you are already allergic to.
Check the area around the urethra for inflammation or signs of infection, such as irritated, swollen, red or tender skin at the insertion site or drainage around the catheter.
Some tags are flat (sessile) and commonly referred to as barnacles, especially if it is dark colored, but these tags need to be monitored closely. Treatment of the dermatitis may be done by use of ointments with washing of infected place with lots of water.
Heightened stress may activate the dormant virus (herpes simplex) to cause cold sores and chapped lips.
Do not use flavored balms which will tempt you to lick your lips often, leading to dehydration. Caring for your catheterIf your health professional has given you specific instructions on caring for your urinary catheter, be sure to follow them. Always wash your hands before and after caring for your catheter.Clean the area around the drainage tube twice each day.
Do not tug or pull on the drainage tube Unless you have been instructed otherwise, you may take a shower wearing your urinary catheter. You may wrap a small piece of gauze around the area where the cather comes out of your body. Most adults should drink between 8 and 10 glasses of water, noncaffeinated beverages, or fruit juice each day. Draining the urine collection bagThe bag that collects urine may be strapped to your thigh. You will need to empty the bag at regular intervals, whenever it is half-full, and at bedtime. Be sure to wash your hands before and after emptying urine from your collection bag.Wash your hands with soap and water. If you are emptying another person's collection bag you may wish to wear disposable gloves. Avoid touching the tubing or drainage cap on the toilet, the collection container, or the floor. If your health professional has instructed you to measure the amount of urine, do so before you have emptied the urine into the toilet. Replace the drainage cap, close the clamp, and refasten the collection tube to the drainage bag. When to call a health professionalIf your health professional has given you instructions about when to notify him or her, be sure to follow those instructions. Call your health professional if:No urine or very little urine is flowing into the collection bag for 4 or more hours.
No urine or very little urine is flowing into the collection bag and you feel like your bladder is full. Your urine has changed color, is very cloudy, looks bloody, or has large blood clots in it.
The insertion site becomes very irritated, swollen, red, or tender, or you have pus draining from the catheter insertion site.

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