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A logo is a symbolic picture or design which provides an idea of what the company or person does. The answer -- YES! Companies that have a poor public image (the public thinks bad about them) will spend millions of dollars to have its logo redesigned. In the 1980s and 1990s Walmart used the happy face as part of their advertisement campaign.
You've opened a business in your community, but still lack a logo and a business card to represent it. Includes business name, student’s name and initial of last name, some arbitrary info is used. Individuals and corporations pay, at times, thousands of dollars, to have a logo which the public will like.

Some logos use the company name, while others show an activity, or the service it provides. Although they didn't invent the smiley-face, they used it to promote their stores and promotions.
It was accused of paying their employees low wages, provided little or no health benefits and partnered with companies that used cheap-labor and child labor in other countries (Nike, Adidas, Apple Computers, Firestone, etc). They abandoned the smiley face, changed the layout of the name (font style) and the star was modified.What do you think?Does the new logo give a different impression of the company?
If you need some inspiration, here are some cool samples:Click on the thumbnails to zoom in. A logo is the first impression a person or company makes, thus professionals are needed to design something unique and attractive.If you had your own company, what would your logo look like?

Eventually, the public will forget the old logo and anything that came with it (bad press) and develop a new idea about the company. The only down side is color business cards cost more to print due to the ink and the type of paper used.

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