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Things have continued to heat up for Norwegian electronic producer Kygo, which is a name most TMN readers should be aware of at this point. Hailing from Bergen, Norway, at only 22-years-old, Kygo, is a musical talent gifted beyond his years. Over the past few months we have seen the young star rise, turning in chart topping tracks, from taking on the likes of Ed Sheeran, M83 and Kyla La Grange. Dive into the article here to find out more about his meteoric ascension to the forefront of music!

This Kygo North American tour plans on going through a multitude of cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, and many more. He steps outside of his signature vibe taking things down a notch while still managing to convey his catchy melodies.
With his roots in classical piano training and a desire to deliver unique sounds inspired by the the refreshing summer rays and carefree spirit of the summer-tide, Kygo is a climbing young talent with a repertoire of new music he is ready to present to the world over the next few months. It's exciting to see him expand sound showcasing his versatility as a producer while still not having released an original yet.

Kygo slows up his cadence a bit more than usual to stay in line with M83’s vision, rather opting for a long burning ride while fusing his indistinguishable synth kit onto the entire movement.
He is giving this song as 2 part free download to thank his fans for breaking an unbelievable 200k fans on Facebook.

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