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Deze lekker ruime duitse auto heeft een angstaanjagende 6-cilinder 3.5 liter benzinemotor van BMW. The seller states that it has since had only 2 owners who both garaged the car in California. The Baltic Blue paint¬†is an attractive shade that might still be original, though the seller doesn’t explicitly state this.
It is said to be almost entirely original, and has never been modified to pass California smog testing.

The small European market bumpers compliment the coupe lines, while the smaller-than-M6 rubber rear spoiler is a great 80s detail without being over the top.
The seller rightly points out that this would be an issue for a California buyer, and we are not sure how it has logged 109k miles as-is, but it is a remarkably clean car. The car does have a few dings, some dried exterior rubber, and a front airdam scrape, but these are all very minor for an unrestored car. An oxygen sensor was added, but otherwise the car is unaltered from new and cannot meet California smog requirements.

Given this, we are not sure how regularly this car has been driven and this would be an issue that any prospective buyer should clarify.

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