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The common method of expressing the proportions of ingredients of a concrete mix is in the terms of parts or ratios of cement, fine and coarse aggregates.
IS 456-2000 has designated the concrete mixes into a number of grades as M10, M15, M20, M25, M30, M35 and M40.
Usual criterion for the strength of concrete in the building industry is the compressive strength, which is considered as a measure of quality concrete. The type of aggregate can have a predominant effect, crushed rock aggregate resulting in concrete with higher flexural strength than uncrushed (gravel) aggregates for comparable mixes, assuming that sound materials are used.
30 mm slump at pour the concrete will be transported from central batching plant through transit mixer, at a distance of 20 Km during June, July months.
Take curves C and D for PPC, as PPC is being manufactured in minimum of 43 Grade of strength. Note:- The exact density may be obtained by filling and fully compacting constant volume suitable metal container from the trial batches of calculated design mixes. Kishore Kaushal, “Concrete Mix Design Based on Flexural Strength for Air-Entrained Concrete”, Proceeding of 13th Conference on our World in Concrete and Structures, 25-26, August, 1988, Singapore. Kishore Kaushal, “Method of Concrete Mix Design Based on Flexural Strength”, Proceeding of the International Conference on Road and Road Transport Problems ICORT, 12-15 December, 1988, New Delhi, pp.
Kishore Kaushal, “Concrete Mix Design Containing Chemical Admixtures”, Journal of the National Building Organization, April, 1990, pp. Kishore Kaushal, “ Mix Design for Pumped Concrete”, Journal of Central Board of Irrigation and Power, Vol.
Kishore Kaushal, “Concrete Mix Design with Fly Ash”, Indian Construction, January, 1995, pp. Kishore Kaushal, “Concrete Mix Design Simplified”, Indian Concrete Institute Bulletin No. Kishore Kaushal, “Concrete Mix Design with Fly Ash & Superplasticizer”, ICI Bulletin No. Note:- When coarse and fine aggregate of different types are used, the free water content is estimated by the expression. Item to be executed with 40mm graded stone aggregate is not shown in the example placed above. Dear sir i want to know the specification requirement for adding of fly ash is upto 25percent ,from where it is available. Dear sir, Can we use crshed stone as fine aggregate in Pumpable concrete M25 for factory flooring? This paper comprises of the experimental study of eight double skinned concrete filled steel tubular (DSCFT ) beam columns of concentrically placed circular sections filled with self compacting concrete.
Cold-formed steel tubular structures are being increasingly used for structural applications. In composite construction, the concrete and steel are combined in such a fashion that the advantages of both the materials are utilized effectively in composite column. Local buckling of the steel tube is delayed by in-filled concrete, steel confines the concrete, concrete in turn prevents the local buckling of hollow steel sections, both due to the restraining effect of the concrete and it also increases the strength and ductility of the section.
Submerged tube tunnels, nuclear containment, liquid and gas retaining structures, blast resistant shelter sea-bed vessels, legs of offshore platforms in deep water, large diameter columns , structures subjected to ice loading, high-rise bridge piers, light weight structures to possess enormous energy absorption capacity against earthquake loading.
It is the opinion of the many researchers that at the initial stage, the applied load is resisted individually by the steel and concrete elements. The self compacting concrete mix used was prepared by mixing the ingredients of measured quantity as given in this table 2 for the desired grade of M30. The specimens are labeled in a fashion that the first two alphabets describe the number of steel sheaths used were double (DSCFT).There are three numbers followed by the first two alphabets. Almost all columns fail in the same pattern of overall buckling and local buckling of outer steel plate in compression flange in the vicinity of mid height leads the failure. The approach for RC Columns is quite different than that for steel columns in that the loads are considered to be eccentric to the centroid. Because of the similarity of hollow columns to both steel and concrete columns, there has been a great deal of debate by researchers as to which approach should be adopted. 1.Xiao-Ling Zhao *, Raphael Grzebieta, “Strength and ductility of concrete filled double skin (SHS inner and SHS outer) tubes”,Thin-Walled Structures 40 (2002) 199–213. 2.Mohamed Elchalakani, Xiao-Ling Zhao , Raphael Grzebieta, “ Tests on concrete filled double-skin (CHS outer and SHS inner) composite short columns under axial compression”, Thin-Walled Structures 40 (2002) 415–441. 4.Lin-Hai Han, Zhong Tao, Hong Huang, Xiao-Ling Zhao ,”Concrete-filled double skin (SHS outer and CHS inner) steel tubular beam-columns”, Thin-Walled Structures 42 (2004) 1329–1355. 5.Lin-Hai Han , Guo-Huang Yao,” Experimental behaviour of thin-walled hollow structural steel (HSS) columns filled with self-consolidating concrete (SCC)”, Thin-Walled Structures 42 (2004) 1357–1377.
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14.Lin-Hai Han, Guo-Huang Yao, Zhong Tao, “Behaviors of concrete-filled steel tubular members subjected to combined loading”, Thin-Walled Structures 45 (2007) 600–619. 16.E K Mohanraj Dr S Kandasamy “Experimental Behaviour of Axially Loaded Hollow Steel Columns In-filled with Concrete”, IE(I) Journal-CV- Vol 88, February 2008.

What is the significance of reinforced concrete infill in marine piling system of steel tubular pile with reinforced concrete infill? For column reinforcements, why is helical reinforcement sometimes designed instead of normal links?
What is the problem in traditional marine piling system of steel tubular pile with concrete infill and what are the possible remedial measures? RTV 2 molding silicone rubber: low shrinkage, high duplication times, good fluidity, easy operation.
Therefore flexural strength is more often specified than compressive strength in the design of concrete mixes for pavement construction. Fine Aggregate, Coarse Aggregate and Retarder Super plasticizer are the same for all the three mixes.
With the given requirements and materials, the manufacturer of Retarder Super plasticizer recommends dosages of 10 gm per kg of OPC, which will reduce 15% of water without loss of workability. Other data’s: The Mixes are to be designed on the basis of saturated and surface dry aggregates.
If the trial mixes does not gives the required properties of the mix, it is then required to be altered accordingly. It may be noted that, for the fly ash concrete the total cementation material is greater but the OP cement content is smaller, the coarse aggregate content is deliberately, the same, the water is reduced and the density is reduced, because of the lower density of fly ash compared with OPC. If 50 million tonnes cement in making concrete uses water reducers 7500000 tonnes of cement can be saved. As the stress induced in concrete pavements are mainly flexural, it is desirable that their design is based on the flexural strength of concrete. 3: Proportion of fine aggregate (percent) with 10mm and 20mm maximum sizes of aggregates and slump 15-45 mm. I am sure, this research paper will help many civil engineers around the world in understanding how to do mix design for concrete roads as per IRC-15-2002. This is due to the aesthetic appearance, high corrosion resistance, ease of maintenance and ease of construction. The lighter weight and higher strength of steel permit the use of smaller and lighter foundations. The two pipes of same height are to be held concentrically by and welded by permanent spacers (welding rods) at both ends.
The companion specimens of three cubes, three prismatic and three cylindrical specimens were made and tested for arriving at the grade of concrete.
Out of which, the first number indicates the outer diameter of the steel tubes, second number on the right, indicates the inner diameter of the steel tubes, third number on the right indicates the length of the steel tubes used.
It was followed by the further propagation of local buckling at a distance of almost at equal to the outer diameter of the specimen. To have a comparative study of the failure of HCC columns, their behaviour was studied with respect to local buckling, formation and development of cracks, crushing of compression concrete and yielding of tension steel. The load versus corresponding deflection curves were drawn for M30 grade concrete columns and are shown in Figures 8. However, the design philosophy for each of these two structural members is fundamentally different. The failure is generally, but not always, attributable to cross- section, material failure, and is based on interaction curve as in IS- 456-2000.
Short or stub columns are clearly governed by cross section failure, while long or slender columns are prone to buckling. When the slenderness ratio is very less, the column fails due to yielding of steel and crushing of concrete under direct compression.
Grzebieta, ”Plastic Mechanism Analysis Of Concrete-Filled Double-Skin (Shs Inner And Shs Outer) Stub Columns”, Thin-Walled Structures 40 (2002) ,815–833. Cai, “Experimental behavior of circular concrete-filled steel tube stub columns” Journal of Constructional Steel Research 63 (2007) 165–174. Artiomas kuranovas, Audronis Kazimieras Kvedaras, “Behaviour of Hollow Concrete –filled Steel Tubular Composite Elements” Journal of Civil Engineering and Management 2007,Vol XIII, No.2, 131-141.
RTV -2 silicone rubber for candle mold making applications RTV -2 silicone rubber for candle mold making is primarily intended for candle mold , artwork craft,toys gift landscapes, animals and plants sculpture, sandstone crafts and so on. A simple method of concrete mix design based on flexural strength for normal weight concrete mixes is described in the paper. Therefore, flexural strength is more often specified than compressive strength in the design of concrete mixes for pavement construction. However, when the experiences grows with the particular set of materials and site conditions very few trials will be required, and a expert of such site very rarely will be required a 2nd trial. The main experimental parameters for beam-columns were slenderness ratio and load eccentricity.
Hollow columns consisting of two concentric circular thin steel tubes with filler between them have been investigated for different applications. The subsequent concrete addition enables the building frame to easily limit the sway and lateral deflections. At the early stages of increment of loads, the poison’s ratio of concrete lies far below than that of the steel; whereas, steel tube causes no confinement on the concrete. During preparation of the test specimens, Self Compacting Concrete was pored for filling the annular space between the two concentric steel tubes. It was found that because of the infill of concrete, the tested beam-columns behaved in a relatively ductile manner and testing proceeded in a smooth and controlled way. Steel columns are treated as concentric in that they are loaded through their centroids, but with due allowances being made for residual stresses, initial out of straightness and slight eccentricities of the load.

Part 1.1, General Rules and Rules for Buildings, British Standards Institution, London, 1994. Main products application many series in hundreds of kinds of silicone products including: silicone rubber RTV-2, mould rubber, Silicone rubber RTV2 for mold, brush silicone, silicone rubber for art mold, silicone rubber RTV for shoe sole molding, silicone rubber for pad head, liquid silicone rubber LSR, silicone oil, condensation silicon rubber RTV,tin catalyst siliconer rubber RTV, addition silicone RTV, plantinum cure silicone rubber RTV,Lifecasting silicone gel, silicone rubber for electronics parts, encapsulant and potting compound, screen printing silicone Ink for textile, silicone coating, etc.
G Das Concrete Solution products provide consistent long term performance.All kerb stones are made from concrete mix design with a minimum 28 day compressive strength of 30MPa (also known as M30). A gauge box is used (as shown in the picture) for batching of fine and coarse aggregate by volume.
However, IS: 456-2000 specified that fly ash conforming to grade-1 of IS-3812 may be used as part replacement of OPC provided uniform blended with cement is essential. If it carries surface moisture this is to be deducted from the mixing water and if it is dry add in mixing water the quantity of water required for absorption.
Therefore ignoring entrapped air value as NIL will lead the calculation of higher value of density. Thus the production of 200 million tonnes of cement had emitted 200 x 0.93 = 186 million tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere. For pavings, however, it is the flexural strength rather than the compression strength of concrete which determine the degree of cracking and thus the performance of road, and it is imperative to control the quality on the basis of flexural strength. Testing of specimens investigates the behaviour on load deflection, confinement effect, and the strength of the columns.
Hollow column has less self weight and a high flexural stiffness and hence its usage in seismic zone proves promising.
For proper filling of the specimens in the annular space, the self compaction was keenly monitored from spilling of the concrete which occurred simultaneously on the circumference of the each of the specimen section. The enhanced structural behavior of the composite specimens can be explained in terms of ‘‘composite action’’ between the steel tubes and the filled SCC concrete. The deflection of all the composite columns increased linearly with the applied load P upto the yield point. The basis of the design of steel column is instability or buckling, and any moment which act at the ends of the column are then incorporated by reducing the axial load by way of an interaction equation. These are currently been exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, the America and other 50 countries and regions. Further, various codes of the world specified that the paving concrete mixes should preferably be designed in the laboratory and controlled in the field on the basis of its flexural strength. It reduces requirements on labor and construction time and maintains the construction quality. The excess spilled concrete was then neatly and gently cleaned and the specimens were cured for 28 days in controlled humid condition.
RTV -2 silicone rubber for candle mold making features RTV -2 silicone rubber for candle mold making is white or red flowing liquid with general hardness of 22-50A°after curing. In ordinary sites where mixer or hand mixing are done uniform blending of fly ash with cement is not practicable.
Various characteristics such as strength, stiffness, ductility and failure mode are discussed.
The load deflection response curves show that a fairly ductile response was obtained with large deflections being achieved in the inelastic region. Moulding silicone rubber is a kind elastic silicone rubber mould which features with resistance to deformation, high-temperature, acid-alkali and expansion as well as high reproduction times, good tensile strength ,tear strength and elongation. When water reduces shrinkage and porosity of concrete are reduces which provides the durability to concrete structures. The predicted load versus deformation relationships are in good agreement with beam-column test results. Magnetic type dial gauges were used to measure the deflections at mid span and at 0.2height of the specimens from the end.
When mixed with 2-3% curing agent, they can still be operated within 30 minutes, but will be formed after 2-3 hours.
A slight shrinkage of concrete around 1 to 2mm was noted and the same was filled with plaster of paris, at least three days prior to the testing of the specimens. With resistance to deformation, high temperature, acid and alkali, and expansion, silicon flexible molds are used for mold duplication and delicate mold making for poli crafts, resin crafts lighting and candle crafts. Modified equations are suggested to find the ultimate compressive strength of DSCFT columns filled with SCC. Step Two to use RTV 2 molding silicone rubber: vacuum pumping Without exception, this takes less than 10 minutes.
Otherwise, it will cause cross linking reaction, and no more further steps will be available. RTV -2 silicone rubber for candle mold making operations If the customer wants to make large products and large size moulds, the mould should be made of silicone rubber with high hardness. On the contrary, if the mould with fine and precision patterns, it should be made of silicone with low hardness.
If moulds requiring fast drying and demould, more curing agent is needed; contrarily, if moulds requiring slower drying and demould, less curing agent is needed. Two parts of compounds have cross linking reaction under the presence of catalyst to form a flexible elastomer.

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