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Lenovo, as one can expect, doesn’t think of S90 as an iPhone 6 clone and is said to be working on the phone for the last ten months, while the iPhone 6 was unveiled in just two months back. The phone has got a price-tag of 1,999 yuan and will be available in the coming days in Sliver, Pink, Gray, Blue and Gold colour options.
Lenovo S9 Sisley is yet to be announced for market availability this month (November, 2014) and the pricing is still unrevealed.  However, don’t get upset about this issue as Lenovo treats us with this amazing handset.
Something very surprising happened today: Lenovo announced that it would sell the Lenovo X2 for a price of just Rs 19,990. You might wonder what is so special about the launch and why this should come as such big news. The fact is, specification for specification, the Lenovo X2 offers the same hardware as the HTC One M8 and the Sony Xperia Z3, but is priced at less than half of what the other two are. So, shouldn’t it be HTC, Samsung and Sony who should be worried instead of Indian phone brands such as Micromax, Lava, Karbonn Mobile, Spice etc? What is really happening is that the Chinese bunch – Huawei, Lenovo and Xiaomi, along with Japan’s Panasonic, are muscling in to the low-priced, high-specifications market, and guess who used to dominate this segment? When Xiaomi launched its Mi3 two months ago at a price of 13,999, people dismissed it as a one-off. But Xiaomi’s spectacular sales and the buzz it created opened the eyes of its fellow Chinese competitors like Huawei, Lenovo and even the Japanese giant Panasonic. It is their reaction that now threatens to seal the fate of Indian phone brands such as Micromax.
Over the past one month, these firms have launched high-end phones at price points that were previously considered the exclusive preserve of Indian brands such as Micromax, Lava, Xolo etc.. It began with Moto X2, but that was still priced at Rs 31,000 (Moto is owned by Lenovo), and that didn’t really threaten Indian players since they played in the sub-21,000 market.
For example, both Micromax Gold A300 and Knight A350 come with 2 GB of RAM and Cortex A7 low power octa-core processors. In comparison, the Huawei Honor 6 packs a 1.7 GHz octa-core Huawei chip and dual channel 3 GB RAM. Here too, the MNC brands, especially Panasonic and Huawei, are beginning to lean heavily on Indian players.
While Panasonic’s offerings are not cheaper than those of Indian brands, the fact is that other than the Huawei Holly and the RedMi 1S, this is the first time an international brand is attacking these markets so aggressively. Lenovo disabled the chat function on its Youtube live stream page after fans started misbehaving during the live transmission.

Many fans were not happy with what they felt was the delay in the company disclosing the price of the K5 Note.
Lenovo said it will launch two new phones today, catching everyone by surprise as the company was expected to reveal only the K5 Note today. Lenovo will launch its latest flagship in India -- the K5 Note -- today at 3 pm and you can watch the live streaming of the event below. As the launch draws near, nearly every tech news outlet is predicting a price of around Rs 14,000 for the phone, based on the cost of acquiring the phone in China. Redmi Note 3, arguably the most sought-after phone in India along with LeEco Le 2, is now available on Tata Group's new ecommerce portal at Rs 11,400 for Axis Bank customers.
Tata Group -- one of the biggest offline retailers in India -- entered the competitive online retail market two months ago, naming its website CliQ. TCL, one of the world's top TV brands, has entered India with a bang, launching India's cheapest 4K UHD TV at just Rs 31,990. The TCL 43-inch P1 Ultra HD TV is cheaper by nearly Rs 10,000 compared to Micromax 42C0050UHD, currently the most attractive value-for-money UHD TV in India. Huawei, which has not had much luck in India in the last two years, is set to launch the P9 -- a sophisticated camera phone in the same price range as the Xiaomi Mi5 and Le Max 2 -- early next month. After initially not allowing users to post their reviews of Le 2, Flipkart has begun publishing customer feedback about LeEco's latest mass market smartphone, and it's a mixed bag.
Predictably, the Le 2 scores high in terms of performance, but feedback suggests two key weakpoints versus main rival Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 -- display quality and battery. Demand continues to be strong for Le 2,  the second mass-market phone launched by LeEco in India. The phone was sold out in a matter of seconds on Flipkart when sales started at 12 PM today. Lenovo's latest entry-level warrior, the Vibe K5 Note, started selling two weeks ago and going by initial user reviews, the phone ticks all boxes except one - camera.
The device has been found to be acceptable or good in all respects such as performance and display, but the camera been variously described as poor, terrible, below average etc.. Yet, if you were looking for user reviews of the Lenovo Vibe K5 or LeEco Le 2, you are out of luck. Xiaomi has priced its phablet Mi Max at just Rs 14,999, pitching it at roughly the same level as in China. Xiaomi is all set to launch its biggest phone, the Mi Max, in India in a few minutes and has provided a live stream for its fans to watch the unveiling live.

Lenovo Vibe K5, the latest entry-level handset from the Chinese hardware maker, has cross the 1 lakh sales mark in India, 8 days after it first became available in the country. This makes the phone the second fastest moving phone this year after the Le 1s, which sold around 1.5 lakh units in the first eight days.
Lenovo managed to sell out its entire stock of Vibe K5 Plus at the second flash sale for the device on Amazon today. The phone looks a lot like Applea€™s iPhone 6, but is not a direct competitor to the smartphone. There is no word on the global release of S90 at this point but it is likely that we will never see the phone outside China. Orders and emails during this period will be processed when we are back to work on 2016 Jan 4th. Indeed, Xiaomi doesn’t recover all of the cost of its phone from the consumer at the time of purchase. The way Indians were gobbling up the phone, even 5 lakh units would have been inadequate to meet the demand. Can they withstand the higher brand perception enjoyed by multi-national companies like Huawei and Lenovo by offering better specifications for the same price? Not only is processor about twice as powerful as those found in the Micromax models, but the Lenovo Vibe X2 also comes with LTE 4G. The cheapest one in the series is the 5-inch K5, which comes with an HD display and 2 GB of RAM. The two models started becoming available in the last two weeks, and have already sold in their tens of thousands, if not lakhs. Sisley is actually a mid-range smartphone and seems to have been targeted to the consumers, who want a phone that looks like iPhone but are not willing or able to pay the premium. Try to figure out a single missing feature that is available in flagship models like the Sony Z3 (price Rs 50,000), the HTC One M8 (price 41,000).

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