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Ask us about it; Forced air systems, boiler - furnace, heat exchanger, electric heaters, oil and gas heat, propane heaters, solar heaters, supplemental heating, blower motor, air filter. Replace gas valve on furnace or boiler to intermittent pilot or direct spark including ignition module wiring, pipe fittings and new pilot tubing - $650.00. Energy efficiency Model number nomenclature 58MCB 040 4-Way Multipoise Fixed-Capacity Direct-Vent - $1,030.00. To tighten or loosen the belt, locate the pulley tension adjustment nut on the blower motor.

A well-adjusted flame (right flame) will be blue with a yellow tip, and cover ?" at the end of the thermocouple. Turn the pilot adjustment screw on the control housing or gas valve to reduce the gas pressure.
Concordville 19331 By Contractors Solutions - It's Action Information for Every Property Concern. 92000 BTU Furnace, 92.1% Efficiency, Single-Stage Burner, 1600 CFM Multi-Speed Blower, Upflow Application.

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