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A quad strain, short for quadriceps strain involves a tear or partial tearing of one or more of the quad muscles causing pain in the front of the thigh. A quad strain short for quadriceps strain involves a tear or partial tearing of one or more of the quadriceps muscles causing pain in the front of the thigh. A muscle strain commonly known as a pulled muscle is a medical term used when a muscle or tendon has been injured by a sudden powerful contraction or from overuse resulting in small tears within the muscle fibres or tendon itself. Grade I- This is where only a small number of muscle fibres are torn resulting in pain and discomfort but not affecting the muscle function or movement. Grade II- This is a partial tear where a substantial number of muscle fibres are torn resulting in slight loss of muscle function and movement.
Grade III- This is a complete tear where all the muscle fibres are ruptured resulting in a complete loss of muscle function and movement. A quad strain begins as a sudden sharp burning pain, initially concentrated along the front of the thigh. Your GP or therapist will be able to diagnose you by both listening to your history and examining you. Your GP will most likely prescribe anti-inflammatory medication and painkillers for pain relief and to reduce any swelling.
Using sports or athletic tape whilst training can also help to prevent further strains and help relieve any discomfort and pain once a strain has occurred.
If the quad muscle is partially torn then a cast or splint may be applied and you will be ordered to rest for as long as the healing process takes. Once into the later phase of recovery many people find massage therapy helpful to loosen the affected muscles, manipulative therapies such as physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy are thought to help through mobilisation treatment of the knee and ankle working to reduce any stiffness levels and return the joint back to its normal movement. Copyright © 2010 - PortaldeMisterios - Privacy policy This blog is licensed under a Creative Commons.
Join Date Jun 2012 Location Montreal Posts 22 kinesiology tape I play quite a bit of competitive footy; 2 sometimes 3 times a week and my legs have been taking a beating lately as I switched to left-back and I'm making more sliding tackles.
Was wondering if anyone had experience with kinesiology tape as I heard it helps relax the muscles increase blood circulation. Access the Clinic HQ professional section to list your practice and view CPD courses, classified adverts & products by clicking here. The quadriceps muscles are made up of 4 individual muscles, the rectus femoris muscle which comes from the pelvis, the vastus medialis and vastus lateralis muscles which originate just below the hip and the vastus intermedius which originates from the shaft of the femur (thigh bone). Each muscle is made up of thousands of small fibres that have a powerful elastic property that allows it to stretch and be flexible yet strong.

It is normally seen in individuals who partake in a lot of athletic sports in particular running, sprinting and kicking sports like football and rugby. The healing time varies dramatically depending on the severity of the strain, with most quad muscle tears the healing time ranges from 1-2 months and in some cases as long as 3 months. No X-rays or further investigation should be needed to confirm the diagnosis however occasionally an ultrasound or MRI will be used to evaluate the extent of the tear or rupture. If the strain is mild then you may just be instructed to rest and avoid any aggravating movements for a couple of weeks. In cases of a complete muscle rupture, surgery is almost always necessary and is the best form of treatment to return the muscle back to original function and strength. Postoperative functional rehabilitation after repair of quadriceps tendon ruptures: a comparison of two different protocols. It is normally seen in individuals who partake in a lot of athletic sports in particular running, sprinting and kicking sports like football and rugby.Symptoms include a sudden sharp burning pain, along the front of the thigh. The muscle fibres are in what we class the muscle belly and they all converge to one point and are connected to the bone by a very strong tendon which looks similar to a cord or piece of string.
However complete quad muscle tears take much longer to heal and almost always need surgical intervention. Many sports therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths can apply sports tape but you can also buy pre-cut strips and use the many online videos to help you apply them correctly (see our products section below). The surgery will stitch the muscle back together, after this a cast will be applied and you will be instructed to rest for 2 months at which point you will be referred through to a physiotherapist who will provide you with strengthening exercises for the leg muscles. General muscle pain is derived from the disruption of the small muscle fibres either through mild injury like repetitive movements, tightness or inflammation. This frequently occurs when attempting to explosively accelerate from a stationary position like a sprinter exploding out of the blocks or a rugby player straightening their leg to kick the ball. In these instances a quad strain will mean that the player or runner is unable to continue. Post-surgery a cast may be applied and the patient may be immobilised for up to two months followed by up to 6 months’ worth of physical rehabilitation, a recovery to the original muscles strength can take up to a year.
Ice the area by applying a covered ice pack, this may significantly hasten the healing process by reducing the pain and swelling.
Once it is no longer painful, you should try to gradually return to full weight bearing using quad muscle stretches to help.
Full strength recovery is not guaranteed and can occasionally take well over 6 months to achieve.

A muscle strain results from sudden or excessive tension being placed through the muscle fibres causing small tears. Occasionally a strain will occur due to gradual wear and tear of the muscle, this is associated with overuse. With milder strains or partial tears the pain will be mild and the player or runner may be able to continue through the activity. Make sure the ice pack is covered to prevent any ice burn and for best results use the icepack regularly for 10-15 minutes with intervals of 30 minutes. The tear or rupture will be accompanied by severe swelling and bruising that will be incredibly tender to touch. This may be due to activities such as repetitive road and distance running or playing sports without adequately stretching the quad muscles. Compression, try and keep the elastic bandage on during the day to limit the swelling and make sure to take it off at night.
Once you are weight bearing pain free then you should focus on strengthening the quad muscles which will have atrophied and weakened after the injury and rest period.
Your therapist or rehabilitation trainer will be able to provide you with the correct exercises, which will be mild and may involve resistance bands. Pain levels will be aggravated by most knee movements making weight bearing and walking excruciating and impossible in a rupture case with specific weakness when trying to stand from sitting.
Once the affected quad muscle is as strong as the other side then you can reintroduce any activities or sports that were previously painful. In partial tear cases, patients can still fully use their leg with stiffness and a feeling of discomfort on weight bearing, resulting in a mild limp.
Once healing has started the severe pain will be replaced with dull aches and discomfort felt on knee extension or when the quad muscles are stressed.
Stiffness and dull aches are normally experienced during the night and most intense early in the mornings.

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