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It’s Monday and I just woke up after being at Berghain for 16 hours, my head is not in this constellation, my legs feel like having no energy to even grab some food, it all spins around my room now.
Berghain, I love you but you are simply too much for me, I can’t deal with you, we love each other but we know we could only have a toxic relationship. As I’m not an experienced Berghain goer, I can say that I’ve seen some people getting in and some others being left over in the line with their heart broken for not being able to party like monsters in one the most beloved party venues from Berlin. Being gay might help to get into Berghain, being straight can help you too, by this I just want to say the not only gay people get in, but everyone who’s nice and seems to be able to party hard. Some of my accquintances who happen to be in Berghain every now and them decided to tell me some of the NO GOES to get into Berghain and gave also a couple tips that might get you in! These are some of the tips that can get you into Berghain, however it seems that no one has ever taken the time to show you which outfit you can wear, I think this will give you a real idea of everything I am trying to say.

First about the line before entrance, i understand that there can be many people in the same time and the bouncers simply can’t let them in at once and have to sell the ticket to every one.
But in this club the line is a part of this club, bouncers create the line to make the club more desirable, they do their job as slowly as possible to make bigger lines. There seems to be even Urban Legends about some of the things you can experience in Berghain, which leads me to say… WTF! Always try to play cool, do not show excitement while waiting outside, this will just show your ‘uncoolness’ and will probably get you a NO at the front door. They search you like you looked like taliban terrorist, they put their hands to your pocket. Berghain and it’s little monsters dancing all around to the rythm of the music, waiting for the next guy to check up on them and show them what they are made of.

It’s just a club, calm down and keep your crap together… Behave like you’re too cool to even get in. However, I never really had to line up for more than 4 minutes, and always had a great time there.
The bouncers didn’t allowed to get in a guys before us ( they have got style but were arabs ) they allowed to get in me and my girlfriend even when we looked like we wanted to go to redneck pub for a bear.

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