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To say Ivanka Trump is just another pretty face in the crowd is kind of like saying Barack Obama is just another effeminate beta male. But as Adam Campbell of Liberty News Now recently noted, the apple of The Donald’s eye just may be the key player in yet another Trumpian political shocker — selecting his eldest daughter as his vice presidential running mate.
As Campbell noted, the Republican frontrunner has been dropping subtle hints as to who he may choose for the bottom of the ticket. Another interesting point is that of all the five Trump children only Ivanka has been chosen to take to the airwaves in a campaign commercial. Unlike many matriculating American youth, Trump passed on majoring in Womyn’s Studies or Conversational Apache. For those unfamiliar with what exactly her high stress and no nonsense job entails, perhaps the best example could be from the thriller American Psycho.
The film’s main character, Patrick Bateman, slips when mentioning the Mergers and Acquisitions Department.
I have a better idea… if she ever does decide to run for public office, let the people decide.

If her Mom was not a citizen at the time she was born then she is not eligible to hold the VP slot.
Last time I read the Constitution, it said that no two people from the same state may hold the two constitutional offices….
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In February, the musician was slammed with a slew of new charges including, terrorizing, criminal threatening, criminal restraint and criminal mischief.
She spent her freshman and sophomore years at Georgetown University, then transferred to the same school her father graduated from, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. If elected, in the event that her father were incapable of fulfilling his presidential duties, Ivanka Marie Trump Kushner could conceivably have a new moniker: Madame President.

Ivanka has not only been a successful model and businesswoman — she was the 2012 Top Choice Award for Top Business Woman of the Year — she’s also been promoted within the family business to be named the Executive Vice President of Development and Acquisitions for The Trump Organization. Instead, he inadvertently referred to that particular division as Murders and Assassinations.
The singer-songwriter pleaded guilty in court Thursday, July 21, to the charge and related counts.
18, the Trump camp began running a radio ad in Iowa in which she not only sang his praises, but also pointed out that she learned how to conducted business directly from her father.

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