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This is the book we are about to start reading in the premarital class Adam and I are taking through our new church.
I’ve been reading your blog for a (very) long time now, and can I just say that I absolutely love your heart!?
My fiance and I are getting married on Mothers Day (May 12th) this year, so it’s fun to see you guys going through the same stuff we are!
Eyeshadow… I love these colors and have always tried to find the perfect combo of them. You haven’t tried Revlon products until you’ve tried Revlon Colorstay Foundation (the new Nearly Naked foundation and powder are amazing too), and the Revlon Colorstay nail polish (base coat, and top coat included)! My hubby and I are reading that book right now, and we are going to use it for our premarital sessions with a couple he is marrying. I have never heard of that brand of jacket before but it sounds really nice, I will have to check them out. We did all kinds of marital counseling before we got married, including reading books (Love & Respect is another one I recommend) and a couple types of counseling (faith-based). Let me know if there’s any videos you would like to see me do in future, always looking for ideas and inspiration! Actually, speaking of ideas I really would love to hear if there are any videos you would like to see more of.
But in all seriousness, I’d love to hear what you would like to see from my You Tube channel keep it the same, or different to my blog?! I have wanted to try Deborah Lipmann polish for so long and that looks like such a gorgeous polish you have featured in your January favourites! I have been using the rocket mascara this month too and although it is good it dries to quickly for me and gets a little clumpy! I have yet to try The Rocket mascara after finding my favourite and being too afraid to try something that may not measure up.
I’ve written about my drugstore favourites, bath essentials and tips for clear skin over on my blog. How about we take a break from talking ALL food ALL the time and instead talk about some really awesome things that I am loving lately?
Favorite Podcast: I threw a call out on Twitter to find out YOUR favorite podcasts because I am trying to overload my phone with good stuff to listen to during my commute.
Favorite Hand Cream: This awesome little cream is made from shea butter so it is super moisturizing, but doesn’t the fragrance sound kind of weird? I resisted Homeland too but then over break I had a lot of free time and DEVOURED the entire 2 seasons. I don’t know- everyone is into Twilight and Jillian Michaels so I think the internet makes mistakes. January is always a little pants, to keep myself sunny I have thrown myself into work and working out. It's the end of the month (already) so that means time to pick out my 5 most used and favorite products of the month. Whilst most people prefer to call January the most depressing month of the year, I think it’s one of the best months. When I walked into the Kate Spade store last year I immediately made a beeline for the jewelry selection and it was love at first sight.
Here’s a brand new encouraging community for women to go and learn to make their online life mean something.
I had been wanting a bright puffy jacket for awhile and debated heavily between North Face, Patagonia and Marmot. I’m really excited about the class, which starts February 5th and goes for six weeks. Ladies, I used to be all about the MAC eye shadows but then I decided to give this Revlon kind a try to save some dough. Other public service announcements include the start of a brand new She Reads Truth plan TODAY. Will definitely check the book out because we have very similar taste in books and I always end up liking what you recommend!

I actually just got a really similar Marmot down jacket at REI this weekend (except in bright turquoise!) and I love it! I’m a MAC user myself, but I’m looking to save some money this year so I will be trying out Revlon! If you like what you read, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed, Follow me on twitter, or Like the Holly Would If She Could Facebook Page. Blog reader Megan (who has given me some awesome book recos too) said I should check out Watch What Crappens and you guys — LIFE CHANGING! I don’t have particularly big ankles but because my calves are just off the chart ridic something that cuts off at the wrong spot could really accentuate that. Darcy didn’t even watch them with me, I was going at too fast a pace and he had to work. I needed a distraction at work yesterday and clicking through your flickr was the best thing ever.
I have to say I enjoyed Season 1 more than Season 2 but am anxious to see how it all plays out when Season 3 starts! I should warn you that the makeup is almost entirely from Drew Barrymore’s new Flower line! The fact that it’s my birthday month might have something to do with it, but really, it’s generally not that bad. Over the summer I went to the Covent Garden store almost every day to try one of their bracelets…then for Christmas, my siblings got me this beautiful piece. I now own 2 full bracelets {which I wear on special occasions} + my everyday bracelet which is pictured above. My hair had gotten a bit too long, the ends were damaged and so I spontaneously booked an appointment for a trim. I'm Antonia and I have a passion for food and cooking, love to travel and explore new places, enjoy playing with makeup and shopping is my #1 hobby! I spend half my time taking mental notes of bits and bobs I'm lovin' and want to share with you, which I then frustratingly forget about. Through online classes, forums and prayer, The Influence Network is a way to learn new skills online, find community and make lasting friendships. I love how thick and luxurious this eye cream is and I’ve been using it every night before bed, no matter what. I read all the reviews on the three, tried them all on and ended up going with the Marmot Jena Jacket for a few reasons.
I couldn’t put it down and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good book to curl up with next to the fire. We’re hoping to not only learn more about each other and become more effective communicators, but also make new friends in a similar life stage as us. All of our crazy travel last month gave me ample opportunity to pick back up my old hobby and I’m working on just a simple scarf to start.
I am definitely on the hunt for an eye cream because a makeup artist once told me that under-the-eyes is where you show your age the most.
I have a pair of their gloves that I’ve had for at least 10 yrs and they’re still perfect! My husband and I recently moved to the midwest, but before that we were members of Reality Carpinteria (and then Reality Santa Barbara) for years.
He also just read the newest Keller book about finding purpose in your work and loved it as well. I don’t think there was a page that went by without some sort of highlighting or underlining. Can you please share the brand & color of the polish you are wearing in the photo of you knitting.
I’m super impressed with how efficiently and calmly you appear to be planning your wedding- more women should take after you! If you enjoy yourselves some bitchy TV guys talking about Bravo-lebrities then you will love this podcast.
Anyway, I love this dress, it fits well, looks stylish and is in a fabric that will transition well from being work in winter with tights to being worn with bare legs in Spring.

He was a major reason I loved that show despite the fact that it made me *so anxious* (ok ok, he AND Shemar Moore. AHHHH!” Podcasts are great because they are funny and people talking and it is super distracting for me.
Yes, the weather could be a tad better {less rain, more sunshine} but overall I like waking up on January 1st full of enthusiasm about the year ahead and usually quite enjoy this month.
The next couple of months are going to be completely crazy so I tried to make most of it while I could. My mom sent me a couple of Lindt chocolate bars for my birthday and their caramel brownie flavor is absolutely incredible. I kept switching my skin care routine around last year but finally have settled into something that works really well for my skin. This eye shadow really doesn’t smudge at all and holds up a whole lot better than my old expensive MAC shadows that smudged on my creases only a couple hours after applying. This was actually the first plan we ever studied together last May and I’m pumped to go through it again, as it did a number on my heart {and soul!} the first time around. Praying God’s blessing on you and your fiance as you journey into marriage – a wonderful ride!!! It’s clean smelling and the scent is not too heavy, but the cream itself is super emollient and great for winter. My very good friend surprised me with the friendship knot charm which perfectly fits into the selection I already have. I’ll be teaching a virtual class on The Influence Network and will keep you guys in the loop on that when I have more details! It’s definitely brighter than the photo and is probably the brightest thing that I own, but I just adore it.
I am thoroughly impressed and between this and the lip butter {which I loooooove}, am a Revlon customer for life now.
I hope you are enjoying the church and that you and Adam find wonderful community and accountability there!
Carson is my fave, he just makes me giggle with all his very English pomp and circumstance! Otherwise I could do some tags, general favourites, skincare videos, maybe a hair tutorial or two!? I’m going to round up some of the best Podcast suggestions next week, so if you have one to add, leave it in the comments. But secondly (and frankly more importantly) I can not deal with sweat just dripping off the back of my head freely all over the place with nowhere to go (because see it used to just go into my ponytail but now what used to be like 7 inches of surface area is only 1 inch of surface area.) Are you understanding the dramatic science that was happening here? We really liked the postcard style for our Save the Dates because, let’s face it, postcards and easy and affordable. Speaking of outfits of the day and stripes, I organized all of my 2012 Outfit Photos into a set the other day and man there are a lot of stripes. I now use a pea-size amount of the label.m souffle when my hair is still damp and it keeps my curls in tact all day long.
If I’m just in the kitchen testing recipes all day, I use Philosophy Hope in a Jar instead. I’ve been on this specific skin care routine for the past six months and my skin has never looked clearer. Seriously, it’s less than a pound and one of the warmest things I own — it really does a great job at keeping the wind out! I think these raves should have included that Mandy Patinkin is involved, because I love just about everything that man is ever in, and I think I should just be less stubborn about TV recommendations because this is right up my alley with its mystery and intrigue. I know I’ll get a million uses out of it, between hikes, camping trips and even chilly date nights.

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