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Air pollution levels in the Chinese capital Beijing are at hazardous levels for the third day running, with dense smog continuing to shroud the city amid freezing winter temperatures. Many of those who ventured out wore face masks to protect against the thick layer of smog still covering the city. Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei posted this picture of himself on Twitter, wearing a gasmask. In Beijing and other northern cities, flights have been cancelled and traffic affected by significantly reduced visibility.
Until recently, a lack of official data made it difficult to monitor pollution levels in China, but this time TV and newspapers have clearly warned Beijing residents about the health dangers. Chinese forecasters say the pollution, made worse by weather conditions, is unlikely to ease until later this week.
The medium hairstyle is usually considered to be that one that sits on or just above the shoulder.

If you want to cut your hair short or want to grow your hair longer, it is important to determine the boundaries within the style and ensure that a medium hairstyle to you, is the same as a shoulder length hairstyle to the stylist that is creating the hairstyle.
Medium hairstyles offer many of the best features of both short and long cuts, making them a great choice for many women. The Los Angeles DA says Suleman failed to report earnings from public appearances and videos. The Los Angeles County District Attorney says Suleman failed to report almost $300,000 in earnings between January and June of 2013. Suleman conceived 14 children through in vitro fertilization and has been on public assistance. The Mercurial Vapor IX also features a unique, lightweight plate, incorporating two different pieces of glass fiber that increase flexibility and response. The World Health Organisation warns that high levels of pollution are linked with respiratory infections, lung cancer and heart disease.

The medium hairstyle is one that has the widest range of hairstyles to choose from to compliment any face, any age and any occasion. Just as you know that since celebrities have the best hairstylists in the world at their disposal, we often take our cues from them.
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