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Lauren Cohan: I mean, I feel like this is sort of a milestone that every actor can go through and can get to go through. LC: I think what's interesting in this film is that it's a lot of people who create these strange regimens to sort of heal themselves or give themselves safety or move on from their pasts. LC: And I think that definitely with Malcolm [Cohan's love interest], played by Rupert Evans . Greta initially is just trying to get away from this crazy ex-boyfriend and her crazy past. But The Boy, a creepy new horror movie about a seemingly sentient doll, is her first real venture into the traditional horror film genre.

And she's just starting to attach this great meaning to Brahms when everything kind of falls apart. Not ideal to read on your phone, but I opened it on mine to read the first couple of pages, and before I knew it I had finished the script.
But it does fall into the extended sizing category, meaning they go all the way up to a size 9.5. We recently sat down with Cohan to talk about what it was like, and she discussed her own fascination with the horror genre in her youth, the film's portrayal of the female spirit, and that seriously devastating twist. It's funny, talking about it these last few days because of the film, it's making me want to go back into it, you know? And then in the end, you know, fighting for love, and it's not so much fighting for love, but it's choosing good and choosing the right thing.

I mean, I have a lot of experience with horror films, and I felt personally blindsided by this!
Keep reading to see what she had to say, then get ready; The Boy hits theaters Friday, Jan. She's a victim of these different circumstances and doesn't know how to set her own two feet firmly on the ground.

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