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Obese children with weight-related diabetes should be given gastric band surgery as young as 15, an expert claims. Rates of type 2 diabetes - a condition linked with obesity - have soared across all age groups in a decade as Britain struggles to control its weight problem Experts say it can knock up to 20 years off a child's life expectancy. More than half are in Asia and the Western Pacific, where 90-95% of cases are classed as Type-2.China is leading the world, with the disease now affecting more than 98 million people or about 10% of the population - a dramatic increase from about 1% in 1980. Prof Juliana Chan of the Chinese University of Hong Kong says there is a complex interplay between genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors, which have been compounded by China's rapid modernisation. Type-2 diabetes sufferers do not produce enough insulin or the insulin they produce does not work properly (known as insulin resistance). Women with gestational diabetes experience heightened blood sugar levels and can't produce enough insulin to absorb it all. Two months ago she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes - a disease she had never heard of.Kanmani was lucky. More on this story The future for diabetes treatment 25 April 2013 What is diabetes?
The NHS in England has been told by the High Court it can fund a drug that can prevent HIV after health bosses argued it was not their responsibility. TV chef Jamie OliverA 'It is probably one of the most important times over the next 20 years. Paediatrician Julian Shield says the extreme measure will help save lives after an alarming rise in the condition.
In addition, 60,000 children under 16 are thought to have weight-related metabolic syndrome - a combination of conditions including high blood pressure and raised cholesterol- which is said to be a precursor to type 2 diabetes. In human and financial terms, the burden is huge and it is hitting the poor especially hard.

No-one knows exactly what causes it, but it is not to do with being overweight and it is not currently preventable.
In most cases it develops between the 14th and 26th week of pregnancy, known as the second trimester, and disappears after the baby is born. In Chennai, in the south-eastern state of Tamil Nadu, universal screening is available for pregnant women. I just stuck this on but I believe that Britain should have this.'I am massively passionate that British people, if given clear information, make good choices. Often thought of as a disease of the rich, experts say the unabating rise may be fuelled as much by food scarcity and insecurity as it is by excess. The disease may consume more than half of China's annual health budget, if all those with the condition get routine, state-funded care, the IDF says."Diabetes is a silent killer in a silent population," says Prof Chan.
If left unchecked the disease can lead to life-threatening complications, including foetal macrosomia, or excessive birth weight, making the delivery dangerous for both mother and child. The infant is also at increased risk of developing the disease in later life.'Owning up'Across the Western Pacific the disease is taking an unprecedented human and economic toll.
If it's known the person has diabetes there is less chance of them getting a job for instance," Dr Khan says.One in three people in Fiji aged 30 or above has diabetes. Changing lifestyles, rapid urbanisation and cheap calories in the form of processed foods are putting more and more people at risk of developing Type-2 diabetes. Men and women, trapped by stigma, poverty and misinformation, often do not seek help for diabetes until it is in its advanced stages.
In Fiji, surgeons carry out a diabetes-related amputation every 12 hours on average."Before people seek help for foot infections they would have tried traditional medicines and herbs. It is completely inappropriate.A 'One of the things that upsets me is energy drinks in lunchboxes.

There are now 382 million people worldwide living with diabetes, according to new figures from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF).
Kidney failure, cardiovascular disease and blindness are common complications.Prof Chan says China's leaders need to do a lot in terms of public health policy. By the time they come to the clinic the infection is often so advanced they need an amputation," says Dr Wahid Khan, co-founder of the Diabetes Trust of Fiji.
Following the trend across Asia, Fiji's economy, driven by tourism, the sugar industry, gold, copper and fish exports, has produced a rising middle class."People would traditionally grow their own crops, catch their own fish, if you wanted to get anywhere you would have to walk. We've become more lazy and less active," says Dr Khan, adding that he also has a gripe with the confectionary and fast food industries.
We need to go out and find those at risk otherwise you miss the critical moment to prevent the disease," she says.Governments are waking up to the problem, according to Leonor Guariguata, a biostatistician at IDF. In Fiji, diabetes could be prevented or delayed in 80% of cases through simple lifestyle changes, says the IDF.Three diabetes "hubs" were opened earlier this year, and Dr Khan is urging all adult Fijians to get screened. Their health is seriously at risk.' Professor Shield, of Bristol University and Bristol Royal Hospital, said diabetic adults can lose 60 to 70 per cent of their excess weight with gastric banding. We always review our guidance to incorporate new evidence.'Here come the obesity policeAn army of health visitors is to make house calls to check whether babies or toddlers are too fat.

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