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If you've played minecraft in the early beta versions, and then updated to beta 1.8+ you might have noticed that the trees looked pretty different. In the beta-1.8+ picture of a tree, you might notice that the more leaf blocks you have surrounding one leaf block, the surrounded leaf block will be darker. Also, I'm not completely sure if it was beta 1.8 when these tree changes took place, after all, it was two+ years ago. Also, I'm not very good a formatting questions, so feel free to edit my question if neccesary. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged minecraft or ask your own question.
How can a shift manager discipline an employee when that employee is the owner's daughter? Damn ants took advantage of my two weak nuc (nucleus) hives and crawled up and infested the place. I also wonder sprinkling boric acid around the perimeter of the hive on the ground would deter ants and if it in any way is harmful to honeybees.
2) If the ants are already inside the hive and raiding the honey supplies, one fellow says to sprinkle sulfur powder down between the top bars in the area. Diatomaceous earth (DE) is an abrasive, extremely absorbent powder that dissolves the waxy covering protecting ants’ exoskeletons.
Diatomaceous earth should be applied with a bulb-duster while wearing a NIOSH-approved respiratory dust mask, gloves, and goggles, according to the University of Arizona’s Cooperative Extension. When trying to build a cinnamon border to keep out ants, some cinnamon got in the sugar water. What about clove oil mixed with glycerin and vaseline or something thick and gooey that won’t hurt bees? Had mixed results with cinnamon and ants…lost four hives but eventually the ants died (they had almost filled one of the dead hive boxes) not sure if the ants died from the cinnamon or the winter cold. Old hub caps work well to place under legs with any type of oil covering the bottom to deter ants.
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Hey friends!  I know it has been awhile but I have been in major “spring cleaning” mode for the past couple of weeks! Anyways, I absolutely love making charts and graphs to help me get and stay organized.  My husband always laughs at me but I always tell him, shush, it keeps me going! One of the major flaws in squatting is allowing the chest to fall forward as they squat, or lowering their head. It even works for upper body movements like Shoulder Presses, Rows, and the more I think about it, this small trick can be applied to pretty much every exercise. It’s a small trick that keeps your body where it should, and your focus where it belongs – on the task at hand.
A common reason people struggle, and all out fail, in their health and fitness goals is attempting to do too many things at once.
You want to stick to an intense new workout program, while also cutting out ALL bad foods, flooding your body with awesome foods, sleeping more, giving up every bad habit, have bigger shoulders, a smaller waist, more defined arms, etc. There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of goals.  All it means is you really want to improve your life and lifestyle, and that’s pretty awesome. Brad wants to lose 30 pounds.  He also wants a smaller waist, stronger midsection and more definition in his arms and shoulders.
He sits all day at work, then comes home and sits some more, and then goes to bed.  Playing with his kids in the backyard makes him sore.
Hopefully I laid that out thick enough that you can see his One Spot should be his activity level. Her legs are strong and toned, her butt’s looking better she doesn’t have the “batwing” arms she used to have.
She hates the way her torso looks.  She flat out refuses to wear a two-piece swimsuit because her stomach is loose and flabby and she has a muffin top. She has 3 kids and is always going to and from the grocery store and preparing meals and snacks.
She thinks nothing of grabbing food off the kids’ plates, or grabbing bites of the snacks she’s making.

She doesn’t splurge with her own eating, because she knows she needs to pay attention to her own meals and snacks if she wants to get rid of her “mommy weight,” but she doesn’t even consider all that she’s eating while grazing throughout the day. Those two things are plain as day in the stories I just shared.  Brad’s a lazy turd and Wendy grazes constantly. I’ve known very few people who aren’t pretty good at either workouts or eating.  Most have one down pretty well and just need some direction, but the other side of that coin is where the problems lie. The real kicker is people usually try to BLOW UP what they’re good at in order to fix the areas where they suck.
If Brad didn’t recognize what he was good at (eating) and figure out his weakness (workouts) he probably would’ve picked a program that forced him to do something he didn’t like in the diet department and worked him like hell in the workout.  More than likely he would’ve quit and gone back to his old ways. If Wendy didn’t recognize that she enjoyed her workout plan, but that she was horrible with the grazing, she probably would’ve picked a program that completely changed her way of eating and workout life, and she too would have quit. The reason so many people fail is they try to do too much at one time, rather than focusing on improving one thing. Figure out your One Spot, while also figuring out what you’re good with, or at least don’t need much improvement in. Maybe you’re like Brad and need to create a new workout habit because your current idea of being active is parking farther from the door at Target so you have to walk an extra 100 feet. Maybe you’re more like Wendy and are pretty active already, and just need to figure out what’s up with your diet.  Maybe you’re a grazer like Wendy, or maybe you eat a horrible lunch every day while eating every meal poorly on the weekend. Your job is to figure out your biggest One Thing, and work like hell to turn it into a strength. If Brad put the next 4 weeks into intense focus on his workouts, and that’s his One thing, he will be a workout warrior. If Wendy put the next 4 weeks into intense focus on her grazing, and paying closer attention her eating schedule, she will drop a ton of flabby fat, and probably learn quite a bit more about the connection she has with stress and eating. Both Brad and Wendy have other aspects of their lives that need improved upon, but they’re not worrying about them until their first “One Spot” is improved upon.
Ed Scow, also known as "The Fit Dad", likes long walks on the beach, snuggling, hand stand push-ups and pretending to work.
Personally, I'm not a big fan of this, which is why I'm asking if there is anyway to get rid of it. In beta 1.8+ if you surround a leaf block with other leaves, the leaf in the center gets darker than the surrounding leaf blocks. There is also the fact that you compare small, round, bright tree to a large, tiered, spruce tree in a blueish-hue biome.
Remember: leather shoes can dry out if washed this way, so be sure to condition the leather afterwards or use leather polish.
As soon as I put sugar syrup in the hive so they could overwinter the small black ants appeared in numbers.
Nontoxic ant repellents and killers can be applied in ant trails, in ant hills and at entry points to the house. I placed the feet of the frame in 3″pvc caps and put a little used motor oil inside (just enough to cover the bottom). The bee keeping activities started two months ago making the beekeeping box and transferring the wild bees & beewax from the nearby tree into the box.
This does not include the many generics, the new non-stimulant Straterra or the off-label ADHD meds Wellbutrin (bupropion) and desipramine.Yes, capitalism is in full swing in the stimulant world. He doesn’t need to run to and from work and do an intense boot camp every evening, but he MUST move intensely every day for 20-30 minutes. Some other google searches suggested vaseline lines, which does work, but you have to keep it fresh as the ants have a habit of sacrificing a few soldiers and walking over their bodies.
I Found black ants on the lid with holes through out the lid what to do.I killed alot of them but alot left. DE works on any insect that depends on this waxy covering, including cockroaches, sowbugs and bedbugs.
The number of ants has decreased dramatically, and the bees show no interest in the caps (I have found no bees in the oil). Lately I found small tiny red ants going in and out of the bee box I thought is okay but is not okay as this morning I found the whole swamp of bee relocated to the nearby branches. Feel pretty weird-looking but the strangely patchy sideburns that regrew after a panic-shave have made me think “Fuck it. Eventually I ordered boric acid online, mixed it with sugar water and placed it in a can with some black mosquito mesh over it to stop the bees from getting in.

Might need to repeat a few times to get them all, but this works really well and doesn’t risk poisoning your bees. That make me curious, and I open the bee box and found lots of ants attacking the beewax stealing honey beewax pieces by pieces to their nest.Too bad found lots of dead bees inside the box need some advice how to prevent these tiny thieves from going in to the bee box. TCR has spent long hours sifting through the data, speaking with child psychiatrists, and generally behaving like a psychiatric nerd, all in the hopes of bringing you some clarity in a very confusing field. There are two basic types of stimulants: methylphenidate (Ritalin and its knockoffs) and amphetamine (Dexedrine and Adderall).
Anyway the home made traps really worked well, the ants were diverted to boric acid traps and left the hives alone, and then eventually they died off from feeding the boric acid to their young. Within each of these large categories, there are subcategories, depending on the pharmacokinetics of the specific drug. Not too bad so far, but the story is more complicated than this, because within the intermediate and long-acting groups, you have meds that release the stimulant continuously, and others that release it in stages, often mimicking the action of taking an immediate-release stimulant twice a day.To help guide you through the rest of this article, refer to the Official TCR Psychostimulant Comparison Chart on page 2.
Cylert (pemoline) is not listed in the table because it can cause fulminant liver failure and is rarely prescribed, though it is effective in ADHD. Provigil (modafinil) is not listed, both because it is not a stimulant and because recent data do not support ADHD efficacy.A Mechanism of Action Aside.
Both of them block dopamine (DA) transporters, slowing down the reuptake of DA back into the nerve terminals after they have been released into the synapse. Rumor has it that Focalin will be introduced in a long-acting version soon, but again the advantages of this over, say, Concerta, are dubious. This article originally appeared in The Carlat Psychiatry Report -- an unbiased monthly covering all things psychiatry.Want more, plus easy CME credit?Subscribe today!Ritalin SR is one of the oldest sustained release drugs around.
Thus, whereas the peak absorption of Ritalin IR occurs about 2 hours after ingestion, the peak absorption of Ritalin SR occurs about 4-5 hours after ingestion. Metadate ER is exactly the same thing as Ritalin SR, only made by a different company (Celltech). Half the beads are immediate-release ritalin, and the other half are enteric-coated, delayed release beads.
Giving 20 mg of Ritalin LA is like giving two 10 mg doses of regular Ritalin about 4 hours apart. Metadate CD is just like Ritalin LA, a capsule filled with immediate and delayed-release methylphenidate beads. The difference is that only 30% of the beads are immediate release, and 70% are delayed release. So if your patient needs more of a stimulant punch later in the day, Metadate CD might be just the ticket.Concerta has the coolest delivery system of them all. It looks like a regular tablet, but within it are three compartments: two layers of methylphenidate, and one “push” layer with an osmotically active polymer. Surrounding the whole thing is a methylphenidate overcoat, which dissolves rapidly, delivering 22% of the dose within the first hour. Then, water seeps in through a semipermeable membrane, gradually expanding the polymer compartment, causing drug to slowly escape through a precision drilled orifice at the other end of the tablet.
12 or so hours of continuously released methylphenidate.Now for the amphetamine preparations. While the two are basically identical, Dextrostat might kick in a little more quickly, with peak plasma levels 2 hours post-ingestion vs.
Dexedrine spansules are bead-filled capsules that provide an initial dose of amphetamine, followed by continuously releasing drug, with a peak plasma level 8 hours after ingestion.Adderall is a confusing mixture of four amphetamine salts. The immediate release version lasts somewhat longer than any of the IR versions of any of the other stimulants, meaning that Adderall can sometimes be dosed once a day. All these drugs work, we all have our preferences based on experience, ease of use, effectiveness of marketing tactics, etc….
Knowing how these drugs work takes some of the mystery away, and will hopefully increase your prescribing flexibility.

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