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Diabetes type 2 is the very common type of diabetes and affects people across all ages and ethnic groups. The type 2 diabetes mainly occurs due to the reaction of body in producing and utilizing insulin. In short, there is an insulin resistance, which means that the liver muscles and fats don’t respond in a normal way to insulin.
As a result, it enters the blood in larger quantities which creates an imbalance of sugar in the system.
The symptoms of diabetes type 2 occur in a gradual manner and because of that it becomes difficult to diagnose the condition.
Hemoglobin A1C test: This test is one of the best to identify whether a person is at the prediabetes stage.
Oral Glucose Tolerance test: This is one of the most glucose tolerant tests, which takes up to 3 hours.
The main objective of treatment of diabetes is to lower the levels of sugar levels in the blood.
A person suffering from diabetes needs to follow a proper diet that is low in fat and calories and rich in fiber content.
A person suffering from type 2 diabetes has high chances of developing kidney diseases, heart diseases and other medical problems.
It is important to remember that diabetes type 2 is a chronic illness and can create many other complications. A buildup of atherosclerosis in the carotid arteries can impair blood flow to the brain, increasing the risk of stroke. The factors that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease also contribute to carotid artery disease.
One of the warning signs described above is usually the first hint of carotid artery disease.

When imaging indicates significantly narrowed carotid arteries, especially in patients who have had TIAs, carotid atherectomy or carotid angioplasty are often recommended to reduce the risk of stroke. Reference these links for information on how to prevent heart disease and how to live a healthy lifestyle.
In case of a person displaying symptoms of excessive weight, there is large amount of fat present in the body and that interferes with the normal creation of insulin by the body. For this test, a person with diabetes symptoms is asked to drink a liquid containing glucose and their blood is then tested after every 30-60 minutes.
If you were experiencing type 2 diabetes symptoms and are consequently diagnosed with this type of diabetes, then it is essential to exercise on a daily basis and follow a proper diet.
This is because exercising helps to lower the levels of sugar in the blood without the need to take medications.
A good diabetes diet contains good amount of complex carbohydrates such as beans, whole grains and others. It is advisable for you to take necessary steps and visit a physician to keep your diabetes under control. Historically, women who have no other symptoms of disease are less likely to benefit from surgery than are men. Patients who have no symptoms may be treated with medication to improve lipids, reduce blood pressure and prevent clotting. Here, we are going to take a look at what are the causes, symptoms and treatments of this type of diabetes in detail.
However, in case of a man or a woman suffering from diabetes type 2, the body doesn’t respond to insulin.
Family history as well as genetics can also lead to diabetes type 2, as well as poor diet and low physical activity levels.
In addition to that, exercising on a regular basis also burns the excess fats and calories and helps to maintain normal weight.

A diabetes diet should also include good amount of vegetarian food cooked in olive or coconut oil. The location and extent of blockages in the arteries can be determined through duplex echocardiography or MRI.
Happens because the amount of insulin produced is not sufficient for the body or because body cells do not respond to insulin properly (insulin resistance).Diabetes type 2 more common in adult life, as it often called adult-onset diabetes. This disease used to be called non-insulin dependent of diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) because it does not depend on the hormone insulin.
Diabetes type 2 can also be caused by the amount of insulin produced is not sufficient for the body’s pancreas. It is the two most important elements that must be maintained properly by people with diabetes. Regular exercise will increase your metabolism, able to maintain glucose levels remain normal and increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin.People with diabetes, either type 1 or type 2, should be examined in blood glucose levels regularly.
Always consult your doctor to plan a lifestyle appropriates to their respective conditions. Many people with diabetes can still live a normal life and the length by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Share on: Twitter Facebook Google +Posts Related to Type 2 Diabetes Causes Symptoms Treatment4 Differences Between Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2Most people do not understand what the difference between diabetes type 1 and type 2.
Most people think that diabetes is just one disease that occurs due to high sugar levels in the blood.
This condition (prediabetes) almost always comes before a person has type 2 diabetes that more severe.

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