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We’ve covered the Beta release of Firefox 14 and now we’re nearer to Firefox 14 final release, so Firefox 14 comes with HTTPS Google search by default, site-identity block got an update which prevents certain sites with padlock favicon from spoofing users as secured sites, users will see more of globe favicon for regular sites now with this change, URL Autocomplete has been finally enabled in this releases which fills URLs automatically as you type and another significant feature to consider in this release is click-to-play plugins (not enabled by default), though this feature has been set for Firefox 16 you can still activate plugins on demand by enabling this feature in Firefox 14.
Websites on the web are now filled with flash and other content served by plugins like Java, Silverlight etc., these plugins are vulnerable to hackers and particularly Flash consumes more system resources, Mozilla now allows users on Firefox 14 build to activate click-to-play feature which makes users to add extra click to play the content. Now for e.g if you visit YouTube site and tried to play any video, it won’t be played instead you get “click here to activate plugins” message as below in the screenshot. Thanks for pointing out to that specific white-listing-per-page setting; especially if you are running administration plugins for remote systems while having plugins activated-to-play in general, it helps a lot to know this option.

Mozilla also planning to apply click to play feature remotely for users having outdated plugins. Now find preference “plugins.click_to_play” and double click on it to set its value to true.

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