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As if the weight loss, not eating and excessive thirst aren't enough, some cats begin to experience extreme nausea when being coaxed to eat and may vomit up any food that is offered. As with many feline illnesses, you may first begin to notice the sickness because of a difference in your cat's coat. Although the problem might not be diabetes, the symptoms listed above are all signs of a sick cat and should be investigated by a veterinarian. Welcome to Feline Vet Referrals, a visiting feline medicine referral and consultancy service for veterinary surgeons in South East England. Feline cases can be an extremely challenging aspect of our daily workload, especially those that resist a predictable outcome! I'm excited to offer a visiting referral service for veterinary colleagues, their patients & clients. This time will also allow me to assess the entire clinical history, response to previous treatments, and to perform a thorough clinical examination. A detailed report will be sent promptly to the referring veterinary surgeon, and case progress will be monitored during future re-examination consultations. Image of skin hyperfragility in a cat with diagnosed Feline Cushings Disease due to pituitary tumour.
Image of Feline Dysautonomia (Key Gaskell Syndrome) with bilateral protrusion of third eyelids, absent tear production and dry crusting nose. Filter: All types Articles Slideshows Videos Sort: Most relevant Most popular Most recent No articles available No slideshows available No videos available Low Potassium Diet Foods Foods Containing Low or No Potassium Home remedies for gingivitis in cats How do low potassium blood levels affect the body? Reader Question: What caused my cat to have bloody spots, and break out with bumps around her head?
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Many cats are not diagnosed until well into the illness because the symptoms are sometimes attributed to other problems. This is partly because the cat has increased thirst and liquid intake, and partly because the disease impacts the kidneys. This is usually due to the decreased appetite and the fact that the insulin level in his bloodstream is abnormal. You may notice your cat panting as though trying to catch his breath or breathing with his mouth open. If you notice these symptoms in your cat, write down your observations and take your cat to the vet as soon as possible for testing for diabetes and other problems. Initially, this time will allow the cat to become relaxed and accustomed to its new surroundings. These techniques can greatly aid in diagnosing various gastrointestinal, lower and upper respiratory, urinary, ear diseases and allow for minimally invasive abdominal exploration and biopsy collection. He was taken to the Vet and given a shot of antibiotics and was prescribed Prednisolone 5mg.
In other cases, the owner just thinks the cat is getting older and experiencing some changes as a result of age.
You may notice that you have to change the litter box more frequently or that your cat makes more trips to the box. Although cats normally sleep much of the day, you may notice that your cat now spends an increased amount of time sleeping. With this approach, even the feistiest of cats will grant permission for a more compliant examination!
In some cases, the cat may begin to have accidents outside of the litter box when he never has before.

In addition, your cat will not have much energy for tasks he once enjoyed, such as playing with your other pets or chasing a toy. If your cat has several of these symptoms, a vet will run some blood sugar tests to see if your cat has Feline Diabetes Mellitus. Oh my gosh what should I do?Melanie Veterinarian answers reader question regarding cat with bumps around head Hi Melanie,Of course, I cana€™t diagnose your cat without seeing her, but from your description, my first rule-out would be an allergic reaction. On the other hand, there are other possible explanations for this feline skin rash such as psychogenic dermatitis (because of stress & excessive self grooming), an underlying endocrine problem (related to imbalance of hormones) and most drastic cutaneous or skin tumors.
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Try some novel ingredients and avoid common cat food allergens, like beef, fish, chicken and dairy products. Though we have not confirmed the exact cause of the cat skin condition, it is certain that the condition will worsen with time and secondary infections are possible. Normally, veterinarians prescribe a liquid, pasty potassium supplement (potassium gluconate), which is given at home Veterinarians also determine and treat the particular cause of hypokalemia. This shampoo will not only help in controlling microbial growth but also will soothe the rashes.3. To reduce the symptoms of allergic response and itchiness, we'd recommend an anti-allergic hydrocortisone spray such as 21st Century Hydrocortisone Spray along with a dermal preparation meant for reducing symptoms of itchiness and allergy.

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