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Scientists introduce new bioelectronics technique that could control human nerve cells to treat chronic diseases.
Scientists from Galvani Bioelectronics are working to develop electrical implants that stimulate the nervous system and other parts of the body to treat diseases, and plans to have treatments ready by 2023.
The bioelectronics company is a joint venture between GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Alphabet's Verily, formerly Google Life Sciences. The research teams conducted experiments on animals where tiny silicone cuffs containing electrodes were attached around a nerve. For instance, researchers suggested that the technique could help treat type-2 diabetes by blocking neural signals in the nerve of diabetic rats that increase type-2 diabetes. Kris Famm, GSK vice president for bioelectronics, told BBC that the approach was only "scratching the surface" when it came to determining which nerve signals affect the body.
According to the American Chronic Pain Association, over 15 million people in the United States and Europe suffer from some form of neuropathic or nerve pain. Acupuncture- Chinese medicine is a wonderful way to treat many ailments, especially for nerve related pain.
Calmare Scrambler Pain Therapy- Being relatively new and unheard-of by most people and health care providers, Calmare Pain Therapy is a fantastic way to treat any type of neuropathic or nerve pain. Massage- People suffering from chronic pain could really benefit from some form of massage.

Yoga- Staying loose when living in chronic pain is key to not loosing range of motion in the affected area. Chiropractic Care- Working with a chiropractor when living in chronic pain is key to keeping the spine and body as happy and comfortable as possible. While the new branch of healthcare covers different types of therapies, GSK plans to focus more on the development of electrical implants.
While the approach works theoretically, more studies would be needed before putting the technology into practical use.
While there are plenty of treatment options out there ranging from surgeries to pain medications, many people find that the regular prescribed treatments aren’t helping very much. Talk with your acupuncturist about every single area of pain you have and they will know what to do to treat each specific part of your body. Calmare is helping patients with varying problems including chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy and drug resistant pain conditions such as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Deep tissue and hot stone massage is great for nerve damage, as it helps deeply relieve tight and sore muscles that occur when living in chronic pain. Yoga is great for continuing range of motion exercises, meditation for relaxation and even some easy strength training at your own pace and ability. When living in chronic nerve pain, you can start to hold your body tighter and in different ways when walking or sitting.

Acupuncturists believe in treating the whole body and any negative symptoms you might be experiencing, from anxiety to terrible menstrual cycles. This drug-free, non-invasive treatment has been yielding long lasting results for many of its patients.
Even if the massage isn’t helping the nerve pain directly, it can help relieve other symptoms that come with living in chronic pain and just make you feel good for an hour. Talk with your acupuncturist about natural supplements or other treatment options that might benefit you as well. Working with a chiropractor regularly to keep the body aligned and happy can really benefit patients living with chronic nerve pain. Talk to your chiropractor about natural supplements and other treatment options that might benefit you.

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