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Leg cramps are common, many people experience it occasionally, elderly people and pregnant women have a higher risk to develop the problem. Immediately stand on the legs, lean forward gently to stretch the contracted muscle, hold on until the cramp goes away.
If you can find someone to help, then sit down and straighten the leg, let the helper hold the foot, raise the leg and flex the foot gently toward you, remember to keep the knee straight.
When leg cramps happen during swimming, try to remain calm, hold the toes and raise them toward the chin. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), leg cramps are muscle and tendon problems which have both external and internal origins.
TCM treatment for leg cramps aims to reinforce internal organs, free the activities of blood and qi, nourish and loosen muscles and tendons of the legs. Muscle cramps occur in the legs or feet, which result in tightening, pain, and stiffness of the area. Frequent bouts of leg or foot cramps that result in stiffness, pain, and numbness in the area. In TCM experiences, muscle and tendon problems need weeks of treatment for the desirable results. Leg cramps are common in pregnant women, particularly during the second and third trimesters.
From a TCM perspective, this is mainly due to body deficiency, that plenty of essence and blood are absorbed by the fetus. Frequent bouts of painful cramps in the lower legs or feet, that accompany with irritability, insomnia, dizziness, headache, mouth dryness, and constipation. Frequent bouts of painful cramps in the lower legs or feet, that accompany with dizziness, headache, fatigue, general weakness, poor appetite, a bland taste in mouth, pale lips and face, a pale tongue with thin and white coating, and the pulse is thready and weak.
Acupuncture and moxibustion can effectively suppress hyperactive muscles, and are usually used for treating muscle cramps.
Suggested acu-points: cheng shan (Bl 57), wei zhong (Bl 40), kun lun (Bl 60), yang ling quan (Gb 34) and hou xi (Si 3), and zu san li (St 36). During remission period, the cheng shan (Bl 57), wei zhong (Bl 40), kun lun (Bl 60), yang ling quan (Gb 34) and zu san li (St 36) are stimulated.
Chinese massage or acupressure involves applying various manipulations to stimulate the soft tissues, stretch the muscles and mobilize the joints, which can promote blood circulation and remove stagnations, restore impaired soft tissues and correct bone and joint deformities. Press and knead on the points: wei zhong (Bl 40), zu san li (St 36), cheng shan (Bl 57), yang ling quan (Gb 34), kun lun (Bl 60), and hou xi (Si 3). Scraping therapy promotes the flow of blood and qi, activates the meridians, and induces perspiration to expel pathogens from the body surface, thus facilitating the recovery of the body. For lower leg cramps, the selected regions on are the back and along the sides of the spine, and the back of knees. If you are likely to develop leg cramps, it is very important to modify some of your life habits in order to reduce the frequency and severity of future cramps.
From a TCM perspective, leg cramps are associated with poor circulation and coldness of the legs, therefore, individuals are advised to eat foods that can provide warmth and promote the circulation of body, beneficial foods include black fungus, brown sugar, animal livers, mutton, beef, goose, duck, eggs, rabbit meat, Chinese yam, sesame, glutinous rice, dates, longan pulp, mushrooms, nuts and leek.
Anemarrhena rhizome (6g), flowering quince fruit (6g), white peony root (6g), roasted liquorice root (6g). Leg cramps may be confused with "restless legs syndrome", a condition that makes the legs very uncomfortable, with feelings like creeping, crawling, throbbing, itching or burning. Zhu Wenfeng (editor-in-chief), TCM Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis, People's Medical Publishing House, 1999.
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The use of diuretic drugs for high blood pressure or heart disorders may lead to electrolyte imbalances as well, causing muscle camps. If you have cramps during the day, while you are active, consult your health care provider as that can be a sign of impaired circulation or arteriosclerosis; also, if cramping occurs after walking and is relieved when you stop, suspect impaired circulation and consult a medical professional.
John Kiefer does a great job in that article describing the way your workout affects carb usage by your body, but I’m going to delve into the science  a little bit here. So Pre Workout meals should consist primarily of protein and fats and very little or no carbohydrates. So here’s the final take home challenge, and this is especially important for those with primarily fat loss goals: make a schedule for your day of your eating times and add in your exercise blocks. Surely you’re going to need more than 30g of carbohydrates pre-workout to properly fuel your muscles? A study in the 2010 Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Journal suggested the answer to this question when it coined the term “train low, compete high” in response to results that showed untrained individuals achieving better training adaptations and aerobic capacity after 10 weeks of training with low carbohydrate availability, compared to subjects who had high carbohydrate intake before and during exercise.

Another study in the Journal of Applied Physiology showed that trained individuals who performed twice a day training sessions without eating for 2 hours after the first session (thus depleting carbohydrate stores with the first session) experienced a better ability to store carbohydrate, use carbohydrate as energy, and burn fat – with no loss in performance compared to a group that only trained once per day and ate carbohydrates afterwards. Yet another follow-up study in trained cyclists performed high intensity interval training with no carbohydrate intake showed improved fat utilisation and an increase in the enzymes involved in energy metabolism, again, with no loss of performance. Finally, current research shows that when carbohydrate stores are depleted by almost 50%, there is evidence that there is actually increased stimulus for enhanced enzyme activity in skeletal muscle, which is a good thing, since it means you can more efficiently produce energy from fuel.
Therefore a lower carb approach before training seems to be a lot more beneficial to the athlete. However, different people may be relieved in different ways, you have to try and find out what works best for your muscle cramps. This can be helped by placing a rolled towel under the ball of the foot, hold the towel at both ends, and gently pull the towel toward the head while keeping the knee straight.
However, when your leg cramps keep coming back, interfering with your daily life or sleep, you should consult a doctor to rule out any potential health problem.
Since liver stores blood and rules tendons, spleen dominates limbs and rules muscles, and kidney rules bones.
The remedies are chosen according to individual conditions, physicians will identify the symptoms and body signs of each patient to diagnose the body imbalances. Individuals may also accompany with dizziness, headache, mentally depressed, chest or rib sides distending sensation, a sallow face, pale lips and nails, a pale tongue, and the pulse is taut, thready and rapid. Individuals also have fatigue, weakness, feeble voice, breath shortness, dream-disturbed sleep, dizziness, blurred vision, pale lips and nails, a pale tongue and weak pulse. It is advised to take herbal decoctions, so that physicians can plan a customized regime for each individual, and also make appropriate adjustments during the course of treatment. Factors that contribute to the problem may be an increased body weight, changes in blood circulation, compression of nerves or blood vessels, or mineral imbalances. The muscles and tendons in the legs tend to be under nourished, which can easily be fatigue and induced to cramp. In TCM, leg cramps is mainly due to coldness stimulation as well as improper blood and qi activities of the legs, acupuncture can play a role to promote circulation, loosen the tendons, alleviate cramps and ease pain.
Insert a needle and twirl to achieve a needle sensation, then use reducing method to enhance the stimulations until the cramp go away. Apply daily, on alternative side each time, and needle retention with moxa heating or electrical stimulation for 1 hour, 10 times as one treatment course. Massage can relax muscles and tendons, reduce pain and soreness, speed up the recovery process and help feel better. First, clean and wipe the regions with a wet towel, then scrape on the sides of the spine, always scrape in the same direction, apply consistently and enhance the strength gradually.
Scraping therapy is NOT suitable for those with severe conditions, skin lesion, bleeding tendency, too skinny, or who are hungry or immediate after meal. The daily diet should include a variety of food selections, and frozen and raw foods are better avoided. Decoct the fossil bone and oyster shell with 1000ml of water first, boil briskly for 30 minutes, then put in other ingredients and simmer for 30 minutes.
Decoct the oyster shell with 1000ml of water first, boil briskly for 30 minutes, then put in other ingredients and simmer for 30 minutes. Individuals always complain that they have to move their legs constantly to let the unpleasant feelings go away. This type of cramp generally affects the legs, especially the calf muscles, and the feet. We all want a leaner body because it makes us move more efficiently and look the way we want.
When discussing carbohydrates and their effects on the body, the important terms to know are insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity. Think about it this way, is your body doing the same thing on days you train on and days you don’t?
Plan the meals you plan to eat for the day, if your meals are high in carbohydrates, move them into the post exercise time slots with the highest carb meals directly after the exercise. If you have them within an hour and a half of exercise then they should be in your bloodstream while working out rather than stored as fat. Additionally I find too many carbohydrates before training make me feel sluggish and lethargic, therefore decreasing my performance. When these organs are weakened, that fail to nourish the muscles and tendons, there will be abnormal movements in the limbs. The remedy should aim to regulate the liver, nourish blood, unblock the collaterals and loosen the tendons of the legs. The lower legs often cramp at night that causes the pregnant woman wake from a peaceful sleep. The operator uses a tool that lubricated with vegetable oil or warm water to scrape on the body surface until the skin area turns purple-red color. Furthermore, they should eat more foods that help promote muscles and tendons healing, beneficial foods include chicken, prawn, snake meat, sea cucumber, animal tendons, carp, cuttlefish, taros, celery, mulberry, cherry, carambola, chestnut, walnut, soybean, hyacinth bean, day lily, sweet olive, loofah, onion, ginger, coix seed, cinnamon and fennel, which help disperse coldness and dampness, and improve the circulation of the limbs.

The thing is, there are so many different tips out there for decreasing body fat that it’s hard to tell which ones are actually worthwhile and which ones aren’t.
Insulin resistance is a physiological condition whereby insulin becomes less effective at reducing blood sugars. GLUT4 is a glucose transporter which binds with the muscle membrane to bring glucose into the muscle cell.
One of the biggest things that you should note from this article is that your carbohydrate intake should be directly related to your exercise levels and times. Then Post Workout you should be having a meal with a higher carbohydrate content, whether it be sugars or complex carbohydrates. For the meals pre exercise, cut down on the amount of carbohydrates in the meals if they seem very high (try 30g or less). Muscle groups that mostly involved in leg cramps are calf (back of the lower leg), hamstrings (back of the thigh) and quadriceps (front of the thigh). Meanwhile, when external pathogens like coldness and dampness or sports injuries further disturb the blood and qi (vital energy) activities in the legs, muscle cramps will be induced. The remedy should aim to warm and unblock the meridians, loosen the tendons and relieve pain in the legs. Basically, for our intents and purposes, you need to know that insulin is a hormone which facilitates glucose uptake by fat cells and muscle cells.
So if GLUT4 is stimulated, it means more glucose is going into your muscles instead of your fat stores. If you’re really looking at improving your body composition, you need to start focusing on a dynamic diet rather than a static diet. Furthermore, the body's blood tend to flow back to the liver for storage at night, less blood flows to the muscles and tendons, and so leg cramps are more readily to occur during sleep. The remedy should aim to disperse coldness and dampness, warm the meridians and ease pain in the legs.
The hou xi (Si 3) is a confluent point, where it communicates with the Yang Heel Vessel, and helps regulate lower limbs movement and the sleep cycle.
If you become insulin resistant, this means that your fat cells and muscle cells aren’t utilising insulin as well and your blood sugar levels will stay high, which could eventually turn into type 2 diabetes. Insulin resistance is common with those suffering from obesity but it’s difficult to point to a specific dietary cause. Recent studies have shown that improving insulin sensitivity has positive effects for both obesity and Type 2 diabetes.  “Exercise can restore mitochondrial function and insulin sensitivity, which may be crucial for a better prognosis in treating or preventing obesity” [Coelho, Pereira-Lancha.
You should be breaking your day up in to pre workout and post workout time periods as Kiefer suggests, since your body will respond to foods differently at each time period. What I mean is, if you are working out today, that will change what you eat based on when you workout. After reading a great article recently I decided I would help our readers understand how to utilise carbohydrates in their diet to help achieve their ideal physique. However, it is known that a sedentary (inactive) lifestyle does contribute to insulin resistance.
Effect of high-fat diets on body composition, lipid metabolism and insulin sensitivity, and the role of exercise on these parameters.Metabolism. Before exercise, without GLUT4 stimulation, the glucose in your blood is not being shuttled predominantly to your muscles.
If you’re not working out, you should probably focus more on fats and protein throughout the entire day. For this article, we’re not really touching on the diabetes portion, but it’s very important to keep in mind nonetheless. So if your muscles are already full of glycogen, the glucose has nowhere to go but fat stores or to stay in the blood and raise blood sugar levels – both are not ideal. It doesn’t mean that small amounts of carbohydrates will hurt, it just means that carb rich meals (breads, rice, potatoes, PASTA) should be saved for Post Workout time periods.
So insulin resistance is your body becoming less effective at using carbohydrates for muscle and fat; insulin sensitivity is just a reference to how your body is using insulin (insulin resistance = low insulin sensitivity). Furthermore, “After a single bout of exercise, the ability of insulin to stimulate glucose uptake is markedly improved locally in the previously active muscles. After exercise, your body and more specifically your muscles are extremely insulin sensitive and glucose is being shuttled directly to your muscles by GLUT4 to refill glycogen stores. This makes exercise a potent stimulus counteracting insulin resistance characterising type 2 diabetes (T2D)” [Frosig, Richter.
This is important because you will not be able to build more muscle until glycogen is refilled (this is why your post workout shake must contain carbs).

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