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Women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer may lower their risk of tumours coming back if they avoid eating for 13 hours or more each night, a study says. The current study is based on survey data collected from 2,413 women with early-stage breast cancer, and without diabetes, between 1995 and 2007.
Those who fasted less than 13 hours per night saw a 36% higher risk of breast cancer recurrence compared to those who refrained from eating for 13 or more hours per night. Patients who did not eat at night for longer periods also slept better and showed more normal glucose metabolism than those who snacked before bed. However, the benefits of night time fasting were not as apparent when it came to the study’s analysis of the risk of dying from breast cancer.

Those who fasted less than 13 hours per night appeared to face a higher risk of dying from breast cancer, but researchers determined the difference was not statistically significant.
Since the study relied on self-reported dietary data, the study authors said more rigorous research should be done, using randomised controlled trials, to better understand the health benefits of avoiding food at night.
It can make a huge difference in how much you eat, how your body digests it, how much insulin your body needs, your blood sugar, your blood pressure and the function of your lower digestive tract. They were followed for an average of seven years after diagnosis for any new tumours, and any deaths from breast cancer or other causes were tracked for 11 years. Being committed towards listening to people, and through that we have discovered that, staying healthy is more of a challenge rather than a necessity nowadays.

A whole plate of steamed or stir-fried vegetables are way less fat and calories than a single hamburger.
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Otherwise, no one will want to be around you because all that fiber before your body is ready for it results in gas.

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