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Rohit Khandelwal, a young lad from Hyderabad has become the first Indian and Asian to win the title of Mister World in the astoundingly magnificent Southport Theatre, Floral Hall, The Promenade, Southport yesterday.
This is a big moment for India as the men of the country as becoming more and more aware of ways to look better and the awareness of beauty in the male part of the society is on the rise.
The official handle of the Mister World pageant posted these pictures of the lanky lad’s winning moment.
Through the gruelling tests and physical and mental training, this handsome man went through to achieve this streak after having won the prestigious Provogue Personal Care Mr India World last year.

You see calmness of the ocean, You see stillness of the breeze, the soul is hurling a tornado, this world is yet to see. But one thing is for sure I am going to be MYSELF And enjoy every single moment , make some amazing friends and create beautiful memories .
30 mins can do a lot ?? No matter how tired you are , When body gives up , mind takes over . Can't thank enough to my parents , times of India team and friends for playing major role in my journey .

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