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The leaves, stems and blossoms of blessed thistle have been used over the centuries in various bitter tonic beverages, in teas and in capsules. Blessed thistle is often used to help stimulate the body’s secretion of gastric acid and the flow of bile, which can improve digestion. Blessed thistle is thought to be a galactagogue, taken to help increase breast milk production.
Two compounds found in blessed thistle, polyacetylene and cnicin, can help your body battle bacterial infections. As mentioned above, blessed thistle can stimulate the bile production, which assists with detoxification of the liver. Blessed thistle can help prevent or at the very least slow down bleeding due to its astringent-like qualities. By ordering, you the customer, accept full responsibility that the product will be used in a rational and informed manner.
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Feed My Sheep Bookstore We specialize in Scriptural Faith Based Products and Natural Healing Items to nourish both body and soul. Lindon Farms Monthly Food Storage ProgramThe most convenient way to build your food storage, one month at a time. Mulberry leaves have long been used in Chinese medicine for the prevention and treatment of diabetes; they contain compounds that suppress high blood sugar levels.
Mullein is an old and respected treatment for respiratory problems, including dry, hacking and unproductive coughs.
Treating both dry, hacking coughs and mucus-producing coughs is among the traditional uses for mullein leaves. Because the mullein plant has mild sedative properties, mullein leaf tea provides a natural way to soothe your nerves. Used for its antioxidant activity, to lower cholesterol, improve vision, boost the immune system, improve heart health and for coughs, colds, flu, bacterial and viral infections and tonsilitis. It Reduces Inflammation: Sipping elderberry tea may be a safer alternative to taking prescription anti-inflammatory medications.
Elderberry, medically known as Sambucus nigra, is a fruit-bearing shrub native to Europe and North America. In one European study, people who were given Sambucol, a patented Elderberry extract, showed a greater antibody response to the influenza virus than those who didn't receive it. Several small studies in humans have demonstrated the benefits of elderberry extract in fighting the influenza virus.

Make sure the cookware you’re using is non-reactive and your clothes are stain-friendly. For this elderberry syrup recipe we just need a cup of fresh Elderberries or a half a cup of dried berries. In this post, we’ll cover a few of the health benefits of blessed thistle to help you decide if it may be right for you.
It seems to work optimally when used along with fenugreek, alfalfa, fennel, stinging nettle or goat’s rue. It can help alleviate many PMS symptoms, including painful menstruation and PMS-related headaches.
Some studies have shown these compounds to be effective against Bacillus subtilis, Brucella species, Escherichia coli, Proteus species, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus faecalis. However, if you have inflammatory bowel problems, you should consult your health practitioner before taking blessed thistle. Because of these properties, blessed thistle is used to create natural remedies for skin ulcers and boils.
Illness or negative reactions can occur from excessive consumption, individual sensitivities and allergic reactions. The leaves break down excess mucus and act as a demulcent, helping relax and protect lung tissues. You can make mullein tea from six large mullein leaves and 5 cups water, suggest experts from Brandeis University. With a long history of use in folk medicine, elderberry has been researched in the past twenty years for its medicinal benefits, especially for its antiviral, immune booster qualities, as well as for possible effects on loosing weight. The study also showed that elderberry extract stimulated the immune system to produce infection and disease fighting proteins.
These studies showed that giving elderberry extract shortened the course of the flu significantly with up to ninety percent of the people experiencing almost complete recovery within three days. If you use an aluminum pot, it’ll get stained and the next batch of mashed potatoes you make may come out pink. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Individuals who are pregnant or with an existing medical condition should seek qualified expert advice before using any herb or spice.
Mullein is also a mild sedative, herbal pain reliever and demulcent that is soothing to inflamed tissues. Elderberries are rich in flavonoids which are natural compounds with antioxidant qualities that protects cells against damage or infections.

The researchers hope this could help in the treatment of other disease including AIDS and cancer, although more studies are needed.
Ditto for spatulas and anything else to plan to use to stir the syrup while it’s cooking. To treat coughs, crush dry leaves and place them in cigarette rolling papers or a pipe to smoke, advise medicinal plant experts at New Mexico State University. It's believed that elderberry extract inhibits an enzyme known as neuraminidase, a protein that promotes the spread of the flu virus within the body.
Before smoking mullein, consult a health-care provider for guidance on appropriate dosage and methods. All these nutrients can help you stay healthy and prevent diseases, by boosting your immune system.
Keep in mind that these studies were done with elderly extract which would have a higher concentration of the active components than could be obtained by simply eating the berries. Strain the tea through a fine cloth, such as cheese cloth, to remove the leaves' hairs, which could irritate your throat. This will be sent to a laboratory for testing to find out whether your ear infection is caused by a bacterial or fungal infection.
These are usually prescribed as ear drops but your GP may prescribe tablets if you have widespread infection or you’re at risk of having a severe infection.
You may need to have your ear cleaned and any discharge or wax removed by your doctor or nurse before using ear drops to treat an infection. You may be asked to lie down or tilt you head to the side with your affected ear facing upwards when you use ear drops. Sometimes, it’s advised to keep still for ten minutes after using ear drops or a spray. Trying to remove ear wax yourself can also cause an ear infection, as you may damage the skin of your ear canal. Ear syringing itself carries a risk of ear infection and isn’t recommended as a treatment if your ear canal has been previously inflamed or damaged.

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