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There are 2 factors that you need to watch carefully in order to keep your blood sugar levels under control; your diet and exercise. Ensure that you speak with your dietitian about the right amount of food that you need to eat and your portion sizes. As an alternative, diabetics can try out the below mentioned home remedies, which are equally effective, to treat the wounds. But before applying any of these remedies directly on the bruise, it is customary that you thoroughly clean the wound and the surrounding area with cotton soaked in warm water. This can be done either by sprinkling some sugar on the wound and let it stay there for some time or rubbing a cube of ice over and around the wound. Once the area is clean and the bleeding stops apply generous amount of honey over the wound and cover it with a bandage. Vinegar works great on slowly-healing wounds but the diabetic would have to bear with the stinging sensation caused by contact of vinegar with the skin. Diabetes which is also sometimes referred to as diabetes mellitus or blood sugar is a health issue related to the endocrine system of human body. As a result of this, the concerned person suffers from low levels of energy and complains of constant fatigue and tiredness.
Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease under which the beta cells of the pancreas are affected adversely by the immune system.
Contrary to this, second type of diabetes is a condition under which the pancreatic cells produce insulin hormone but it is insufficient for sugar or glucose oxidation. Since diabetes is a health condition that becomes sometimes incurable therefore it is always best to use some safe and herbal products so that the patient may get long lasting relief from this problem. The herbal formulas as mentioned above contained in this wonderful health pack offer multiple benefits to the diabetic patients as mentioned below. Pancreatic cells are stimulated to secrete required amount of insulin so that it may help in oxidation of sugar or glucose present in the blood. Feeling of exhaustion and tiredness is also eradicated from the body so that the patient may be able to perform routine activities well.
All these herbal remedies are totally safe and can be used in long run without the fear of any side-effects or health hazards. Heel pain should be treated as soon as it is detected to prevent it from becoming permanent.
Ladies should wear high pencil heels only on special occasions and that too for short periods of time. It relaxes the muscles and relieves heel pain. Pain relieving herbal oil that contains the extract of arnica, ginger, camphor and peppermint are very effective to treating heel pain. Stop for 10 minutes and as you feel the heel warming up start massaging again for 10 minutes.
Follow a regular exercise regime and proper diet for weight management. You can consult a dietician and a physical trainer for proper guidance to begin your weight management programme.

Styes is the common name given to bumps on eyelids and is the result of inflammation of sebaceous gland on the eyelid. It is important that you eat well balanced meals so that your body gets all the minerals and vitamins that it needs to function well. Follow the diet plan that you doctor prescribes as it will be based on your body weight and age. Though you may be accustomed to drinking beverages you must keep in mind that these contain artificial flavors and sweeteners that have adverse effects on your health.
Also, diabetics are more prone to injuries because of weak immune system and poor blood circulation. Honey is well known for its antiseptic properties and hence it prevents growth of bacteria on the wounds. Onion contains an active anti-microbial agent called allicin that helps in healing the wound faster.Keep it mixture on the wound for at least an hour. Garlic with active anti-microbial agent allicin would accelerate healing of the wound and prevent growth of bacteria on it. Diabetics are often seen to be suffering from foot ulcers when they have worn tight shoes for long.
Under this condition, apt or required amount of insulin is not produced by the beta cells of the pancreas.
Baba Ramdev Health pack for Diabetes is apt in this task and can help in offering effective and permanent relief from this condition. It can be managed with simple home remedies that bear fruitful results if followed regularly. High heels cause unnecessary strain on calves and heels and cause pain. People suffering from heel pain can use heel pads in their shoes to support the heels. Pack some crushed ice in a plastic or cloth bag and gently massage the heel for 10-15 minutes.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented as genes play a large role in the condition; however type 2 diabetes is controllable. Most people prefer to apply various ointments on the wounds to heal it over a due course of time. This is because of the strong nature of garlic which left in contact with the skin for too long would burn it.
Since no insulin is produced under the first type of diabetes therefore it requires administration of artificial insulin. What is important in this case is early or timely diagnosis of this health condition by considering the various signs and symptoms so that necessary curative or preventive measures may be taken so as to protect body against further health issues or complications.

It consists of different types of herbal formulas or products that help in relieving all the signs and symptoms of this health issue.
For walking or jogging you should always wear sports shoes which have shock absorbing qualities.
Another benefit of water is that it reduces hunger and in this way it prevents you from increasing your sugar levels.
Unpasteurized honey, kept in a dark and cool place, is considered to be the best treatment for wounds.
Make it a habit to drink 2tbsp of mulberry extract thrice daily and you will see the result. If the wound persists even after the use of the above-mentioned home remedies, it is advised that you consult a good doctor. It is owing to the reason that sugar present in the blood is oxidized or converted into energy required for various physical and mental functions only with the help of insulin hormone.
You can use sesame oil for massage as it has the ability to warm up the area and penetrates easily in to the skin. Mot common causes of styes are poor hygiene, improper cleaning of contact lenses, and underlying diseases like anemia, hormonal disorders, diabetes, chronic ocular inflammation, thyroid, hormonal imbalances, etc.
In this type of diabetes you body stops using insulin and this increases the sugar content in your body.
You could also practice yoga, aerobics or try swimming or cycling in order to loose weight. In the absence of this hormone or low level of this hormone in the body, the process of conversion of glucose into energy is also affected adversely.
The first one is the condition under which there is complete absence of hormone insulin due to incapacity or incapability of beta cells of pancreas to secrete insulin.
Due to dependence upon artificial insulin, it is also called as insulin dependent or juvenile diabetes.
It helps to stretch the entire muscles of the foot and relieves heel pain. In case of severe pain do the exercise gently and for a lesser period of time. Although styes do not pose threat to overall health, frequent appearance may cause problem.
Styes can be very well cured at home with simple natural remedies that treat the inflammation. There are several precautions you can take to prevent this condition; if you are already suffering with this condition then these tips will help you to keep your blood sugar levels under control.

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